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  1. If anyone in the Corpus area is interested, let's get together! I'm interested
  2. shanatx

    Essential Oils?

    Does anyone know if we are allowed to ingest Essential Oils? Only reason I ask is because of not being allowed to aspirin...not that the oils contain aspirin. Thanks!
  3. For me, the pains lasted 6 weeks and gradually, everything started getting back to normal. However, port pain lasted until about 7 months. At the 8th month, I finally got to where I can lie on my stomach again. I'm now 10 months post-Op
  4. Having my first stuck moment right now. I've tried burping but no luck. I read awhile back about a man that said he takes a swallow of soda to get a burp to release the food. Tried it and all I got is BAD hiccups. Wait - hiccups JUST NOW stopped and food isn't stuck in throat anymore. Anyone else experience this?
  5. shanatx

    TX - Corpus area

    Haha! I know that! I clicked the down arrow on the app next to your name, it gave me "send PM" and I clicked THAT. It opened an email but when I typed your name nothing happened
  6. shanatx

    TX - Corpus area

    How? I tried to click PM, but nothing happened
  7. shanatx

    I'm GREEN..... I'm GREEN at last!

    CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for the post! I was banded Dec 18, 2013 and still have NO restriction whatsoever. I see the doc today and I know he plans only to do .25cc getting me to 4.25ccs in my 10cc band. For the first 2 weeks after last fill I thought I was close but these last 2 weeks have been willpower...a will I've been failing miserably at! I keep hearing the Nutritionist tell me "the first 12 months after surgery are the fastest moving" and I'm thinking "ummm, I have 7 months left and I'm not doing too great..."
  8. shanatx

    Essential Oils?

    As long as they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, and indicate safe for consumption, it's not a problem to ingest. My only concern was the band. I'm doing thorough research. And actually, I've been testing them on various ailments and ALL have come out better than prescription and OTC drugs.
  9. shanatx

    Essential Oils?

    I'm banded. No, doTerra essential oils like peppermint, oregano, lemon, lime...they are used to treat colds, flu, etc in place of NyQuil, Advil, theraflu, etc
  10. shanatx


    - I suspect y'all are correct with the low blood sugar. My husband is pre-diabetic and has the supplies so periodically I've had him check me and every time it's come out in the normal range. I should have had him try it last night but didn't. So, assuming that's the case, I assume eat a little something even before I actually get hungry? This is all so confusing...the thrill of getting in the green zone (not getting hungry for 4-5 hours) vs eat anyway or you get sickly...UGH! Thank y'all for the input!
  11. shanatx


    Use wondering if anyone else has issues with nausea from time to time? I've had extreme nausea appear out of the blue twice so far. First time it happened in the morning before Breakfast and just now before dinner. Starting to wonder if going 4-5 hours without food is too much?
  12. shanatx

    Real Soda pretty please!

    I don't often do carbonated but when the craving is great, I pick up a Sprite Zero with twist top cap. I open the Sprite several times (no drinking) throughout the day and place back in the fridge until it goes flat. Once flat, I take sips as I want them. A 16-oz bottle of Sprite usually lasts me 5 days. My doc has had no problems with my doing this. But definitely check with yours.
  13. shanatx

    Eating a Meal in 20 minutes?

    I'm 4 months post-op with 3 fills. I've had no stuck or PB issues. I'm now having trouble knowing how much to eat. I don't get the "full chest feeling" that others have talked about and I don't seem to have any soft stops anymore. I know when I've over eaten once I stand up because my stomach area is very sore - to the point that laying down is the only way to relieve the discomfort. I'm now weighing my food so as to know exactly how much I'm eating at any given moment. Writing down may help too.
  14. Chrissy10 - the port was horrible. I kept reading of people exercising within 3 weeks of surgery and I knew for me, the port area hurt to just walk! I was convinced something was wrong. Yes, it DOES get better. I have NO regrets - just anxious to get the restriction.
  15. I haVe belly-ached several times on here about still having discomfort mostly from the port. IT finally happened! The discomfort/pain has finally subsided! I also found that walking/standing straighter eliminates feeling my port. Hope this helps someone else!!
  16. I flew to Hawaii (13 hours) within 3 days of my first fill. I felt no tightness. It was an emergency family issue so I didn't get to plan for it but my doc just said nothing heavy before, during, and an hour following the flight. I had no issues. Then again, I'm no where near restriction yet and suspect you won't be either. My doc has instructed me that in the future, if I have 2 weeks notice of flying then that's best. Follow your doc/NP, but from my own experience, I won't hesitate again.
  17. Chrissy10 - good luck with your surgery tomorrow! Your surgeon is OUTSTANDING!!
  18. Excellent surgeon - great "bedside manor" and responds quickly to emails and phone calls!!
  19. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I absolutely think he's the greatest! He has a great "bed-side manner", listens to all my concerns, answers my questions, educates me on the band and how it should feel, and is patient with my "hypochondriac-like" concerns. He doesn't rush me during visits and responds promptly to phone calls and emails.
  20. Before surgery, I had edema pretty bad in both ankles so my General had me on 1 low-dose aspirin every night before bed as precaution to blood clots. Since before surgery, my surgeon has taken me off the aspirin and told me not to return to it. HOWEVER, I have noticed that EVERY night I wake up at 2 am JUST to move my legs and my arms. I am always horribly stiff in both arms and legs. I drink plenty of Water every day and move around as well. I use a CPAP and I don't move AT ALL the entire night - other than at 2 am. Is there an alternative to taking the low-dose? If I moved at night, I wouldn't be as concerned about blood clots, but considering they gave me a blood thinner for an hour-long surgery...
  21. shanatx

    Low-dose aspirin

    Sojourner: WOW! Thank you for the info - I will check with my doctors before I start taking them again. Thank you also for your family member that serves!
  22. shanatx

    Blender Blunders

    I have a Magic Bullet for portability and small stuff like shakes, but also have the Ninja for bigger jobs including fake ice cream...frozen fruit with a touch of milk and Splenda. Absolutely love both of them!!
  23. shanatx

    No bread. No steak

    I am SOOOO happy to hear this about POPCORN!! It's my all-time FAVORITE!!! When I read it was a "caution" food AFTER I had surgery, my heart dropped! I keep thinking, "if I chew to pudding consistency, what's the problem?!?" I've been scared to even try it, but thinking I will! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
  24. shanatx

    Low-dose aspirin

    Also, Congratulations, B-52 on the loss of weight AND health issues! I'm anxious for the day this journey really begins with restriction so I can start dropping health issues!!
  25. shanatx

    Low-dose aspirin

    B-52: my surgery was 12/18/2013. My WLS surgeon told me to stop taking them 2 weeks prior to surgery and then after surgery he told me not to take them anymore as they weren't needed and could cause band erosion. I was originally on the aspirin for the edema by my Primary Care. I had been checked for clots several times and it was determined by a vein specialist that I have Veinous Reflux. That specialist recommended surgery to kill/close the largest veins in each leg. I asked if keeping them open was life threatening and he said they weren't so I refused surgery. The aspirin and drinking lots of Water fully controlled the edema. Now, with just the 25 pounds I have lost thus far, I've had no edema issues at all. However, because of no movement while sleeping, I'm scared of clotting. I've also begun to have Charlie Horses more often upon waking I suspect because I'm not moving.