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  1. Just wondering if it's "normal" to be excited to go to your appointments? My first with my surgeon is on Thursday and I can hardly wait. I'm making lists of questions, prepping paperwork, staying organized. All I can think about is my sleeve and how excited I am for this chapter of my life! I know that i am going to learn and grow, that there will be challenges, and that there's no going back. Just wondering if anyone else felt like there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel?
  2. Mollz

    The frustration of it all

    One of the hardest things for a lot of people is severing their relationship with food. The joy of eating. The dependency and regularity of it all. I'm happy to read that you're continuing to make good choices in the face of all these complicated feelings. Bravo, and keep up the good work. You may find it helpful to find a counselor to talk to about things if you continue to struggle. This was one of the issues I discussed with mine. Best of luck with everything! Hang in there!
  3. Is there an estimate on shipping costs? 4 bags, I imagine it won't be cheap, but you have no location on your profile. Thanks!
  4. Mollz


    I am dizzy. Not physically, but mentally. First, we were worried about being able to get sleeved before January 1st. Then, my insurance dropped me... long story short? I'll get back on my insurance, and this has become a non-issue. It lasted just long enough to put me in a tail spin and REALLY upset me. After that was all settled and my insurance was reinstated, the case management person at my surgeon's office called me to express concern that I still may not make it by the end of the year. She suggested that I call my primary care physician to see if I have any notes from a visit in May. My insurance requires a 6 month supervised diet. They don't really care if it's with a dietician or a physician, as long as they're consecutive months. I have April, June, July, August, and September. There is a giant gaping hole where MAY should be. I called my PCP today and they said there's record of 6 phone calls, and some lab work. I did not, however, have an office call. It's complicated, but the insurance requirements don't specify an office call. Only documented communication. Fingers crossed, people. If by some miracle those phone call notes and my lab work can suffice as my 'monitored attempt at weight loss' I could be looking at surgery MUCH sooner than we thought. Granted, I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I'm just tired of being anxious about the end of the year. Finals, surgery, holidays, it would be a lot to handle. Worth it, but crazy.
  5. Mollz

    Updated Timeline

    I called my claims administrator today, I was starting to get panicky about the timeline, and someone offered me some solid advice and calmed me down until I could call. I'm very concerned about being able to have my sleeve done before the end of the year. Effective January 1st, my insurance will change, and I will lose my bariatric surgery coverage. I started this process officially end of July, but had seen my PCP in June and July to try and see what could be done about my weight. So, I called. We rearranged my appointments a little bit to get about another week squeezed into my timeline. I'm up for team review the 25th of September, from there, I schedule my consultation with the surgeon. I'll have two more visits to meet insurance requirements, the last one is on November 1st. After my appointment I call this gal back and she submits everything to my insurance. She said it should take a week, but we'll have an answer by November 8th. After that, it's just a matter of pre-op, and scheduling surgery. Could be all said and done as early as December 6th. SQUEE
  6. I definitely support this idea! I'd be very interested in your reviews, recipes, Q&A, etc. Best of luck!
  7. Mollz

    packing for the hosp?

