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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. December sleevers that have been released to solids what are you eating these days?

  2. Has anyone tried Baked Chicken Wings?

    1. 2muchfun


      Oh yes. Many times. I buy the frozen ones from Costco. They're just the drummies and 2nd wing section. No wingtips. I use either a dry seasoning I get at the store or I bake them and roll them in a spicy hot buffalo sauce. There are many with very low carbs.


  3. newu2014

    4 Months Post Op Pics

    Great job...What Did u eat or What are u eating?
  4. newu2014

    Well, it's started!

    You and all of us are doing great. Keep up the weight lost1
  5. newu2014

    Acid reflux is awful!

    Is anyone having soreness
  6. newu2014

    African American Sleevers

    Hair lost is from the medication ursodiol? Were you all told that?
  7. It will get better. Remember the stalls have to come due to the fact your body is going thru changes. Hang in there its gets better.
  8. oatmeal

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    2. Carlotta1


      Love love oatmeal...I add cinnamon, and sometime raisins. I cook mine with milk to give it a smooth creamy taste. If is made with water I add milk. It also gives me 8 grams of protein ..with milk.. Have not checked how much protein , f any, oatmeal has.

    3. Christian Zaccone

      Christian Zaccone

      oh yeah .. oatmeal yummy!!!

    4. Christian Zaccone

      Christian Zaccone

      as long as its under 13g sugar. all packets seem to be 11-13..

  9. newu2014

    Bone pain? Weird question!

    Could it be that you slept on that side for the last 5 weeks?
  10. newu2014

    African American Sleevers

    what I hate to hear that yes babies are a gift but who whats to get pregnant right after wls I refuse to be on any bc however I am 42. I know that means what lol Brandi was that you first child?
  11. newu2014

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Yes thanks this helps a lot.
  12. newu2014

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    In can do puree and soft foods. This is What i have been eating, sf pudding, sf popicles, refried beans, cream of mushroom soup, cottage cheese, and greek yogurt.
  13. newu2014

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    I was sleeved on dec 18th.....this is week 3 for me...What are we to eat Im hungry:(
  14. newu2014

    Today is the Day

    Praying that you will have a speedy recovering.
  15. newu2014

    Check, check and check!

    alright Sandee be encourage you can do it!!!!
  16. I was sleeved on 12-18-13. I am back at work as of 01-06-14. I am tired but thank God for the Vitamin b-12. I sit all day and have helpful co- workers so I feel alright smile. Spleeping is still an issue with me. Im not sure what sie to sleep on with out feeling like I taring something.. I know for sure I am not where I use to be amen! Keep up the good work all you December sleevers. I will give my wieght on friday. My first post op appt is 3 weeks out. My dotors ofice does not do 1 week ot 2 week post op..
  17. newu2014

    Lower Abdominal Pain

    Hi have u had a chance to Call your doctora?
  18. Anyone experiencing zinging sensations around their belly button área?
  19. I tried some SD jello carmel pudding today? Has anyone tried and SD puddings or yogurt yet?
  20. newu2014

    sugar free jello

    Yummie...Hows everyone's incision healing.
  21. newu2014

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Yes Its works for me too.
  22. newu2014

    sugar free jello

    Thanks for sharing my puree stage will begin on Wednesday I just n eeded something different today for that moment.
  23. The acid meds is exactly for what u are feeling they will take the acid and pressure away.
  24. Started at 303 weighed yesterday at 284. Down 19lbs. We are well on our way.