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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. deedee19625

    so frustrated

    Congratulations !!!!!!
  2. deedee19625

    9 Months Into My Journey (With Picture)

    Hi green eyes 604 you look great . how much weight did you lose? Keep up the good work
  3. deedee19625

    Alcoholic beverages

    Ocean spray has a diet cranberry juice
  4. deedee19625

    Hours from the Renewed me!

    Good luck to you and a speedy recovery.
  5. deedee19625

    On my way in!

    good luck to you and a speedy recovery
  6. Hi hugs...on the bottom of page for bariact pal there is a sponser insure nutrition. I get my premier shakes from them my insurance covers it and they ship to me every month.you fill out a form they will get back to you if they except they will send your doctor a script the doctor signs script and fax back.you can get scar cream and vitamin s too.
  7. deedee19625

    Getting sleeved in the morning!

    Good luck to you and a speedy revovery
  8. Hi ,Looking to buy a elliptical or treadclimber dose anyone have a favorite? Thamk you for your help
  9. deedee19625

    Exercise equipment

    Ok thanks the less stress on my knees the better
  10. Hi I was sleeved 5 weeks ago I also had my gallbladder removed because of a 9 mm polyp . I don't have any issues without my gallbladder. Hope that helped and good luck to you
  11. deedee19625

    Nut app,

    Hi everyone happy Friday . Does anybody know a good app. To keep track of fluids , protein, etc. Thank you
  12. deedee19625

    Nut app,

    Ok ,.thank you
  13. deedee19625

    Surgery in 7 hours

    Good luck to you
  14. deedee19625

    Pre op day 13- Need advice!

    First of all congradulations. You should drink your shakes you need the protein. I would think it might just be nerves thats why you are not hungry
  15. deedee19625

    Surgery Today :)))

    Glad everything went well.i stayed 3 days for nausea too..congrats
  16. deedee19625

    Surgery Today :)))

    Congrats to you and best wishes
  17. deedee19625


    Hi....I got mine at bjs wholesale
  18. The day has finally arrived , surgery is in a few hours leaving now wish me luck PLEASE
  19. deedee19625

    Today is the day

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR GOOD WISHES. ...MADE IT . Nausea and pain once I get meds stay good for a few hours today is better than yesterday.going for a test now .Thank You all again
  20. deedee19625

    Feeling ill day before surgery

    Gargle with warm salt water maybe that will help good luck
  21. deedee19625

    Today is the day!

    Good luck and best wishes:)
  22. deedee19625

    Today is the day!

    congratulations to you and best wishes:)

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