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  1. So, My insurance will not cover my surgery. I went through 6 months of requirements because my doctors office said they talked to someone and it was covered. Well we got the audio and they told her it wasn’t covered and she just heard what she wanted to. Sooo now I’m going out of state to Colorado to get my surgery and pay out of pocket. Anyone else pay out of pocket? I have good credit and was wondering if anyone else got a medical loan? I’m only having to get a loan for 13,500 or 14,000. My mom originally told me she would help me out but then turned around and said she doesn’t think this surgery will work for me because I had the lapband ( my port has flipped 4 times and now flipped again) so I just want it out. She processed to tell me how I’ll never be able to do it and I’m wanting a quick fixed and not to work for it. My mom hasn’t been in my life until I was older. She has no idea how many things I’ve tried and failed. I have pcos and I’ve struggled since I was 12 with my weight. She is definitely not a supporter she has commented on my weight my whole life and talked about me behind my back about me being over weight. Now she ran and told my cousin and thinks I should go back on meds I took before for pcos that made me super sick and my cousin is taking shots for it. Sorry I don’t want a bandage. I want it under control. Any suggestions for medical loans With low rates would be awesome! We can swing like 200-300 a month. Thanks for listening. I’m getting the sleeve hopefully!
  2. ChristineZ

    Paying out of pocket

    I can’t go to Mexico. I have small children and no help with them. Plus flying from my area is way more expensive then people realize. The doctor I have been looking into if I have to pay out of I key includes 3 months of aftercare in the package deal. I can drive 3 hours to his office.
  3. ChristineZ

    Paying out of pocket

    I have. It’s jist not a option for me with my kids and no help but my husband. For me to fly and my surgery it would be close to the same price I’m paying in Colorado
  4. I have the lapband. My band is no good so I’m going to get the sleeve. My doctors office calls my insurance and my insurance tells them all the requirements to have the revision to the sleeve. I go through 6 months of insurance requirements and now we submitted it to insurance and they are saying it’s not covered through my insurance plan. My doctors office has the codes and requirements they said I needed and now in my plan it says it’s not covered! I’m furious! Why did they give the codes and requirements and also cover the 6 months of requirements if it’s not covered! We are appealing it. Then if that doesn’t work I’m going to talk to a lawyer about what to do if they deny it again. Anyone have any advice? I just can’t believe they would say it’s covered and make me jump through hoops then say it’s not part of my plan! Ugh!
  5. I'm back! I was banded in April of 2014! I lost about 50-60lbs all together. I struggled around holidays and started to eat bread again. I found out I was pregnant August 2015. I had my fill taken out in October of 2015. I went back in just a week ago and had a upper GI done to make sure my band and port were in place. My port has flipped twice and I also had a hernia repair a year after my bad was placed. It's been a long road 2-3 years will surgeries (I have to have c-sections when I have my children) I was just diagnosed with PCOS. They thought I had it back when I gained all my weight but it was confirmed a few days ago. I got some fill back in 2cc yesterday! December 21st. I was on liquids yesterday and am doing soft foods today and can go back to eating some what solids then to solids. I have to get myself back into chewing-chewing-chewing and drinking a bunch of water. Also back to exercising! My 6 almost 7 month old is still nursing and she also demands a lot of my attention! She isn't very good for anyone but me! Haha. I gained a lot of weight after having her. I only gained 20lbs wile pregnant with her then lost 14lbs after having her. Then the pounds starting coming back ( Just like after having my son)! My starting weight (before my surgery back in 2014) was 317. Day of surgery was 307. I got down to 260. Now I'm back to 294 . I'm so frustrated and sad that I not only struggle to eat healthy but I also have pcos and it's even harder to lose the weight with me eating healthy. Anyone else have this kind of situation? Just needing some support! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  6. I got a fill yesterday and I'm not sure if my band is too tight. I can't hardly eat and when I drink it feels like it's sitting ontop of the band Andy chest kinda hurts? I thought maybe I wasn't chewing good enough but liquid is feeling funny? I can feel it like going down but I have to drink really slow and my chest is kinda sore feeling. Dunno if it's from getting my fill yesterday or if it's too tight
  7. ChristineZ

    Band too tight?

    Thanks for all the support. But I went in today and was told my port is shifting and it's sideways. :-'( This will be my 2nd port revision and I'm not happy about it! He is going to put some mesh in there to keep it in place. Ugh to top it off my band is to tight and I can't eat solid foods, and can barley get liquid down. Ugh.. Surgery at 9am tomorrow to fix it. I told him if anything else happens it's coming out
  8. ChristineZ

    Band too tight?

    Thank you all for your comments!! I hurts my chest to even drink water. I also have to drink water before I leave but I did drink it and it felt tight but I thought it was suppose to be a little tighter. But this is uncomfortable. The only time I feel ok is in the morning when I haven't drank or are anything.. My chest un comfort is still present so I'm going to see if he will just take out a 1/2cc cause he put 1cc in. ????
  9. ChristineZ

    Band too tight?

    I have a appointment at 8:50am tomorrow.. My chest hurts and it hurts to drink water. Also fills like I have something stuck in my throat constantly. I would rather have a 1/2cc removed and be on the daft side
  10. I've had my band a little over a year. I went and got a fill yesterday cause I was clearly eating to much. It's tight now and I have to chew really really good. I hope it isn't to tight. I hope I just need to chew better. When I chew really well it goes ok. My chest is kinda sore from me throwing up cause I didn't chew good enough. But I just got it yesterday and I can fill the tightness. Anyone else feel that? Well here is my photos from a year!
  11. ChristineZ

    One year April 11th!

