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    Terrified of hair loss

    I bought mine from eBay as it was cheaper than all the hair shops here in Australia
  2. Jess

    Whats your favourite meal

    Salmon hollandaise and asparagus Oh and I can't go past some mushy Mexican food! I'm almost 12mths out and 60kg down
  3. Jess


    Im almost 12 months out its 1 year on 4th of sept
  4. Hi all, Just after a bit of advice from anyone that has had this happen to them; I think I’ve hit a brick wall, I’ve been stuck at 105kg for the last couple of weeks. I monitor/log what I eat every day (Aiming for 1200 calories and 60-100g protein) I know that Im not 100% perfect in what I eat but I think Im pretty good at making the right choices. My daily food intake looks like this.. Breakfast – Protein shake or 2 boiled eggs lunch – Smoked Tuna slices on wholegrain crackers dinner – salmon/fish/steak/chicken 100g with maybe a tiny bit of veg Snacks – smoked almonds/Greek yoghurt/protein bars with zero carbs/fruit I also exercise 4-5 times a week. I know I should just keep at it, I just want to smash through this! Im 2 weeks off my surgiversary and even though I feel so amazing, Im constantly trying to better myself. Thanks in advance! Jess Starting weight 165kg Current weight 105kg Dream weight 70-80kg not fussed
  5. Jess

    Food Logs Discussion

    I never use to until you recommended it DL And thank you for that! I'm continuing to slowly lose weight keeping track of my calories and Protein has helped this immensely. It keeps me accountable and perhaps a little addicted. 60kg down - 25kg to go 12mths out Woo!
  6. Jess

    Terrified of hair loss

    Hi This was something I was terrified of, and rightfully so my hair was my everything. I struggled from 3-7 months, it would fall out in handfuls. My hair really thinned out on top and i was extremely self conscious. It still does (im not almost 12mths out) but it has dramatically reduced and is probably a normal amount. Start your tablets now. I recommend nioxin, I used system 4 and it's working. Good luck and remember everyone's different you could be lucky and not have to worry
  7. Weow!!! I made member of the month!! What an honour!
  8. Jess

    Wanna see my bathing suit?

    You look amazing!!
  9. Jess

    Making progress

    awesome work?
  10. Well it definitely was faster the first 6-7 months. It has slowed right down now but I've uped my exercise and focused on eating Protein rich food and its coming off slowly. The exercise part is now super important! Sorry yeah kilos in pounds I've lost 127lbs in just under 10 months. Thanks for all your compliments! It keeps me motivated to try harder.
  11. So I'm coming up to 10 months out (Sept 4th 2012) and I thought I would share my story I've lost 56kg so am now currently 109kg. I sometimes worry that I haven't lost enough and that I'm not 'skinny' yet but I look at these pics and how far I've come and I'm so stoked. I mean that weight didn't pile on overnight so I need to sometimes cut myself a break. If your anything like me you to need to give yourself a pat on the back. I want to lose another 30-ish kilos but I just want to happy healthy and the best that I can be.
  12. Thanks everyone for the encouragement.....*shucks*
  13. Hi All! I started my journey on September 4 last year, after years of struggling with my weight and dealing with a redundant lap band. So here I am 8.5 months out total weight loss to date is 55kgs or 121lbs. But I still have agessss to go! Ive got another 40ish kgs to lose. I think Ive hit a plateau, Im also a little stressed because I thought I would be goal weight but my one year anniversary. But looking back I think I have put too much pressure on myself. I heard that the first year is crucial to loose the majority of your weight, but my doctor has said its actually 18 months to 2 years.. Im also having a hard time with wanting bad food, what do you do to curb your cravings and stay on track? Thanks for any words of wisdom! Ps I thought I would add in my before and after shot.... Jess xx
  14. Hey everyone, I'm 1.5 weeks post op and on the puréed diet for the next week and a half. I'm just wondering... Does anyone not have problems with any foods at all? So far I'm eating 4-5 meals a day about 1/2 cup each time and things are going down fine. No problems whatsoever, Nothing at like when I had lapband. I sometimes feel a pressure, but it's really hard to tell other times because my stomach is still so very sore. I'm trying not to fret I just don't wanna screw anything up like I did with the band. Have lost 10kg...( I think that's like 22pounds?) in under 3 weeks so I'm stoked with the progress I just have nightmares of putting on weight. Lol Thanks
  15. Jess


    Thanks BB! Definatly have eased my mind
  16. Jess

    Where Yas From?

    Hi all I'm from Melbourne, Australia
  17. Jess


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