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    extreme hair loss

    My hair was falling out in big clumps for a while. It started about 4 months post op and didn't let up until about 1 month ago (I am currently 10 months post-op). I kept taking my Vitamins and Biotin. I only noticed that my hair stopped falling out when I got a really good hair cut. My hair was very thick and long. Most people didn't notice the hair loss but I knew because of the amounts of hair on my hair brush after brushing and the hand-fulls that kept coming out when I showered. I did develop a thin spot in front that was very obvious to me. But, the haircut definitely helped...or perhaps it was about the time that my hair loss was going to stop on its own (?). My hair stylist did insist that the haircut helped to take weight off of my scalp and in turn would help reduce the amount of loss. I don't know...my hair is no longer coming out in huge amounts!
  2. My NUT also didn't ban soup or Cereal with milk for that matter. I'm almost 6 months out. I have no problem with eating these. I think the fact that you're chewing and mashing up the soup ingredients along with the broth makes this different from eating solid foods and drinking fluids separately. That's just my opinion...I may be wrong but I have not had any problems so far. As time progresses, you will figure out what works best for you.
  3. RoxFC

    Christmas - New Year Challenge

    Hi all! Sorry I didn't check in yesterday. I didn't make my goal...I'm at 206. The upside is the fact that I didn't gain weight over the holidays! That is a first for me.
  4. RoxFC

    How bad is the nausea?

    I only had nausea for the first 72 hours post-op. It's how I react to anesthesia. Since then, I have not had nausea related to my surgery.
  5. RoxFC

    Christmas - New Year Challenge

    sorry I'm late with my weigh-in #s. I'm at 204 lbs on Christmas day. I didn't make my goal...but, I'm happy with that number!
  6. RoxFC

    Counter Addictions Anyone?

    I'm addicted to the attention that I get from men when I go out! That's just awful to say but I said it. I still haven't gone home with anyone...My confidence isn't quite there yet. But, it sure is fun to flirt...and kiss a little...
  7. RoxFC

    Christmas - New Year Challenge

    Hi all! I lost 2 lbs this week...I don't know how but I managed to do it! I'm trying to be extra good this week before the holidays next week. SW: 211 CW: 206
  8. RoxFC

    Christmas - New Year Challenge

    Today is weigh-in day! I didn't lose any weight this week! And, with holiday parties and such I am getting nervous I won't hit my goal to be under 200 lbs. I will try my best! I haven't been exercising...I gotta get on that. SW: 211 CW: 208
  9. RoxFC

    Christmas - New Year Challenge

    Hi all: My goal weight is: 199 SW: 211 CW: 208 I managed to lose 3 lbs the week of Thanksgiving! I don't know how that happened.
  10. RoxFC

    Christmas - New Year Challenge

    Ok...so I didn't quite make my Thanksgiving goal. I think I'll be at 210 by tomorrow and that means that on the Thanksgiving goal I'm 4 lbs short. I know where I went wrong and I'm determined to work harder for this next challenge. I'm going to use my weight this morning as my current weight for this challenge. I'm only about 10-11 lbs from getting out of the 200s. So here is my information for this challenge: CW: 211 GW: 199 This means I have to lose about 2.4 lbs/week.
  11. My highest weight was 272 lbs. On the day of surgery, I weighed 264 lbs. I now weigh 211 lbs. Total lost: 61 lbs! I'm very happy with that! My first goal is 180 lbs. At that point, I will determine if I want to lose another 20 lbs. I just started to lose some hair..in huge clumps! But, I do have a lot of hair so I think it won't be too obvious to others. I notice that the weight loss is getting harder and harder to achieve at this point. I'm barely losing 2 lbs./week now. I have had about 3 stalls in the past 4 months. I know what I'm doing wrong...I'm having lots of sweets, carbs, and wine on the weekends! After Thanksgiving, I'm going to go back to a stricter diet and focus on cardio and strength training.
  12. RoxFC

    Sleeve Of Steel?

