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  1. Hi I don't have an appt yet just have to see the psychologist, anyone had there surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital by Dr. Yatco, and of You did how was your experience with him and your surgery, need some assurance and support.
  2. mil621

    Where are all my NYC people

    Thank you nervous my day is sept 10 at Lenox hospital I just hate that throw up feeling the first day and the way I won't be able to eat that I love. How and what do I eat when I go out with my friends or on dates. But still have to be cleared by my doctor I didn't pass the EKG so I have to see a cardiologist they said my left ventricle slightly enlarged
  3. mil621

    Where are all my NYC people

    How was it? Are you in pain as the days approach I'm freak in out. I'm doing mine on the 10th of sept in Lenox
  4. So I'm thinking maybe she read it wrong because I did my chest X-ray the doctors said that looked fine I'm messy ally cleared for that
  5. OMG just found out that I have a enlarged ventrical what am I gonna do? Do u think they will stil do it?
  6. Hi I'm also having surgery on that day in NY. Now I have one question did u have to do the FMLA paperwork if ur gonna be out if work more than 2 weeks I was thinking 20 plus days and dies HR have to tell ur job because I didn't want them to know
  7. I was wondering can we have slim fast or Special K drinks?
  8. Wondering can we drink slim fast drinks or dies that not have enough protein
  9. Hi everyone September 10th and super anxious and excited bit apprehensive.
  10. I guess we are pretty much excited I hope we can be this excited a week after our surgery anyone doing it in Lenox hospital
  11. Yes and I'm very scared and anxious and excited at the same time. You hear all these stories if pain gas and stomach noises can't eat or drink like before and I get a little worried ya know. I know this is what I want because although alit of people are like what u look nice curves are great big and beautiful embrace ur curves I feel uncomfortable that I can't wear a size 10 or smaller because my ass don't fit in it or the cute little bathing suit although I try to look on the brighter side of things and eat right and excercise just not enough.
  12. Lol I'm tentatively scheduled for sept 10th
  13. @cheryldiane80 when is ur surgery mine is Sept 10th
  14. September 10 sleeves where are you!! I'm getting sleeves at Lenox hill hospital scared and anxious and happy a bunch of emotions going on. What to eat how I'm gonna feel. The amount of Pain I'm going to feel.
  15. Wow sounds pretty scary, I mean the chest pains . I'm a little scary cat I would be freaking out. So does everyone stay that long in the hospital? That's a long time 4 days and are they sure the chest pains are from gas and won't lead to further complications. I fear all that I wonder is it worth it. I mean I want to be healthy and thinner but wonder if all that is worth being 50 or more pounds thinner? And 30 pounds that's great congrats you only need 20 more ?? What was ur starting weight? Mine is probably now 224 I'm short and small boned so when I lose weight my fear is I'm gonna look sickly. Well I hope your journey isn't too difficult. feel free stop and chat anytime and say how your doing.

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