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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Miss Apple

    Just revised from Sleeve to MGB

    You look awesome!!!! I have been going back and forth trying to decide. How did you eat to lose the weight did you eat more or less. I've been researching and some people are saying there is no restriction and they are struggling and some are saying eat more you will lose. What is your experience?
  2. Miss Apple

    Any MGB in March?

    Glad to hear that you made the best decision for you. I have chosen to do the mini gastric bypass because I had the sleeve surgery in 2013 but had a baby March 2017 and can't get the 57 pounds off that I gained from the pregnancy after a year of trying. I had not heard of the MGB until I heard someone mention it on a Facebook weight loss forum. With something that is new to you you tend to ask many questions. Especially when you have to go under the knife again.😁But what I like about the surgery from what I hear you can achieve your weightloss goal and being a second time weight loss patient. As far as weight do you see any progress are you losing slow or do it pick up and then it slows down.
  3. Miss Apple

    Any MGB in March?

    Happy you are doing great. Who is your doctor. Do you feel normal..
  4. Miss Apple

    Any MGB in March?

    How are you doing.I am considering getting the mgb as a revision surgery to the sleeve. Who was your doctor . And if you are doing better now how much weight have you loss.
  5. Miss Apple

    Just revised from Sleeve to MGB

    How are you doing now. I am having the same issue with my fundus was not as small as it could have been and I'm regaining. How much have you loss and how do you feel as of today. I too have to pay out of pocket and was researching Dr. Illian I was excited to run into your page 😁😁😁