    I haven't had any issues. I only threw up once because I ate too much and ate too fast. I eat everything that I ate pre-sleeve and I have tolerated everything well. I just eat way less than before!
  13. RoxFC

    Christmas - New Year Challenge

    I'm in! Thanks for the heads up!
  14. RoxFC

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    Sorry I'm checking in a day late! I managed to not lose any weight this week. I have not been feeling very well this week...But, I'm going to give it my all this week! I don't think I'll make it to my goal of 206 but I will try my best!
  15. RoxFC

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    I love this! Thank you for taking charge of this challenge!
  16. What Indigo above said is right...you are grazing and when we graze we can eat much more. I was told the same thing. Each meal should take no more than 20 minutes to eat. Believe me, you would have felt major restriction if you tried to eat 8 pieces of sushi within 20 minutes. And, yes, there are many slider foods. Pretty much anything that becomes mush in your mouth before you swallow is a slider food. I can also eat a ton of chips, Cookies, crackers, ice cream, lasagna, other pastas, etc. without filling up as much. I still eat less than I could have in the past but it doesn't give me as much restriction as denser foods such as Protein. For that reason, I avoid slider foods.
  17. RoxFC

    Completely Lost

    I think you have answered your own question. You are sabotaging your own progress because you are down on yourself. I would just simply start over. You can try doing a liquid diet, pureed diet, and soft foods for a few days. Then, you can just follow the high Protein and low carb diet. My NUT tells me not to worry about carbs as long as I avoid breads, rice, and sweets. I do have one slice of bread/day and If I have bread with my lunch, I don't have any carbs with dinner. And, keep up the walking! It's so important. If nothing changes then nothing will change. I understand that you went off track and that you feel bad about it. But, you can make each day a new beginning. Whatever you did is in the past. This sleeve is a tool...it's not a miracle weight loss device. You have to make the best of it. You already did the hard part and went through the most challenging period. It's now time to get back on track. You can do it!
  18. RoxFC

    November fitness challenge

    Hi all! I'm checking in after a few days...I got another 32 miles in this past week doing the treadmill, walking, and exercise bike. Total for now is 66. I'm still doing well with C25K. I decided to do an extra few days of week 2 as I didn't really to move on to the next week. Good job everyone! I'll check in again soon.
  19. I also stopped around 4 weeks post op. I still take it some days because I feel hunger pains that aren't really hunger pains. They are actually acid build up in my stomach. I do notice that when I take the omeprazole that the hunger feeling/acid goes away. I read about others having this experience and find that it's also true in my case. I do get the burps and I haven't noticed if they are less on the days that I take the omeprazole...will have to check on that!
  20. RoxFC

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    The scale wasn't moving much for me. But boy did it jump this past week! I lost 4 lbs this week. starting challenge weight: 218 weight last week: 216 current weight: 212 My goal is 206 by Thanksgiving.
  21. RoxFC

    November fitness challenge

    Hi all! I haven't posted in a long time. I have gotten in 34 miles total. I have mostly done the exercise bike. But, about 6 of these miles are from walking/running using the C25K app. I'm into my second week and I'm feeling great. I don't know if I'll make 125 miles this month but I will try! I just got through reading a lot of posts...everyone is doing fantastic!
  22. RoxFC

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    I'm so confused with this site! I thought I posted what I lost this past week. Well here it goes again...I'm at 216. Down 2 lbs.
  23. RoxFC

    hunger pains

    I'm with Healthier2day on this one. I've read on these forums quite often that acid build up in your stomach after the sleeve sometimes feels like hunger pains. I had a constant feeling of hunger for a couple of days and decided to go back on my omeprazole. I did the trick! The hunger pains went away.
  24. Hi all: I can't seem to find my original post for this challenge. My current weight is now: 216. I'm down two pounds from a week ago. My goal is 206 by Thanksgiving!
  25. RoxFC

    November fitness challenge

    I haven't checked it but I'm off to a slow start. Since Nov. 1, I only got in 6 miles. But, I have completed week 1 Day 2 of C25K and I LOVE it! It feels so great to start this challenge. I feel wonderful after my workouts. Even though I'm going to try to get in 125 miles again as I did in October, my main focus for this month is to stick to the C25K as I have never been able to run in the past.