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  1. imfatpat

    No more lap bands in my area?

    Interesting, so you believe that the band had shrunken your stomach kind of like the sleeve but without the cutting?
  2. imfatpat

    "know It Alls"

    Lol, Poor band forum, you can keep her. And as far as you calling out that other girl about being apprehensive about change? We all were, and she didn't say anything outside the normal of what a lot of people were thinking. Nice try. Oh and you've insulted the bypass, the sleeves and the band. Are you going to go after the duodenal switch too? Might as well there might be a few out there that haven't been insulted by you yet..
  3. imfatpat

    "know It Alls"

    Once again your info is wrong... But let's just say for kicks, 3 years down the line I decided to convert? I doubt I would chose the band, that is assuming it was still on the market..
  4. imfatpat

    "know It Alls"

    Nana, I noticed you are on your second band? When you are finished with that one there is a great sub forum we have on the sleeve site. http://www.bariatricpal.com/forum/394-band-to-gastric-sleeve-revisions/ I think there might be some serious erosion issues going on..
  5. And why are we intermixed with lap band people under current threads??? Also why can't I read past page one one most topics? And also I think we need a congressional hearing to question the powers that be as to why they thought this was a good idea!
  6. imfatpat

    this may start a riot.

    OMG cue the sad violins.... Cindy I would like to congratulate you. You "knew" your provocative passive aggressive title would start a seriously dysfunctional thread. You got what you wanted. And I see you here everyday lapping it all up.
  7. Still don't know what I did.. But to the op. I did read the thread I hope you find your answers soon. I could not imagine going through this at such a young age. But you made a brave (and smart) choice but along with the sleeve most of us need outside help in the form of therapy. Until I could be honest with myself and my therapist nothing changed.
  8. ??? What spell check? Sorry but you got me stumped on this one. Look at my face! Don't I looked stumped
  9. PDX I know fake pease when I see them.. Fake fake fake pease!!
  10. Don't tell anyone, I can eat a whole banana!!!! Fat girl sleeves anonymous
  11. Trying to figure out how this is a success story? And logging it? I don't, it's a part of healthy moving around in life.
  12. imfatpat

    Help. Bright red blood in diarrhea

    Wow! Bloody stool from dumping? This I have never heard of. What did they give you for it? I hope it gets better for you soon.
  13. For the most part I'm freezing all the time! But I do get hot flashes if I eat to fast or to much! Weird huh?
  14. imfatpat

    What's the story behind your profile name?

    This is such a sad and beautiful story and name. Thank you for sharing. I wish you well in your journey!
  15. I think I want to get a sexy sports car! Something I didn't fit into before
  16. Just keep walking! It will help the gas. I used my pain meds for a week at nighttime so you are not alone.
  17. This is spot on! At about the two to three week mark those internal stitches will "pop" and cause some discomfort!
  18. imfatpat

    I keep sitting on my ladybits.

    Well I have not lost enough weight yet, but oh boy something else to look forward too! I did see a picture here a couple of days ago by a woman right before cosmetic surgery and the lady bits were, well they looked like they had once been fluffier?
  19. imfatpat

    Help. Bright red blood in diarrhea

    Did you drink the water? I would call a doctor for some meds if you did!
  20. imfatpat

    don't screw up or else?

    It's kind of hard not to, with that jelly filled smeared all over you face!!!!