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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. jallen1242

    African American Sleevers

    Hi new here. Glad I came across a forum for AA. My surgery is August 15, 2012 and I'm on a 8 week Optifast liquid diet. Started June 19th got weighed 10 days later and lost 8lbs in that time frame. I got a weigh in on July 12 and I can't wait to see how much more I've lost.
  2. jallen1242

    Pre Op Liquids 1 week or 2

    Thax . the first day was tough. but after that it was easy.....
  3. jallen1242

    Pre Op Liquids 1 week or 2

    I wish all i had was 1 or 2 weeks. I have 8 weeks to do. Im on day 4 (saturday). Im on Optifast....im going to do it.....My surgery is August 15, 2013
  4. jallen1242

    MY 521lb LIFE

  5. jallen1242

    2week pre-op diet...

    im on day 2 of a 8 week Optifast liquid diet. i get 3 shakes 3 Soups and 1 bar a day. Dont like the chocolate bars so im not eating them anymore. Day 1 was rough on me. I had a piece of chicken and a serving spoon of mac and cheese. I felt really bad yesterday. Today was AWESOME.....im allowed 2 cups of cucumbers as well. So i have 58 more days to go. I just take one day at a time....Surgery is August 15, 2013 were all here for support.....i know i need it..... Good Luck Everybody....
  6. jallen1242

    GOING HOME! :)

    Wow Im 58 days away from surgery. Im so happy for you and you will do well. congrats
  7. jallen1242

    B4 Surgery

    Jacque B4 Surgery
  8. Im on a 8 week Optifast Liquid diet. Yesterday was my first day. I was doing good until the evening rolled around. i was needing to eat something. I ate a chicken leg and about a serving spoon full of mac and cheese. My surgery is August 15, 2013. Yesterday was hard but today will be better.

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