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  1. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Praise God! LizO
  2. I had the gastric sleeve surgery May 2013; 4 years ago. I started at 230 and my lowest weight was 145. I maintained my weight until last year around August when my mother got sick and I was traveling back and forth to be with her. I do not cook so I was eating pizza morning, noon and night. I started going crazy on food choices like candy and fruit that was not good for me. The scale started going up. At one point I stopped weighing myself because I knew I was picking up weight because my clothes were becoming too tight; I needed to go up in size. I really believe I got over 160 at some point in time. I didn't see it on the scale, but I did see 159 when I did decide to face the fact and weigh in. My Nut from Mexico, which was actually one of my doctors from surgery, told me to jot down everything I eat. He also told me to cut my carb intake down to 25. I started at 100 carbs a day and worked my way down. I now range between 28-37 on a good day. I don't know if my weight is maintained better because I opted for a smaller stomach than the normal sleeve stomach (bougie instrument used in surgery). I'm not a person that exercise on a regular basis. I have started now because I want to tone my legs. I noticed that it does help me maintain. Watch out for fruit. We think it's help, which it is a better choice than some foods, but it can contain a lot of Carbs. My doctor to me to eat berries and not too many cherries. Good look in you journey. Just make yourself aware of the things you put in your mouth. Carbs are the enemy for sleevers. LizO
  3. Ms. Cathy don't give up; we all have those days. Some days seem to be harder than others. It's that time of the month for me and I want everything insight. I had some candy today and a open face sauage and Cheese Mcmuffin. I'm not good at sticking to a diet plan. What helps me is watching my Carbs. Believe me some days are better than others but I have begin to make better choices. Hang in there. Our surgery is only a tool and sometimes we must resort back to some things that we had to do in the past to lose weight. You got this. LizO
  4. I use Carb Manager LizO
  5. As long as you try, you will see results. Eat something before you go to the birthday parties and wedding. I remember as a kid my mother would always make me eat before going over someone's house or party. She did not want me out in public acting like I was starving. Lol. Enjoy your anniversary, just don't go crazy. Make choices like cut the portions you receive in half(have waiter take from table), no bread on the table or have an open face sandwich. Good luck! LizO
  6. I do the Idealshape 12 Week Challenge https://m.idealshape.com/idealshape-up-challenge.list
  7. Welcome to the Weight Loss Family! LizO
  8. You can do this. Look at your food intake. Can you stand to cut back on carbs? Are you getting your Protein in? Are you exercising? I hate exercising lol LizO
  9. Awesomeness! Very proud of you! LizO
  10. Thank you [emoji4] LizO
  11. Yay!! You are doing great. Keep up the good work! LizO
  12. Thank you. I'm trying. My thighs are my enemies. I am trying to tone them by doing the 12 weeks challenge LizO
  13. Monday weigh-in. I'm going to keep pushing forward because it's that time of the month starting this week. LizO
  14. Today I put on this new dress that I said I would not put on until I got back in my forties So glad to see That I am one pound away from my goal weight. Thanks to this forum that I am doing much better with my choice of foods most days. LizO
  15. Last night I had A Jr. bacon cheese burger from Wendy's, a hand full of fries and a small lemonade with ice. This may sound bad but I only had a protein shake yesterday morning and about a cup of sunflower seeds the whole day. I picked the 15th of the each month to have my comfort food. I try not to go crazy. Usually I do an open face sandwich, I splurge last night. I did make sure I worked out before bed. LizO
  16. Today was not a good day for me. I had a small slice of Nothing Bundt Cake, a taco from Dairy Queen and sunflower seeds, a bunch of cherries and 4 crackers and a slice of cheese. It's a 500 calorie day for me tomorrow. Let me not forget a mini pancake LizO
  17. Tomorrow may not come. Start today by not doing something you usually do. We usually have a habit of starting something tomorrow. We are now weighing in on Mondays. You have a feeling of were you are in weight. Make some changes today and take a picture of your weigh-in on Monday; you might be surprised. Carbs are hard to cut out of a diet. If you cannot do 25 grams a day, start with 50 - 100 and work your way down. That worked for me. I consume an average of 35. There are some days I get in the twenties, but I am doing much better than I was. I use Carb Manager app, because I do focus on my Carbs and Protein. Use the app that helps you accomplish your goals. Good luck to you. LizO
  18. Welcome to the losing and staying positive family. XOXO LizO
  19. I think Monday morning works for to as well. It a perfect start to the beginning of a work week. I have a problem getting on the scale daily. I will take a picture of my weigh-in next Monday and post before I leave for work. Best wishes everyone! LizO
  20. We need to pick a weigh in day so we can hold each other accountable. LizO
  21. You have have a problem snacking on chips then I would suggest them. Since I cut out a lot of Carbs, my cravings for chips went away. Just in case it returns (that time of month), I got something good to grab. LizO
  22. Finally bought those expensive bags of chips. Most of the chips are in crumbs. They do have a decent taste but thank God I am not craving chips any longer. LizO