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  1. Help i was sleeved on 2/3 and was able to eat two morning star vegetable patties.How is this possible So disappointed
  2. Asinger

    help...I can't poop

    I take mineal oil every three days..
  3. I had my lapband removed and sleeved on Feb 3.... Can any one tell me if this is too much food im eating as of today..Granted I was on the liquids and puree .. Breakfast... Optifast Protein drink Snack Jello and a laughing cow cheese lunch....Optifast Drink and Jello dinner..the 4 0z. cottage cheese
  4. Thank you so much.... For some reason I thought the 4 oz was a lot
  5. I had the gastric sleeve on 2/3/14.. I am getting the same pain as you are..My doctor also said that is where your stomach was worked on and that it is healing..You feel like a knife is jabbing into your left side.Im glad im not the only one too.But i have to admit my bellybutton area is extremely very sore and can not wear jeans yet.
  6. Thank you for the encouragement...
  7. On Feb 3 I had my band removed and had the sleeve.I was a success with the band but I slipped twicw and was getting sick.Ok so in a nutshell when they removed all my fluid a month and half before my surgery I gained almost 30 pounds.I was at time of surgery 173.I was able to get approved as a conversion due to my complications.So here is my dliema..Since surgery I only have lost 13 pounds.The scale has not moved in two weeks.I drink a protein shake (optifast ) for breakfast and lunch with a jello and maybe a pieve of laughing cow cheese.For dinner I ate 3.5 oz. of cottage cheese and all my water I drink during the day..Any help would be greatly appreciated..Sometimes im just wanting my band back
  8. Asinger

    Question for revisions

    OMG...I feel a little bit better.I had my band removed and had the sleeve for the same reason.I was 150 pounds one month prior to my revision and gained 23 pounds in one month once the took out all my fluid.So my starting weight from the time i had the sleeve was 173.Had the surgery on Feb 3.Here is what im feeling though.I only lost 13 pounds and getting very disappointed.I just really thought i would have lost a little more weight then this.Any suggestions.Im Now at 161 and i im at a total stall for 2 weeks
  9. Same here. I was sleeved on Feb 3.. I lost 12 pounds and this week I lost nothing.It does get discouraging but everyone says it will come off.Im going to start the treadmill routine and see if that helps. Good luck on your journey
  10. Hi all..I had my gastric sleeve on Feb 3..First week I lost 10 pounds.The second week maybe a half a pound.I drink an optifast drink for breakfast .with some jello.For lunch im having the optifast with jello and for dinner im now having 4 0z. of lowfat cottage cheese.Late on I may have string cheese.Any suggestions.Plus I have no problem eating the 4 oz. of cottage cheese
  11. Asinger

    Stall after 2 weeks

    Thank you for the encouragement...... Treadmill here I come
  12. Asinger

    No weightloss yet

    I had my gastric sleeve on Feb 3.... They took my band out the same time.I have only lost 10 pounds and that was the first week.I have no problems getting all my liquids in or vitamins.I here so many people say 2 tsp of yogart and they are full.
  13. Asinger

    weight loss with sleeve

    Hi there...I had my band removed and gastric sleeve done at the same time 2/3/2014.. I have to admit this is so strange. I have had my band for 10 years and did rather well with it.I lost 100 lbs and was able to keep it off.Then the past 6 months it was getting me sick and they removed all my fluid.In one month I gained 25 lbs.I think it was because I deprived myself of foods I wasn't able to tolerate with the band.Well im on a new chapter in my life and have the gastric sleeve.First week I lost 10 pounds and was very happy.Today at the end of my two weeks I didn't loose a pound.Feeling disappointed.Today I was able to eat cottage cheese 4 oz.and had no problem eating the whole thing.Im scared I made the wrong decision.When I was a band I would have not been able to eat the whole thing without getting sick. Please anyone who can give me encouragement
  14. Asinger

    Long Island Doctors Wanted

    I used Dr Rajeev Vohra.He has done the most gastric sleeves and revisions in the new York area.
  15. Hi there..I had my gastric sleeve on 2/3/14. The first week I lost 10 pounds and I didn't loose any weight the second week.Feeling kindda blah and hoping the scale moves soon.