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  1. emsgma

    Any1 scared it wouldnt "work?"

    I am one of the ones that has not had much success. I lost the first 2 months but have now gone 2 months without losing anything. I fear that I have lost my very last pound. I exercise 4 - 5 days a week, take in less than 1200 cals a day, drink/eat my protein... The only thing I am not up to snuff on is the water. I am not the majority though. Only you can decide if this a risk you are willing to take, pro's and con's.
  2. emsgma

    The seven week stall

    Now that I have survived the 7 week stall, I find myself unable to get back on track. In an effort to lose weight, I increased my calories, increased my exercise and tried to increase my protein and water. When it all failed after an honest 6 week atitempt, I gave up. I quit dieting, exercising... Now I have lost 3 lbs and find myself feeling down in the dumps. Not sure where all the motivation went but it has got up and gone along with my energy and hope. I have spent days trying to get myself back on the treadmill and trying to keep my food intake at bay and it just seems frivolous. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to spark my flame again? I have been trying to get my workout buddy to go to the gym with me for motivation but we seem to have opposite schedules and I just can't seem to go there on my own. I have tried being accountable to someone else when I exercise but that isn't working either. I don't want my journey to be over already.
  3. The BEST thing you can do is call your dr and get an appointment, don't avoid them, they are there for you. You should also get an appointment with your nutrishionist ASAP. In the mean time, aim for a min. of 60 - 80 grams of Protein a day, 64 oz of water/fluid and 300 minutes of exercise a week. That is what my dr recommended anyway. Whatever you do, don't give up. I went 7 weeks without losing a pound, got discouraged and now I can't seem to get back on track. STICK WITH THE PROGRAM! Your body will eventually give in and quit conserving itself. Message me if you want to for support.
  4. emsgma

    Need advice

    I had no trouble giving up the soda but I do crave it once in a great while. Would it satisfy your craving to drink it flat?
  5. emsgma

    In need of support

    Hi, I am sorry you are having such a hard time right now. I can only imagine what you must be going through. This journey has been hard and I don't have stressors as significant as yours. I was sleeved in November and am having issues also. If you would like to talk, feel free to message me. I could use a buddy myself.
  6. emsgma


    Yes, I use liquid calcium by Wellesse. It doesn't taste that bad either. Still doesn't help me get it in 3 times a day though. I pretty much only take it twice daily.
  7. emsgma

    November buddies where are you?

    I would like to be in a fb group, my email is asbroc@outlook.com if anyone is willing to invite me.
  8. emsgma

    any sleevers from mi

    Hi, my name is Cathy and I am from Upper MI. I won't be sleeved until November 4th so I don't really have any tips to give but...
  9. emsgma

    November buddies where are you?

    I have a 5 day full liquid pre op diet so I guess I shouldn't complain. Some people on here have it tough. Personally, I won't be starting any sooner. My date is also November 4th and I am excited and nervous.
  10. emsgma

    November buddies where are you?

    I'm nervous about the catheter also. I had one once and it was HORRENDOUS! At my hospital they put it in once you are out so you don't have to go through that but it was after that it hurt so bad, it bothered me more than my surgery.
  11. emsgma

    November buddies where are you?

    I am also November 4th. My last preop appointment with the dr., dietician and nurse is on the 23rd of this month. I am so excited yet leary at the same time. November 4th, here we come!
  12. I am 3 weeks out and already I am cheating, eating foods I know I am not supposed to have. Last night I ate 2 slices of pizza. Not quite sure if I will get through the clear liquid portion of the pre op diet when the time comes. Maybe I have bitten off more than I can chew, no pun intended.
  13. Best of luck to you tomorrow, I can only hope that I can stay as strong as you. My date is Nov. 4 and I am scared to death.
  14. Having my vsg in November and am having trouble with tolerating the taste of protein shakes, powders... I can't even imagine how nasty they could be warm. I would be very interested in hearing more about the protein shakes in the ice cream machine. Any chance you would be willing to tell me how to make it?
  15. emsgma

    November buddies where are you?

    I just scheduled today for Nov. 4. Hoping work approves my LOA. Getting very nervous.

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