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  1. I had my sleeve done in November and have lost 75 pounds since. Unfortunately, I seem to have hit a big stall the past month, weight stuck at 247. I'm 6'1 and am trying to get down to 190. Anyone else hit a huge stall around month 6 or 7? I bought a stationary bike to exercise more, but the scale hasn't gone down. I have been bad at snacking while at work, usually crackers or nuts, and have stayed away from bread, pasta, carbonated drinks, anything sweet. Lost lots of hair despite taking the biotin. I haven't gained any weight back but can't seem to drop below 247 and it's been over a month. I eat as much protein as my body will tolerate, so I'm trying to see why the stall is persisting. Just checking to see how others in month 7 are doing.
  2. I went from 46 to 40 in 5 months. Would love to get down to 34" as in high school days. My weight loss is not as rapid as the first few months but hopefully another 50 pounds will come off and get me close to 34".
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    I ate a piece of pizza last night..... And I liked it!

    I'm a month out and the NUT says so many bad things bread will do, well, make you feel bad I'm scared to eat it. I tried a triscuit the other day and had no ill effects. But rice, pasta, sliced bread, boy do I miss those.
  5. Funny thing regarding the tuna... I was able to have tuna salad with no problems as it is less dense, but 3 bites from the chicken of the sea ready to eat tuna pack felt like it got stuck and I couldn't eat anymore and just had to sweat that one out. The minute I eat or drink anything my stomach starts gurgling so I'm definitely listening to it. Have a group outing at work today hopefully they will serve something that won't cause the instant fullness. What are sliders in this forum referring to? When I think of sliders I think White Castle or Krystal lol.
  6. I'm three weeks post op, and the only nagging pain that comes and goes is about six inches from the stomach removal incision. It's similar to the kind of pain you get in your side when you've been running and is called stitch in your side? I feel it at random times near my right rib cage during the day, and when I'm sleeping in bed if I turn to my right side. Is this common to still get this pain, and does it eventually go away? Bending over or twisting to the side can aggravate the area too. Thanks!
  7. Well it's been over two weeks since the surgery, and I didn't want to be jumping the gun on this topic. I was moved to regular (non pureed) foods this past Monday as I have been able to get my protein amount to the NUT satisfaction and keep liquids and food down. I am now feeling like any kind of food I try to eat that isn't protein, does not settle well. For example, the past few nights I have tried different things for dinner, several slices of turkey. I got heartburn almost immediately after eating it and of course my stomach starts to go into instant symphonic mode of noises. Last night, I thought I would try a little of the Special K Protein cereal with some skim milk. By bite two I felt my stomach gurgling again as if to say stop eating that, and then the heartburn. I start to feel a little queasy from the instant fullness, and it's becoming annoying because it is keeping me from being able to eat a sufficient amount of non dairy protein (meat). I was able to successfully eat some condensed Lentil soup Friday, very slowly as to not cause heartburn, yet days before I had vegetable beef and I was sick the entire night. I know it's only been two weeks, but why would my stomach go from being able to handle this stuff earlier in the week to me being afraid to try anything of the sort later on just a few days later? I was able to eat cut up boiled chicken fine Monday night, but the next day tried to make a small amount of grits to eat with sliced turkey, and I just couldn't handle it. Anything you might recommend that will help me get through the dinner meal without having to go back and rely on cottage cheese and cheese sticks???

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