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  1. I am scheduled for a resleeve after having my surgery Jan 7th 2006. 8 years 6 months. I got pregnant (not planned) 3 months post surgery and had to force feed myself. All was still good walked and did sit-ups regularly and maintained my weight until I had to have c-spine surgery, total disk replacement and a fusion. I was put on pain killers 1 month prior to surgery, hello constipation. I didn't know that pain killers caused this... Then I did very minimal activity for 1 year and regularly took Gabapentin/ Neurontin which I didn't realize causes weight gain. I was all clear with all blood test results however my stomach had returned to normal size. My surgery was new in Jan 2006 in Mexico and hadn't hit the US yet. I had a 36 bouge and got pg and meds made my stomach return to allow me to eat way too much. I am doing a resleeve after my upper GI etc. as the weight hurts my body, back especially but I miss being 145-165 and feeling good. I'm just curious if there are any others who are years post op and have regained the weight have been resleevers or are considering it? I am more nervous this time than before. Even 2 years after my surgery the Doctors procedures changed and he is quite a bit more Americanized as far as treatment etc.. He was good then and much better now. I went to Dr. Guillermo Alvarez which is where I'm headed back to... Cost is $2k cheaper than original however I'm still paying what he charges full price to new patients. Worth it to me. If anyone has any resleeve info or questions feel free and I would appreciate any info. Thanks
  2. 8k but I think locals Mexican nationals may pay less. Also if you take someone else same time save 500 ea.
  3. Looking for sleev buddies. Wondering if there is anyone else going to Piedras Negras on the 26th to see Dr. A??
  4. deana03

    Self pay in Texas

    Dr alvarez in Piedras Negras They pick you up near San Antonio Airport pay for hotels and meds 8 k. He is a leading physician for bariatric surgery and had been doing them for years I know before 2005. His staff are professional and friendly. You would not regret seeing him. Look him up on YouTube. I went to him 2006
  5. July 26th with Dr. Alvarez in Piedras Negras. Self pay he is 8k includes hotel before and hotel after and medications when you leave. He is a leading surgeon; however it's almost half price in TJ and other places. For me, this docs experience and facilities and planning makes it worth the expense. Looking for July 26thers to dr Alvarez.
  6. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ I was in the army, ate right and exercised but wasn't able to do as much as I hurt my back but 15 years of service... and wanted to be able to retire. I got sleeved in jan 2006. Self pay 36 bouge. I was 205-210 at starting 5'6" I got down to 143. 5 months in I got PG and had a healthy baby boy 1 mo. before my 39th birthday. I stayed thin for years however in 2011 my cspine collapsed I had surgery and started taking neurontin. I had gained some weight back by then 160's and was able to eat what I wanted. I had to stay in bed and wasn't able to do much for quite awhile. I stayed doped up and eating more than usual before and after my surery total disk replacement and fusion in my neck. Pain meds do things to your body and the neurontin made me eat. Also drank red bull I think it was flavor and the b vitamins that made it so addicting. Long story short I have gained all my weight back it came on fast after I got to 185 and my back and hips started hurting so bad I could barely walk... Anyway. It happened to me and now I'm going to go through the sleev process all over again... This time I know what I'm getting in to as well I'm more prepared and hope against hope that I'll be able to get back to myself and exercising. For me the right amount was fast walking 30 min, 15 min sit ups and 15 min push ups on my knees 5 days a week. I just want people to know that this weight loss surgery is not permanent unless you make it that way. your hair grows back and you will be able to eat just about the same you ever did. Use your time to change what and how much you eat AND drink and pay attention to weight gain of 5 lbs. if that happens don't shrug it off don't buy bigger pants fit back into the small pants by exercise. You don't have to run a marathon but don't make excuses or wait because the weight can and will come back. I hate that I wasn't able to maintain my weight and I know that I could have done more to prevent it. Sad, 44 and I can hardly move because of my vitamin d and calcium deficient bones and this weight just makes it worse. Please read my words and heed my 5 lb. warning. Write if you have questions⚠️⚠️⚠️
  7. July Sleevers, there is a great FB page out there private for us July sleevers. Write to Jennifer Phillips magnusson who can add you to the group!!!
  8. I had my surgery 2006, Jan 7. Believe me, you will stop losing. Just continue to eat the right things and don't push. Eventually your stomach will stretch out and you will have to start watching your calories again as you start to gain weight. (It happens) I'm having another VSG because I stopped eating right and exercise. Please just understand it takes work and Maintence and if u push to fill not only does it hurt sometimes but it also stretches your stomach out. Make sure you are taking vitamins and biotin, b-12, calcium citrate and watch for acid reflux. Nexium is good choice.
  9. I chose to have my surgery in Mexico because Dr. Guiermo Alvarez was one of the first doctors to start VSG's and he was a leading physician. Self pay 8k and that includes rides support hotel to and from.
  10. July 26th in Mexico for the second time. Self pay 8k great DR. They pay for hotel before and after and shuttle you the whole way. Dr. Guierrmo Alvarez. I was sleeved jan 7, 2006 and got pg 3 months later, cspine surgery 2011 and stopped exercise.. I'm doing it again because my stomach has stretched back out. I know how hard it was the first time. I cried was depressed for awhile it was really hard for a long time but step by step I felt myself again. I hope all your surgeries go well just tell yourself one day at a time and please protein and exercise always with biotin and vitamins. My hair fell out and I lost all my muscle so it made it even harder to get it back because of how little we eat for a long time. Please learn from my mistakes and do weights and cardio mostly just building muscle and keep up with all your supplements for 6 months to a year. Never stop putting good food in your mouth and exercise, this is a second chance so don't forget and if you see yourself gain more than 5 pounds from your lowest weight go back to protein and exercise until u get it off. 5 lbs is a marker, good luck all. I am more nervous this time, I know what to expect day 1-7 sux just be mentally ready. Hopefully we can all talk and support each other.
  11. deana03