    I still do have that problem sometimes.. It's a on again off again thing. One day I think I look great then I think I could be doing way better. I just have to tell myself I'm doing good! Lol I've almost lost 70lbs. I think I'm doing good! I try to see the small things like how much smaller my wrists and face are!
  12. ChristineZ

    Good recipes?

    Thank you!!!
  13. I need some good recipes for low carb ( Lapband friendly) meals?? I'm trying to stay on track but need some good recipes for lunch/dinner?! Even a place to find good Lapband friendly recipes would be great! Thanks!
  14. I did great until the holidays. I'm struggling big time. I'm not eating like I should.. I'm trying to get better. I haven't been to the gym in a long time!! I have had my port flipped and fixed and had a hernia repair. I'm all better from both surgeries but I haven't gotten myself back to eating healthy and gym.. I feel stuck.. I'm really going to push myself to not eat junk and eat healthier foods. So hard this time of year. I had my Lapband put in on April 11, 2014 and my year mark is coming up and I have only lost 65lbs. Ugg..
  15. ChristineZ

    Feeling down..

    It must be this winter weather!! I have been moving-moving the last few days. I know I haven't been eating right. But I have to get myself back on track! I didn't come this far to quit!! I didn't suffer most of my life to go back! I'm going to lose this weight and so can all of you!! Thanks for the kind words! It does really help! I'm going with a friend that wants the surgery to the seminar. I'm excited to show people my before and now pictures! Keep at it everyone! We are worth it and deserve it!!
  16. ChristineZ

    Feeling down..

    Thanks all!! I'm feeling better today and staying motivated and moving!!
  17. ChristineZ

    Feeling down..

    Going to try and stay motivated!
  18. ChristineZ

    Feeling down..

    I have actually had 4 surgeries in one year. 1- gallbladder 2-Lapband 3- port flip and 4- hernia repair. Thank you for your Encouraging words!! It does help. I had weight loss surgery because I have struggled with my weight from age 14. I tried everything! I finally found out I had pcos also. My doctor put me on a diet and I did that for a year and still nothing. So I had WLS. I would do it again to. I just really fell of the wagon and need to get back on! Thanks for reminding me why I did this! I wanna be here for my little boy and be healthy enough to have more children!
  19. I'm 8 months post op! I feel great today!! I've had so many struggles and haven't lost as much weight as I probably should have.. I got my band April 11th 2014.. My port flipped and I had to have it flipped back on June 30th 2014. Then just a few weeks ago. (December 2nd) I had hernia surgery! Everything seemed to be pulling me down!! I could go to the gym in those times after the surgeries. Having to wait 2-4 weeks before being able to work out again. I was so frustrated. I remember crying cause I just felt like "when will this give so I can loss they weight!" But I'm doing good now and will be going back to the gym after New Years! I'm happy to say I went from 317lbs down to 251lbs in this 8 months! I know it could be more but for all the crap I had to go through I think I'm doing ok!! I'm very proud of myself for the first time in years! Watching myself get into smaller jeans is thrilling!! I went from a size 26 Jean to a 18-20 Jean and from a 4-5XL shirt to a 2xl. I use to beat myself up about my numbers but I looked at myself today and could finally see that beautiful women in there!! Merry Christmas all!!
  20. ChristineZ

    Anyone else 8 month in?

    Thank you so very much!! Good luck to you as well!!
  21. ChristineZ

    Anyone else 8 month in?

    Thank you!! I'm sure trying!!
  22. ChristineZ

    Tummy pain

    So I have had my Lapband for about 7 months. I have had my port flip and fixed already. Yesterday I started getting some sharp pains. It's on my left side and my port is more in the middle and higher. My hubby thinks I pulled a muscle? But if I push where it hurts I fell stuff moving! I'm going to call my doctor but I just thought I would see what you guys thought.?? I know my Lapband is up higher then where it's hurting but I dunno?
  23. I'm 5 months in and down 44lbs. With my port flipping and getting another surgery I feel I'm not doing so good. I go to the gym but I'm still not in my green zone I don't think. With all this crap I've had to go through I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. I've been stuck at the same weight for awhile. Getting frustrating with all of it! He has had problems finding my port sense day one and it's flipped then more problems finding it. When I had my port flipped he put 4cc in my band and when I had it done under x-Ray after him trying to find it and poking me a half dozen time he put 1cc in so I have 5cc in my band and think I need more. Hopefully he can find it when I makes appointment. Sigh
  24. Hello everyone! I am almost 5 months post op! I'm down 44lbs but I have had a lot of problems! I went the first 3 month thinking I was getting fills but found out my port flipped.. So I had surgery to have it put back in place. Then I went back in to get a fill and he couldn't find my port. So I had to wait 2 more weeks and go in again under x-Ray! He finally found it and put 1cc in it.. I just got that done yesterday and I'm praying it gives me some restriction! Anyone else have these problems? Am I doing good on my weight for having all this?
  25. ChristineZ

    Almost 5 months in!

    They didn't watch anything! That's what's odd to me.. He didn't look at my band at all just found the port and put the 1cc in. When I got my port flipped back he put 4cc in wile I was under. So I have a total of 5cc now. This was my first fill under x-Ray and he said he hardly ever does them that way. So if I have to get another one it won't be under x-Ray