    There is a lot of variety in what people pack. I invite you to check out this conversation: http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/10081-the-official-what-you-will-need-for-your-gastric-sleeve-surgery-thread/
  8. My mom, dad, and an aunt are the only people I've told. My two siblings probably won't know until after I've had surgery. My mom is HIGHLY upset at that thought, but it's not about her, or them. It's about me.
  9. Yesterday I had my two little appointments for the month. My nutritionist said I'm doing really well. I've lost 5lbs this month, with no exercise ( still on restriction from my PCP ). 5lbs!! That's nothing to most of the people around here, but to me it's a very good sign. For the last year I've been dieting and exercising and my body has been VERY resistant to let go of any weight. For some reason, this time, it's working. I was afraid my metabolism was so broken I'd be one of those people that basically doesn't lose at all. *whew* Back to my appointment: I showed her my MFP tracking, she was pleased to see my numbers, and that I'm being thorough. I'm just happy to have found a system that works for me. Last month's goal was to stay away from fried foods. She labeled me a 'success' after I told her that French fries no longer taste good, they're just grease sticks to me. This month's goal is to try and work on my sweets problem. I admit, I'm a sweets junkie. Growing up, we always had cake or cookies or bars of some kind in the house, plus sweet things like granola bars and chocolate sauce for ice cream. There is ALWAYS ice cream at their house. My dad used to have a bowl every night just before bed. We all would. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not blaming my parents for my weight problem. Yes, they've played a hand in it. When your 8 yr old says she's not comfortable in her body, please don't tell her "you're the only one who can change that". My parents are both obese. I have two sisters, one is severely obese, and the other one is a genetic mutant. That's the only explanation as to how she's 5'10'' tall and only weighs about 190. Don't misunderstand, she's the fattest thin person I know. She has very little muscle, no strength, and she sits down and eats a bag of potato chips and a container of ice cream for dinner. She just has that magical metabolism that keeps the weight off. Freak. So goodbye, sweets. You've done nothing for me until this point except medicate the ache in my chest that you're partially responsible for. If anyone has read this, and has battled a sweets problem, do you have any pointers on how to move past it? Tricks you used to help curb cravings? I'm practicing more mindful eating, so that should help some. I've also started to have hard candies instead of cookies/treats in the house. They last a while in my mouth, and leave me feeling like I've had something sweet. Two of them and I'm pretty satiated. Psych follow-up went very well. She said it looks like I'm in a really good place as far as my outlook and expectations for surgery. I'm hoping to lose more weight than the goal my team has given me, but I think that's okay. I'm hoping, but realistic about the statistics. Honestly? Even if I only lose to their goal, I will be VERY happy with myself and my surgery. I wouldn't be disappointed in the least! The biggest challenge I face right now is balancing school, doctor's appointments, work, and diet prep/surgery-related stuff. In the last two weeks I've had 9 doctor's appointments. Not all of them are surgery related, but let's just say my life is a little hectic right now. I feel really good about how the appointments went. We scheduled my next nut appointment, and then the final one (which has to be with a nurse practitioner). Things should be all wrapped up and ready for 'team review' by November 5th. The dietician seemed hopeful that they'd be able to get me in before the end of the year. 2014, I'm going to make you my b***h.
  10. Mollz

    Shakeology - anyone?

    I tried the chocolate, it tasted FAR from chocolatey. I have a whole bag of it if anyone is interested. One bag minus one scoop. You pay shipping! FAR cheaper than buying it from them direct. I was curious about the green, too - but I'm really gunshy after the chocolate experience.
  11. Mollz

    Anyone from Minnesota/Midwest?

    Hello! I'm 29, from a very small town on the range! Not sure where you're located, but I'm always happy to 'meet' someone from Minnesota on here! I'm still pre-op. Hoping to be sleeved in December. The more support we give each other, the better off we all will be! Interesting that you're struggling now that you're 'on your own'. I have the opposite problem. Every time I go to my parents house it's full stocked with all the bad choices I could dream of! Are you using a food tracker at all to help monitor your intake? Best of luck to you!
  12. Mollz

    "Insurance diet"

    My insurance requires 6 months of supervised diet. Thursday will be my 4 month check in. So far, the only thing she's asked me to do is: 1st month: start tracking everything I eat. 2nd month: pay attention to how much Fluid i'm getting 3rd month: cut out fried foods 4th month: start tracking how many grams of Protein I get in a day, shoot for 60-80. I've been working on chewing LOTS, eating slowly, smaller bites, and not drinking while I eat (so hard for me). This month I've lost almost 6 lbs. Hopefully having my sleeve done in December.
  13. My last dietician appointment will be mid-November. Should be able to submit shortly thereafter and hopefully get approval in 2 weeks from then. Looking like December, for me too! Best.Christmas.Gift.Ever.
  14. Mollz