    Struggling :(

    I was sleeved jan 7, 2006 and I've been through all the phases.. For me, I got a chicken soup base that is made by mc cormick. It's a White container with a red lid. It's moist 1 spoon to 1 cup and added slices of avocado and used scissors to cut very thin pieces of green onion. Also I drank avant edge chocolate shakes over ice. They were good. When I could eat more substantially my favorite foods were jerky, protein and rather easy to digest and stringsters string cheese. Cottage cheese with pineapple juice adds a change or soft mandarin oranges from a can. one thing that is hard to realize is that these all will pass and your life will go back to normal. Watch protein and biotin for a year. I did not and my hair fell out in clumps because of the lack of vitamins etc they tell you to take. It was new back then and there wasn't as much information. I also started to eat whatever I wanted even drinking and eating at the same time but I paid for it for years with 30 min of a stomach ache. It took me forever to realize take a little wait 10 min and then take more because by the time u realize your stomach is hurting it's too late. The first 3 months is hard, just try to be creative with your foods most anything white will fill you up fast. Oatmeal is nice when you are ready, juice from meat with grits??? Take one day at a time and revel in the fact that you will soon be feeling so proud to be in public and pick whatever clothes you want and whichever store you choose and don't forget to get some exercise. It sux but it's important to keep your muscle mass and that requires exercise and protein, eggs whatever it takes. As far as shakes though again Adant Edge silver container. They are good... Good luck you will be fine!!
  12. Not sure exactly, that's just what the doctors said that did my barium swallow. I have reflux which the original vsg helped as I lost weight. I can eat or drink anything at this point. 2 pieces of pizza at a time etc.. I still have some restriction as I can't eat in one sitting more than that without feeling full. But drink and eat same time no problem. I've had 8 years and 6 months to stretch it out tho. I just try not to eat poorly. My cousin had a 32 bouge and still looks good 6 years post op. She also exercises regularly and is quite active. I haven't asked her if she has to watch what she eats. She was always thin though and I'm sure she was also a compliant patient where I got pg and ate what I wanted. One thing my doctor told me was not to eat ice cream and I have been a lot lately. It's easy to eat and is very fatty... I'm sure given someone who is compliant and tries to eat well and exercise their stomach wouldn't stretch as much. You can regain the weight, I would say watch your weight and when you see yourself gaining 5 lbs try to start eating only protein and get moving...
  13. I was in the Army so I kept fairly active I didn't run, I walked and did sit ups and push ups on my knees but toward the end I wasn't doing much. My stomach seemed to be close to normal size after 4-5 years however in 2011 when I was bed ridden and on meds I did close to no exercise for a year. 5 years post op, I had cspine surgery after that I lingered around 175. I came home in 2012 and wasn't working for several months went to 178-180 but then lost 10lbs working at the post office. Took a job sitting without much exercise May 2013 and stayed around same weight, then quit 2014 feb and was 183. From Feb-June I increased every week to 205. Currently 203 but I've been hurting so bad with my back I don't get off the couch much. So even though my stomach stretched out I kept active and it kept me down. I quit moving and my weight shot up. I didn't do a whole bunch of exercise but I lived life. My weight causes back problems and I promised myself with but a few shirts and sweats that fit, I would not get this way again. Had upper GI and 2 doctors said my stomach is normal size so,,.. I'm going back for #2 before it gets out of hand. I'm thinking this time it will not stretch as much and I will be quite miserable for quite awhile... This is why I'm scared, don't see any resleevers..
  14. deana03

