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  1. Nancyisgettinghealthy

    Weigh In- Favorite Protein Shakes?

    Bariatric Advantage has unflavored. Their customer service is AWESOME an the unflavored in soup is undetectable yet 27 g of protein and 6 g fiber is awesome
  2. Nancyisgettinghealthy


    How far post-op are you? Our bodies do hold on to a LOT of fluids for a few days/week after surgery....try to see down the road a few months, instead of dwelling on todays scale dilemma? Call your Dr and ask for help. Get to a support meeting asap and find out as much information as you can as to what could be going on with your body and how to get through this Best of Luck!
  3. Nancyisgettinghealthy

    Weigh In- Favorite Protein Shakes?

    BARIATRIC ADVANTAGE is awesome as far as I am concerned. They also carry a protein drink called NECTAR that is YUMMY.
  4. Ashlee, My surgery is this Wednesday June 25!! I am flippin out! I wrote down all you suggested and will ask my Dr about gas-X. I was also planning on writing myself a letter....so when you mentioned doing so, it really hit home for me. I have such a wonderful, amazing, loving family and I want to be healthy and live life to its fullest...instead of not being able to do almost anything at all as is right now..... Please keep my in your prayers this week... I may have to have the open RNY instead of laparoscopically as I am having a lap band removed that just did nothing but cause major problems/more health issues. I am scared. Scared to the core of my soul. yet NOt having this surgery makes me even more scared. Being morbidly obese is nothing until I hit 50... OMG my body cannot do this at all any more---at all,
  5. Nancyisgettinghealthy

    Back & joint pain relief

    My Dr has taken me OFF both my chronic knee/back/joint pain meds pre-RNY surgery 6/25. In just 2 weeks I am off Meloxicam and Cymbalta...I can barely walk I hurt so bad...my right shoulder hurts so must sleep in a recliner with a pillow under my right arm and pillows under my knees to keep from crying from the pain. I need both knees replaced yet both my ortho surgeon and my RNY surgeon and I agree that RNY first...lose mass weight, then see how my knees, back, etc., are... but right now I HURT LIKE HELL
  6. Nancyisgettinghealthy

    Best Protein Supplements

    I am having my band removed and RNY on June 25th. I really like Bariatric Advantage brand. They have unflavored you can add to anything! Adds 27g protein and is awesome. I swear by their new multi vitamin chews as well. Best of Luck!
  7. Hello, I was diagnosed with hypo-thyroidism in 1990...took SYNTHROID--not able to take generic --as it does NOT work for me.,,, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2005.....so.take SYNTHROID at a higher level and have been since and will always need to. The hair loss sucks....yet I do what I can...started taking Biotin and will post surgery as well...is supposed to help tremendously. In 2010 had Uterine Cancer, so no female part or hormones now, either.....this REALLY sucks.....and talk about being tired, weight gain, etc...HOLY CRAP!!! Anyway, this is my battle and I try to keep a positive attitude, am working with my PCP, my Nutritionist and Surgeon so my surgery is not only a medical success, yet I am a HEALTH success as well. I also have PCOS...yet now since I don't have ovaries....?????
  8. Nancyisgettinghealthy

    June 2014 Dates!?

    Hi All! I have a surgery date of June 25th!! I am excited and scared, yet also realize my journey to health will start with this major step. I have many health issues, no thyroid, huge knee issues, bp issues, etc., at this time. I read WLS books and have seen my nutritionist and surgeon 2 plus times already. My surgeon first removed my gall bladder in 1994, so I know him well and trust him completely. I live in the Seattle area, so am having my surgery at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle. I have been doing all the healthy things I can to set myself up for success.I have a trusted support team of my husband and daughters and a few trusted friends, I KNOW this is not a quick fix, a diet or just a way to get thin-this is my journey back to Health and wellness and being able to move without constant pain, shower w/o a shower chair, and to LIVE again. I am so tired of isolating and hiding from fear of comments by strangers...thoughts of...will I fit in the chair....what if I cant fit in the skinny bathroom stall,....heaven forbid-can I even wipe my butt? And the list goes on.....I need help, support and to know you all are human too..,,

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