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  1. lovingmyself4eternity

    I offically set my date!

    Happy Holiday to all of you. Congrats on your surgery date Zoey. I am still pre-op waiting on a few things to be taking care of. BTW My name is Angelique and I belong to an awesome private support group on FB called Sleeve Sisters. www.facebook.com/sleevesistas and I would like to extend a warm invitation to all of the women here to stop by and support the page then join the support group and share you journey with women who have the sleeve too! If you want to befriend me please feel free to www.facebook.com/AngeliqueKeyes1 We have over 300 members on our page and over 200 members in our private support group. Looking forward to chatting with you ladies! God bless and once again Congrats on your lifestyle change! Angelique
  2. lovingmyself4eternity

    Did you lose your curves??

    Hi Ladies, Glad to see everyone doing fine on their journey and I am looking forward to getting on that track (losers bench) shortly. Friend reminder we have a private support group on facebook and we are seriously looking for other females who have or thinking about getting the sleeve done to share their journey and experiences as a Sleever!. Please join us on facebook sometime or simply support our page. www.facebook.com/sleevesistas Also you can befriend me and I will add you to our group. www.facebook.com/AngeliqueKeyes1 Thanks again for your support! Your Sleeve Sister, Angelique (Lovingmyself4eternity)
  3. lovingmyself4eternity

    Hey Guys

    Fibro Diva...come join us on facebook if you have not yet. Not sure if you're there with us but Sleeve Sisters is a wonderful group!
  4. lovingmyself4eternity

    Hey Guys

    Sorry for your lost MZO...He is truly there with you and so is God and Sleeve Sisters... You're going to be fine! Its already done in Jesus name!
  5. lovingmyself4eternity

    Sleeve Sisters-What is your biggest challenge?

    No problem... I would love for you to stop by and join our private support team on facebook. Its called Sleeve Sisters. Please join us and let us hear the whole story!
  6. My biggest challenge is getting myself prepared for my surgery... I am so excited knowing that I am so close to getting my surgery date, yet I am so nervous about it as well. Another challenge I have is wanting to eat everything up before I start my 2 week optifast. Can anyone help?
  7. lovingmyself4eternity

    Just saying hello :-)

    Thanks for letting me know... All women are needed.... The acct is www.facebook.com/sleevesistas or simply email me at sleevesisters@gmail.com You can find me under Angelique Keyes.. Looking forward to chatting with you Chris54
  8. lovingmyself4eternity

    Hey Guys

    Hello everyone! I am so confuse navigating through this website that my head begins to spin. Well My name is Angelique and I belong to a group called Sleeve Sisters. A wonderful support group that is private on Facebook. Please stop by and LIKE our page, send a request to join and we will add you to our group. We are looking for pre & post- op women who are willing to share their success stories and where they are in they're journey. Looking forward to chatting with you all soon. www.facebook.com/sleevesistas SleeveSisters@gmail.com Sleeve Sisters on youtube and follow us on twitter @sleevesistahs www.sleevesisters.org
  9. lovingmyself4eternity

    Did you lose your curves??

    Hey AA Sisters, We have a group called Sleeve Sisters on facebook and I would love to invite you to our group where you can provide us with more information on your journey. Please stop by and support our Sleeve Sisters. You can find us at facebook.com/sleevesistas Our website is sleevesisters.net Thanks, Angelique
  10. lovingmyself4eternity

    I made it...

    Congrats! PaulaJ I am so happy for you. I hope that you will share your experiences and journey with our Sleeve Sisters club on FB. We have a private support group and would love to hear all about your journey and how you overcame your obstacles to get where you are now. Again Congrats and chat with you soon! Sleeve Sisters
  11. lovingmyself4eternity

    Just saying hello :-)

    Hi everyone! I am excited to hear all of the succes stories. I just wanted to share with my sisters that I belong to a great private support group on FB called Sleeve Sisters. If you have not heard of it, please stop by and support the page and LIKE it then join the private support group and share your stories. They are wonderful over there! Warm Wishes, Sleeve Sisters
  12. lovingmyself4eternity