    Desperate and panicking

    That's good, at your 3 month mark... You'll be feeling better. My surgery was with Dr. Alvarez and he was great. Do you know what size bouge you had? Hang in there k!
  15. deana03

    Unbelievable charge for VSG to my insurance

    When I was in the military I paid $10k in Mexico for my own surgery Jan 7th 2006, it was quite new then. Due to getting pg 3 months post sleeve and in 2011 I had to have Capone surgery hardly moved for a year and took meds, I am now back up to 203 and getting resleeved by the same Doc in Mexico who is an expert by now. They take payments it's $8k and 1k is when you make a surgery date. If you can get the money or a loan you can usually get a date for 1 month later. They pick you up drop you where you need to be and take care of the post meds and hotel, all included. I wish I could get Tri-Care to cover my resleeve 8 years and 6months later but I'm not messing with it. I'm glad some people are finally getting somewhere with Tri-Care. Good luck all!!!
  16. deana03

    Desperate and panicking

    May I ask, what type of surgery did you have and are you taking vitamins?
  17. deana03

    Desperate and panicking

    Miss, I felt the same way and my hair started falling out because I didn't get the protein I should have. Please relax and fight through the anxiety and hopeless thoughts. I promise before long you will be feeling like a new skinnier version of yourself and your eating will slowly go back to normal. Just understand it's a process, new lease on life and make smart choices. You can sabotage yourself and your procedure because it does stretch out, potatoes, pizza, heavy items that you will be able to eat again ALWAYS in moderation. Walk a bit everyday and don't get freaked out. It sux especially if you eat too much you will have pain for 30 minutes. This is a sign you are eating too much. VSGers tend to eat and by the time the pain comes it's too late. Take your time, don't be so hard on yourself and don't worry about what hasn't even happened yet. If u don't feel like getting out at least take a little walk and clear your head. This too shall pass, I promise. 8 years 6 months post surgery...
  18. Don't push too hard, listen to your body and make sure you get your protein.
  19. deana03

    Sleeved Twice - My Story

    Hello, I was sleeved by Dr. Alvarez Jan 07th, 2006 and am paying to get resleeved. I am sorry about your situation. Glad you got it fixed!! Gotta love friends. I am looking for people who have been sleeved 2ce. My situation: I got pregnant 3 months post sleeve and had to stuff myself, throw up and do it all over again several times a day. I went from 205-145 and maintained with moderate exercise until 2011 when I had a c-spine collapse and pretty much stayed in bed for over a year. I have been taking neurontin/ gabapentin since then and although all my labs are normal my acid reflux came back and I'm back up to 200lbs. My Dr. At the time gave me a larger sleeve than he uses now but par for my surgery. Eventually, I ate whatever I wanted (at least as much as I could) and did fine until my surgery in my neck. I've looked for resleevers and just can't find too many. I've had upper GI's and my stomach has stretched to a normal size stomach so I'm going 8 years 6months later for round 2. My cousin who had her surgery with Dr. Alvarez also is still thin and looks great. She may be more compliant than I was and a lot had changed in just the 2 short years from my surgery to hers, updates for my doc. I am eager to go back, I have always recommended him, in 2006 it was still a fairly new procedure and he seemed very good, (he was). I haven't seen any bad comments and I have always recommended people go to him, I am just more nervous the second time around than I was the first, don't know why but looking for people who have had 2nd VSG... Or people who are veterans of 5 years plus VSG. Thanks

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