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  1. tonya596

    PA - Philadelphia area

    Hi Martha nice to see some one else from CT I'm in waterbury
  2. tonya596

    Share Your NSVs Here Please!

    I got a NSV myself and my 17 year old son went into walgreens and just as we got up to the register he calls out mom can you buy me so gym joking around i told him to get a job as he proceed to hand the girl behind at the register the gym she stops and saids wait did you just call her mom my son replys ummm yes why the look on her face was priceless she states i thought she was your girlfriend i just laughed and told her thanks feeling really good at the end of the month ill be 33 and im feeling better than when i was 23 lol
  3. tonya596

    Banders Exercise

    Walk/ran on the treadmill for 65 min and 20 min on the elliptical some weight training for total of 1500 calorie burn
  4. tonya596

    Spirituality and LapBand ?

    I am religion by saying this I mean i try to live my life to be pleasing to God by praying daily studying the word and loving my brothers and sisters etc..... I also believe my body is my temple the one and only body that God has blessed me with so it's my duty to keep it strong pure/ healthy in the natural as well on the spiritual side. This is why I choose not to smoke drink and to eat the best way I can and to exercise now I did not always treat my body the best thats why I ended up with the lapband but with everything you do in this life it's a process of changing your life in which starts with changing your thought process
  5. Wow how did u lose all the weight how much do u weigh now
  6. tonya596

    I would ideally like to lose half my weight

    Hi Wendy yes it's possible I started at 260lbs currently down 105lbs and still going good luck on your journey
  7. tonya596

    Coping with Body Image

    I know exactly what you mean I'm currently down over100lbs and still wondering why people that I may not have seen in a while look at my funny often having to take a second look to see its me when I look in the mirror I just see me the same old person just a few pounds liter
  8. Grill shrimp no butter grill chicken or fish always works extra veggies no carbs such as baked or mash potatoes it I'm out for breakfast egg white omelette with veggies made with two eggs no bread or potatoes if my eyes feel bigger than my stomach that day I may get fruit salad which I also seem to bring home with me
  9. tonya596

    2.6 lbs. up after holidays

    Yes it's always hard to find balance during the holidays I do find myself letting down my guard during the holidays but remember its only temporary and this is my new life so this year I made sure I had healthy foods to eat and worked out all during the holidays on thanksgiving morning I was at the gym on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas I was at the gym on New Year's Eve and day I was at the gym a great way to start my new year I learned if I want different results I have to do different things
  10. tonya596

    Returning to work

    I am a nurse I work 12hr shifts on a heavy medical unit we almost never have cna I took off a week and was good to go good luck
  11. tonya596

    before and after pictures

    Work in progress 1st pic 1month post op dec 25 2012 2nd pic march 2013 3rd pic Aug 2013 currently 105lbs down 13months post op 10lbs until goal
  12. tonya596

    Discouraging words

    Please don't let the negativity discourage you believe I know the hurtful words all to well if I would have listen to the ones I thought would be my biggest supporters in this I would have never started this journey now 13months out 105lbs down I certainly feel and look like a new women it was the best thing I ever did for my self. Good luck you can do it
  13. tonya596


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