    Falling back into old habits

    I love to hear success stories. I hope all is well and that you are staying focus on your journey. I belong to a private support group called Sleeve Sisters on FB where there is similiar stories as yourself. Please come by support the page and join our private support group. It would be nice to hear more stories... God bless.... Sleeve Sisters
  13. lovingmyself4eternity

    Going From Band To Sleeve

    This is great to hear! I belong to a group called Sleeve Sisters on FB and there are others who have the same experience. Please stop by and support our page. Share your experience and journey in our private support group. Again Congrats! I am happy to hear your doing GREAT! God is good all the time. Warm Wishes, Sleeve Sisters
  14. lovingmyself4eternity

    Getting Approved!

    Now that you've been approved what is your next step to your goal? How did you feel after this step?
  15. lovingmyself4eternity

    Getting Approved!

    I was approved for my surgery about 5 months ago. However, at first they actually denied me and sent me back to my doctor. I was upset and wanted to know why. It was because I had visit the pysch department outside of the bariartric program. They did not know that I was under serious pressure with school and so many exams, work. But they did not know it was phone appointments. Afterwards, I was approved.... Glad those days are over for now. But I've learned to manage my anxiety by just meditating and gym.. I realized that I was more frustrated with myself because I allowed myself to gain so much weight and I could not do have of the requirements the classes I was taking at the time. That is why I've learned to start loving myself... I am so grateful! I will have more stories to come... please share your experiences!
  16. lovingmyself4eternity

    1st Surgeon Visit

    Went yesterday to meet with my surgeon for the first time. I was so excited when he told me I would be getting a surgery date within the next 30 days. I was so happy I had to celebrate at the gym. I did 18 laps in the pool.
  17. lovingmyself4eternity

    1st Surgeon Visit

    Ok... I went to visit the surgeon and since then I've been a mission to drop these pounds. It a struggle..but I am on this journey for the rest of my life. Help someone! Keep intouch with me....Invite your friends and others to build our journey together!
  18. Seen my surgeon. tomorrow is my last class for this program and stepping my way to my goal. Now I am going to challenge myself to 10k steps per day and see what the end results turn out to be! ttfn
  19. lovingmyself4eternity

    1st Surgeon Visit

  20. I am following the kaiser weight loss program and exercising as much as I can. I really don't like walking the treadmill so I do a lot of my exercise in the swimming pool such as running and about 10-18 laps at 24 hr fitness.
  21. I finally felt enough is enough about 5 months ago. Im childless, divorced and tired of being tired. I decided to do something about it. I began my journey in Dec however, I just started my diet plan a few days ago. I had already loss some weight and I was cleared to see the surgeon last week. I have 1 more class to attend. I see the NP and medical dietician on Friday. Hopefully I can see the surgeon on Monday May 6, 2013..Lets hope it works.... 1. Tired of walking around at work and cant run in an emergency situation. (Getting SOB) 2. Tired of restless nights. (Insomnia) 3. Tired of feeling worthless 4. Tired of overeating til I gurgitate 5. Tired of low self esteem 6. NOW LEARNING TO (LOVINGMYSELF4ETERNITY)
  22. Novemember 2012 is the first time I decided to make a change in my life. I am tired of walking around with large breast and SOB, insomnia, back ache and pain. I wanted to make a change so I decided to join the WL program and learn what my option would be to lose weight and be more happier in life. I do love myself and I love food as well but I am ready for a journey that I can image will open doors and opportunities. So as of now I have been cleared by my doctor (November) excepted into the program (Dec 2012) Visit with Pysch Dec 2012. I had my first Lifestyle healthy eating session Dec 2012, 2nd and 3rd session in Feb 2013. Missed my March appt because I got sick so I rescheduled and my last one last week Apr 2013. I was cleared to see the surgeon on Apr 24. Now I have my appt with the NP this week. Since I started the program I lost approx 16lbs. I still have to provide them with 2 wks worth of journaling with my diet plan. I have not picked my doctor yet. I want to get some more detail information. I will keep you all informed.

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