    BMI approval

    I found it out when I called my insurance company to find out my requirements. I was told at my first seminar that this was the first step - it helps determine who/where/why. It will also tell you if bariatric surgery is even covered by your policy or not.
  15. Mollz

    BMI approval

    Just a head's up, what the surgeon says and what your insurance dictates may be two very different things. My surgeon's office requires a BMI 40+ with no comorbidities - but my insurance wanted 2 years of documentation with my BMI 40+. Thank the stars, I had it.
  16. Mollz


    From the album: mollyk26

  17. I can completely relate. I work for an Ob/Gyn - private practice. There are two other employees, both very small grandmothers. Weekly I'm asked: "When are you due?" "I didn't know you were pregnant!?" "How far along are you?" and told: "You're so lucky to work for Dr. _____ while you're pregnant. He was just wonderful when I had my babies with him!" I've even had people reach out and touch my belly, waiting for it to kick. Yeah, the only thing that's kicking you is me!!
  18. I currently manage a private-practice Ob-Gyn office. I'm in school for health Information Management. Hope to work at a hospital some day!!
  19. Username: mollyk26 I could use all the friends and encouragement I can get! Thanks!
  20. As a BBW, i only dated BBM for a long time. I met my partner in a weird circumstance and was drawn to him inexplicably. He's 6'3" and weighed 190 when we met. Sometimes I miss having a big guy. They're soft to snuggle with!
  21. I know that the sleeve is the best chance I have of being a healthy adult. I've never spent a day not obese. I don't know what I look like under the weight of another small adult. Bariatric Surgery was always terrifying to me. Bypass seemed horrible after 3 people close to me had them and had a rough time. Even years out they struggled. The band - well it's weird but I feel like if they put a foreign object in your body it should eventually come out. It just makes sense. But from my understanding that isn't what usually happens. I want the sleeve and all the health benefits that come along with it. Yes, the before and after pics are fun to look at, but I've also been reading about people's struggles. I am terrified that i will end up vomiting every day. I have a phobia about vomiting as it is, I really don't want to be forced to learn to just cope with it. I know that there are times when I will feel like it, and be uncomfortable, and may even overdo while learning the size of my sleeve. I can accept that. But a number of people have been saying that it's common for them to vomit every day. :-( I'm also very scared about the blood clot thing. I have a clot in an extremity and maintenance has been brutal. Any experience good or bad out there? I'm intimidated by the liquid diet, but I think I could do it. Anyone else out there who was wary? Thanks for your thoughts and input! I figure there's no better place to bring this stuff!
  22. I've been working with a physician and a nurse practitioner to try and lose some weight since December 2012 or January 2013. I tried diet and exercise, combined with WW online, and my physician was adamant that I needed to attend the in-person WW meetings and that would fix my lack of weight loss. I was documenting/measuring every ounce, crumb, and drop of anything I ate or drank, and still wasn't losing. She put me on a diet suppressant, and I felt awful, but finally lost a few pounds. I gave up on the medication, it was keeping me from sleeping and I felt "fuzzy" all the time. She got in my face about my weight yet again, and brought me to tears. I left her office 4 times so upset I wanted to go home and disappear, ashamed of myself and embarrassed. I left that physician shortly after that. I now see a NP as my PCP, and I love her. She's very thorough and supportive. We've talked about VSG and she supports it. She had me on a different weight-loss medication, a combination pill, I felt better on it, but was on it for 3 months and saw absolutely no loss. My question is: is there any chance my attempts to lose with physician supervision would help "speed along" the process? I have proper documentation and all of that. I know no one is an expert, and it depends on my insurance, but has anyone had an experience similar?
  23. Turns out I do have 2 years of documented obesity! Never thought I'd be excited to say that! I also managed to call my insurance company today, and it looks like my documentation *might* be enough. Yay! I got all my benefit information too, the surgery is covered and it isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg, either. Al around its been a positive day on the path to sleevehood!!

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