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  1. Anyone have your vsg with him? Just made an appt with him but now having 2nd thoughts since I can't find much info on him.
  2. So I had a consultation with David kim today it was alright they want to send me for a sleep test I think it's pointless I don't think I have sleep apnea but even if I do dr.kim is out of network so I still have might have to pay $3,000 to him and upto $12,000 to the hospital yeeeeah that doesn't sound awesome so thinking about If i do have sleep apnea and my insurance (BCBSTX) will cover my VSG I might go to Nick Nicholson since he is in network but if I don't have sleep apnea or hiatal hernia I'm going to Mexico to see Dr. Illan.Does anyone know how much sleep study's cost?
  3. Hello looking to join some Mexico WLS FB groups Im grateful for any recommendations!
  4. Chubtastic


    Anyone else having wls in October?
  5. Chubtastic

    Need post -op recipes

    Are you talking about cream of mushroom /chicken soups when you say cream soups?
  6. I appreciate your honesty I like being prepared
  7. Chubtastic


    My date is oct 18th! Holy balls batman I'm scared! Lol
  8. Chubtastic

    2014 October Surgery

    Is there a fb group for October ppl?
  9. Chubtastic


    Lol that's ok I might end up pushing my surgery date back depending haven't decided yet.
  10. Chubtastic

    2014 October Surgery

    Awesome! Dr.Illan
  11. Did you ever find doctor ILLANs video?
  12. Chubtastic

    2014 October Surgery

    Getting sleeved on October 9th in Mexico 2mons 1wk and 2days away!
  13. Chubtastic

    HSA can cover part of VSG!?!

    Don't they like charge 16% or something whenu pay with your card in Mexico?
  14. Chubtastic

    Pre-op diet

    Phew glad illan is only a 7days I can do that I've done it before! So excited! Hopefully getting sleeved In October!
  15. Chubtastic

    HSA can cover part of VSG!?!

    Would you pay with check from your hsa?
  16. We should not link ppls FB this is all he said she said. And one of the girls accusing seems VERY Off it from what I've seen/read very fatal attraction-ish
  17. Wish someone would tell us the full story we are only getting bits and pieces.
  18. could you have them write out there stories and you post them? I want to understand what is really going on is he paying for there surgeries for sex?
  19. ...um O_o maybe its time to lock the thread? But I would like to hear from the other girl who is about to post her story hopefully she give some clarity.
  20. I have daddy issues I was more or less playing devil's advocate not excusing his behavior.l was just trying to see it from another side. i've heard he's a busy guy (i don't agree) but could see how he would date these women he meets thur work. I dont know if hes some kind of predator who gets off on playing games and abusing his power or if hes a just an A hole jerk who wants to live the single life and be a player and all these women are being vindictive hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I think everyone in this situation is to blame I don't excuse either ones behavior also I wasn't condemning her but she made vows to someone and she broke them bc(assumingly) some smooth talker told her she was pretty. Marriage isnt to be taken lightly and if this situation was reversed and she was a man I would have said the exact same thing gender makes no difference.
  21. Fair enough. Consider me warned but I think I'll still go with dr.ILLAN and Omar will just have to resist my feminine wiles! But in all seriousness my husband will accompany to make sure there is no funny business and everyone should take this a lesson to be careful who date/hookup/fall for you girls are worth more than a booty call!
  22. So you are saying you have the God given right to condemn people! So tell me how does it feel when people judge you? Adultery is not the reason this post was started. If you go back to the begining it is about a man who has been seducing women and warning other women not to fall for his tactics and lies. Discerning not condeming i have no power to condem anyone. Your judging me now everyone judges everyone everyday even if they don't realize it. And I just stated that her credibility was in question here. And then posted that scripture out of context that's how we ended up here. We can continue this in pm if you want but I've been told not to get off topic here gotta respect the rules

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