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    It took me about a month or two to come to grip's with my surgery. Someone on this board gave me the advise life has to go on. I kept telling myself this. But once I started losing the weight and started gaining energy I was non stop. All regrets out the window. lol went to the water park and felt normal. Look in the future make plans on what you want to do but couldn't because of your weight. Focus on that. I had my surgery 2013.
  2. Foranewme


    Had my surgery in 2013. I didn't tell to many people about it. But when I lost a lot of weight quickly people started figuring it out. I think some people felt threatened by my weight loss. I was always the fat funny friend. I did lose some of my friends out nothing but jealousy but I did have one friend who was so against it but then decided to do it after she saw my results. This is a new beginning for you a new life. Focus on your journey. Real friends will stand with you.
  3. I had my surgery in 2013. Still today eggs I can eat one day and the next day I can't. Also happens with pasta. I just have learned to start off with a little and see how it goes.
  4. Started this optifast pre op diets... And now I have an upset stomach. I am afraid I am going to dehydrated. Everytime I drink one boom I am in the bathroom? Anyone havet this problem?
  5. I just dont think I can do these protein shake anymore. I am so frustrated to the point Of almost crying. Having why did I even have this surgery moments. I am serious. Even looking at the cup I drink out of makes me sick. I have tried about every type too.
  6. Foranewme

    Bad night

    Wow reallly . Then what did you do and how did it affect you?
  7. Has anyone tried these and what do they think?
  8. 40 pounds down. Released to eat normal food. But still no rice, pasta or bread.
  9. Foranewme

    Bad night

    I do the unflavored. But not getting enough protein. with it. I wouldn't put it in water. Still has a smell. And the smell is what gets me.
  10. Foranewme

    8 week checkup

    I allowed everything except pasta, rice, bread and of course carbonated drinks. She said at six months i can do all those food except carbonated drinks .
  11. Foranewme

    8 week checkup

    Wow that is quick. I only could do mushy the first 8 weeks.
  12. Foranewme

    8 week checkup

    I was for sure I would be able to do whole wheat bread. Actually I did try a piece the day before I went to the doctors because i thought that was on my eight week list. But she said no. :-( I am going to look thru my list again.
  13. Foranewme

    8 week checkup

    Good to know .
  14. Foranewme

    Bad night

    I am 8 weeks on regular food. I am just having a hard time with the Protein drinks. I need the Protein Drinks maybe you still cant get enough protein just by food. I am just having a bad day.
  15. Foranewme

    2 month post op pics

    Wow you girl!! You look wonderful.
  16. Foranewme

    8 week checkup

    They said not until 6 months out. I am not sure why.
  17. Foranewme

    What ya eating tonight?

    Your allowed spaghetti.. My nut said not until 6th months out. I thought after 8 weeks I would be able to eat pasta and bread but she said no today.

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