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  1. kathymae

    I cant believe how far I have come..

    13 months. Love my tool!
  2. kathymae


    I had revision from lapband to RNY.. My insurance approved me and I had the surgery.. I received a bill fo 6700.00 they paid for everything except the actual bypass. Wtf. Finally after 2 appeals and 6 months they paid.
  3. I had issues with the band. Emergency surgery to remove it. One year later revised to bypass. No issues what so ever. Best decision.
  4. my A1c is not low enough for surgery. What can I do?
  5. kathymae

    how to lower a1c

    I do whatch the carbs and I work out daily. I can titriate my insulin per dr order and take 2000mg of metfromin a day.. I’ll keep on trying..🙏
  6. kathymae

    how to lower a1c

    My A1c 8.5 it was 9.9 and 10.4 . Worked every hard to lower this much in two months.
  7. Had lap band removed in July, emergency surgery. I have gained 39 pounds and have diabetes, hypertension and high lipids . My BMI is 35.9 . Will I qualify for weight loss surgery?

    1. Charity G

      Charity G

      I think it really depends upon what criteria your surgery center or surgeon requires. I also had to have emergency surgery to remove my lap band back in 2010 and gained back all that I had lost and more (lowest was 256 right before the band was removed, then eventually got up to 396). Thankfully, I've lost down to 315 now, but I've been stuck at between 308 and 325 for the last two years. I am so happy that in six weeks I'm having RNY.

    2. knormlaver


      I think you'll qualify. I had to have my lap band removed last year after 10 years and my surgeon wanted to "see how I did without it." Not surprisingly I put on 50lbs in 9 mos. Had mini gastric bypass at the end of September and have taken those pounds off, but I'm kind of wishing I got a sleeve (having bad reactive hypoglycemia now).

  8. I had lap band surgery 2014.. lost about 60 pounds. Started having problems 2017.Emergency surgery for removel in July. Dr would not convert to sleeve too thin.. I now have gained at least 25 pounds, is this normal?