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  1. sweetjam69

    Biggest regrets about getting the sleeve?

    For me it wasn't so much of pain..it was the nausea and the bloating gas pain! My Dr said those 2 things would be hell! After that it was the weakness...having no energy was a bummer! Everyday will get better...but for me the first 2 weeks were really bad!
  2. sweetjam69

    African American Sleevers

    Your concerns were as much as mine, same illnesses, etc. Knees are getting better, hblood no more, just to name a few! I still use my cpap, but will know if I will still need it after the Dr visit! I heard skinny people use it too lol! Praying for ya! Let us know how ya doing!
  3. sweetjam69

    African American Sleevers

    Your concerns were as much as mine, same illnesses, etc. Knees are getting better, hblood no more, just to name a few! I still use my cpap, but will know if I will still need it after the Dr visit! I heard skinny people use it too lol! Praying for ya! Let us know how ya doing!
  4. sweetjam69

    African American Sleevers

    I know you might not wanna post for a few days after surgery! Let us know how you doing! Praying for ya!
  5. sweetjam69

    Seeking mentor

    Only 5 mos out......but I might can answer some of your questions!
  6. sweetjam69

    First week

    You might not have to take any boluses for a few days maybe a week. your Carb intake will be second to none! you will need to check your BG more than ever.! Your diabetes Dr. Might want to change your basal rate to the Lowest rate possible for your first few weeks also! That's what happened to me!
  7. sweetjam69

    Stall and gaining

    OMGOODNESS! It thought it was just happening to me! I'm about the same in calories 700-800! If I add a few more I'll gain 2lbs! I really know your frustration!
  8. sweetjam69

    Sleeved today!

    Congrats! Everyday gets better! Just keep walking! Welcome to the lover's side
  9. sweetjam69

    African American Sleevers

    Everday gets better...trust me! I wear a lot of weave and wigs. My hair is long anyway so I am really worried if I will have to wear one because my hair is falling out! Maybe I'm speaking to soon but 3 mos out and only the average dead hair lost. My beautician told me to wash my hair every to weeks until further notice!
  10. sweetjam69

    African American Sleevers

    Hahaha (0_0)! I'm afraid of a stall. How do you get out of one? How much have you lost?! I've lost 62lbs Yay! The stalls? I've heard a lot of people said go back to the beginning.....No way! I was soooo weak and dizzy. I've started at stage 5...I hope that jump starts it. I don't eat much at all, but I think it's the fact that we start to eat again our bodies are so happy and overjoyed about it again, it doesn't know what to do now LOL! Keep in touch! We can reach our goals together
  11. sweetjam69

    African American Sleevers

    Have you been following me Lol! Joking! Omgoodness, you just described me to the T!! Sleeved Same day..my husband calls me skinny....I said if you think I'm skinny now wait until I get 150 lbs. He believes I won't be able to stop once I reach my goal. I think I am at a stall right now though. Congrats on being sleeved. I love mine.
  12. sweetjam69

    Thank you sleeve!

    At first I thought my husband would be mad, because I waste the food. Actually he said "don't worry about I eat it later on tonight"! Ha! I ate a piece of wedding cake last Saturday too! I did real good. I only could get 1/2 a piece down. I probably wouldn't have ate that piece, but I didn't want to insult the Bride! The cake was good though. All about restraint for me know, Got another wedding to go to today, hope it goes as well as the last one.
  13. 3 mos. Out went out to eat last night...Mexican restaurant. Oh man that food was soooo good. But no matter how good it was I could only eat a few bites vs. Before sleeve I wouldn't have leftovers. Had enough leftovers for a week. THANK YOU SLEEVE!
  14. Weeks after my surgery I found it hard to eat soft foods, etc. everything I ate seemed to make me sick to the stomach. Now that I am a least 10 weeks out I have another dilemma......For weeks now I have been eating only to chew my food very well......but when it time to swallow it I DON'T! I spit it out (maybe TMI). Don't get me wrong some food go down, but only a bite maybe a half bite the rest goes in the trash. I don't eat around people because I catch myself grabbing a napkin or tissue! It has gotten so bad that we went to a restaurant and the first thing my husband did was grab napkins and gave it to me! I was so embarrassed! I drank a lot of water that trip. I feel that if I swallow the food I will get that bubbling, nauseous feeling in my stomach. I don't know what to do...I quit one habit and formed another. Any suggestion! Go see my NUT on the 18th sooooo!
  15. sweetjam69

    To scared to swallow food!

    Oh yeah...My NUT wasn't there Thursday when I seen the Dr. so that's when the schedule me to see her. I wish I could get in sooner!
  16. sweetjam69

    To scared to swallow food!

    No....I'm not offended at all! I've already discuss this with my Dr. I am having a UGI on Fri. I thought that was odd though, him saying things like leaking, etc. Being I am so far out....didn't know leaks were possible. But I guess anything is possible. I have been having problem with eating food since surgery, I get nauseous with popsicles I do good with Soup though, I just know that I am suppose to eat more by now. Hoping after the UGI I will know something definite. My Dr. also said it could be due to the neuropathy that I have.......the nerve endings in my stomach. Anyway, I mention this because I was wondering if anyone else experience anything like this? No hard feelings....Hope it's not a eating disorder!! Geesh.....that would be another problem I would have to deal with!
  17. sweetjam69

    I feel like a liar

    I am feel the same way and say the same thing when people ask me! My husband says "don't tell em nothing, it ain't their business anyway"! Still I can't just ignore them when they ask the question. I understands how U feel.
  18. sweetjam69

    New to Group- Sleeved 2/4/14

    Wow! 2miles....great job! Please be careful though, take it easy. Welcome to the sleevers club!
  19. sweetjam69

    New to Group- Sleeved 2/4/14

    I was the same way! I barely was able to walk around my living room! I did though 10 mins every hour....even in the middle of the night! Jumping out of my sleep to walk.......who would have thought!!! LOL!
  20. sweetjam69

    R there any Dec 2013 sleevers

    My goodness.....that's is me and the sunflower seeds. I keep them at home in my purse etc.
  21. sweetjam69

    New Here Looking For New Buddies

    Hi welcome! Happy journey! I been sleeve 8 weeks now! I love my sleeve.....don't get me wrong I have my good days as well as bad ones. But I still love it!
  22. sweetjam69

    African American Sleevers

    Hi Cynthia, I'm in KY also! I've been sleeved 7 weeks out now! I love my sleeve! Don't get discouraged, take one day at a time.
  23. I feel like that also! Have you check your BP lately? I feel tired all the time.....people ask have I start exercising yet? No...I have no energy, and I'm dizzy all the time! I was sooooo hoping to have energy to climb out of my old shell, but nooooo not yet! I go my Dr tomorrow hopefully I will have some news.
  24. sweetjam69

    Surviving when life sucks

    How are you doing today? You are in my thoughts and prayers!
  25. sweetjam69

    Guess what?!

    Congrats! I remember that feeling when I got approved! YES!

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