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    From the album: SoniaRenota

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    From the album: SoniaRenota

  3. Had surgery with Dr Almanza in Tijuana on May 28th, 2013. I'm 6 months this week!
  4. I agree most of the bariatric patients that I have met have been RNs. So sad.....we need to do better about caring for ourselves. I am a Labor and Delivery Nurse and hate being heavier than my pregnant patients. No more.....I'm now 65# less than before! Size 14 to Size 2! Glad I did it!
  5. SoniaRenota

    4 Months 60 # Off

    You look awesome! I'm so happy that we had the sleeve!
  6. Mine lasted about a month then I took the reflux mess and it went away...
  7. SoniaRenota

    Dr. Ariel Ortiz at the OCC

    Basically you have to get them while you are there because they destroy them due to lack of space. They figure they won't see you again so they toss them. They do such a large volume that it would take up too much space.
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    Off Topic...but In Desperate Need For Advice

    I was sick with so much nausea for three months finally took Meclizine and it went away. I think I had vertigo after spending 1 month in the hospital with every test run in the world. Finally just stopped after the Meclizine. Motion sickness over the counter.
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    How Do You Know When To Stop Eating?

    Just measure out your food and eat no more til the next meal
  10. My surgery took about 2 hours. Band to Sleeve revision.
  11. SoniaRenota

    Band to sleeve success question....

    I actually lost with the band then after 6 years started gaining due to issues with not finding a full doctor near my house or in my city. I was revised to the sleeve this May and have lost 65 lbs already! So happy it was a huge success!
  12. SoniaRenota

    Band Out Tomorrow

    I actually had the band to sleeve revision in May at the same time as my surgery with Dr Almanza in Tijuana. Went great! He is very skilled and has a very good reputation.
  13. SoniaRenota

    Sleeve Surgery A Success!

    Almost to goal weight now..... Down 65 lbs in 6 months...
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    From the album: SoniaRenota

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    From the album: SoniaRenota

  17. I used Dr Almanza in Tijuana he did a great job with my surgery but I didn't like my scars after. I'm a RN and have seen better scar finishes. No regrets from the surgery though. He has a great reputation and very organized process. Went very well.

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