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    Iron Supplements

    You really should be taking an Iron supplement and a quality one. You have a pretty good shot at becoming anemic within a year or two if you don’t and prevention is always better. I personally take Vita4Life Iron supplement because I’ve tried everything else and nothing works as well as this product does. I also don’t fancy brown teeth and chewable iron tends to do that over time. The GREAT thing is this Iron supplement also packs a B12, Folate, and Vitamin C punch. Check em out and good luck! http://vita4life.net/bariatric-vitamins-iron-support.html
  2. cathythomas222

    hair loss

    Hair loss is fairly common post op and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it unfortunately. Either it’s going to happen or it won’t and the degree of hair loss varies per person. Vitamins help somewhat, but you’re going through something that’s medical in nature and it’s a response to the trauma your body went through coupled with the resources it requires to heal. You’re going through something called telogen effluvium, and I know it’s scary but you just need to breathe and wait it out. IT WILL STOP! I PROMISE! I took Hair Skin and Nail supplements for Bariatric patients and I still suffered about 20% hair loss. I believe it did help though but again… it won’t stop it entirely or prevent it. These are what I took. <3 http://vita4life.net/products/bariatric-vitamins-hair-skin-and-nail-support.html
  3. cathythomas222

    Vitamins and calcium

    Stay the hell away from this guy. He sounds like a jerk and an uninformed one at that. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. It makes me so angry! Stick to your regimen and make sure you’re taking bariatric vitamins. I personally take Vita4Life, and they’ve been so amazing. I’ve never had any deficiencies with them and I’m 6 years post op. I take the Multi-Plus Multivitamin, Calcium Chelate, and the Sublingual B12. Check them out if you like. Please, never see that guy again. What a jerk! www.vita4life.net
  4. cathythomas222


    I take Vita4Life Multi-Standard, Calcium and Iron (both are chelated so they absorb extremely well), and their Sublingual B12. I haven't needed to take anything other than that so far. People say you need to take chewables, but I haven't had ANY issues with these. People are just overly cautious and wind up freaking out thinking a capsule is impossible to swallow. They swallow pieces of food larger than these capsules. Anyway, check it out if you like.
  5. cathythomas222

    Calcium supplement?

    Try vita4life’s calcium supplement. This is what all you wanted. And yes, do not forget to thank me.
  6. I take calcium in malate chelate 1200 mg in a serving of 4 capsules, multivitamins in multi-standard formula and 1 vitamin b12 sublingual in the form of methylcobalamin with 1000mcg.I get all these vitamins from vita4life.
  7. My doctor strictly advised me against chewables that commonly contain harmful fillers like Flavonoids, Artificial Flavorings, and Red Dyes, Microcrystalline/Ethyl/Hydroxy Propyl Cellulose, Silicon/Titanium Dioxide etc that may cause severe harm to the body. I never dared to try chewables and have been taking capsules instead. They work great (in case they are from brands like vita4life which produces filler free capsules which I use) and should return good labs.
  8. I have tried Calcium chewables from BA and they are plain disgusting. I can’t stand chewing another one. Worst of all they make me nauseous every time. I tried switching flavors but, it was the same result all over. I switched to capsules from Vita4Life. They are regular sized pills and easy enough to swallow. They do not make me nauseous and have returned some great lab results.