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    Are There Any Single Sleevers Out There..

    Relocated to Tucson, AZ, anyone out here?
  3. nj8988

    Columbus, Ohio

    If anyone is still active on this site from Columbus, hit me up! One year post up.
  4. nj8988

    Are There Any Single Sleevers Out There..

    A year post-op in Columbus, Ohio here.
  5. nj8988

    Before and Afters?

    Here's mine, took a little longer to hit my goal than you haha. Started at 410, down to 230 now.
  6. nj8988

    Any one lost more than 200 lbs ?

    I've lost 175 so far, and see no reason why 200 wouldn't be possible. Took about a year.
  7. Looking to see who is out there near the Queen City.
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    From the album: nj8988

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  10. Surgery weight 405, at 329 in the second photo below, still got about 80-110 to go. Surgery was 10/15/2013.
  11. nj8988

    Any Az sleevers?

    Had mine done in Charlotte, NC but just moved to San Tan Valley 2 weeks ago.
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    From the album: nj8988

  13. nj8988

    October Sleevers - Men's Room

    Would agree that the pain from the surgery is nothing compared to the gas? I really didn't use the morphine pump, as I knew I still had that incredibly uncomfortable gas situation. It really didn't get better until I started drinking liquids.
  14. nj8988

    October Sleevers - Men's Room

    Depends who you ask, but I would say yes. I haven't had any trouble getting or keeping water down, 2-3 oz at a time, just have to hold up if i feel the stomach pushing back a little.
  15. nj8988

    October Sleevers - Men's Room

    Made it to the other side, no problems at all so far (knock on wood).
  16. nj8988

    October Sleevers - Men's Room

    Hey guys October 15th for me, good luck too everyone!
  17. nj8988

    Guess I'm first..

    October 15th in Durham, NC here, can't believe it's finally here.
  18. nj8988

    Anyone From Nc?

    Charlotte here, having surgery on Oct 15 at Duke Regional in Durham (Dr Sudan). Have Cigna and approved in 6 business days.
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    From the album: nj8988

  20. I wouldn't be surprised if the ones on YouTube are "Best case scenarios" i.e. very little blood loss. But yes, I thought the same thing.

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