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  1. BuriedBombshell

    back to hospital!

    Sssoooo happy you are healed. You've lost well! Im hoping that you can feel its all worth it in the end. Continued prayers!
  2. BuriedBombshell

    Can Prescription Pepcid Cause Hunger?

    Hmmmmmm. I might come down off of it and see if I even have heartburn.
  3. BuriedBombshell

    Sleevers over 300lbs?

  4. BuriedBombshell

    Breast Reduction/Lift *Graphic Pics

    Duh....question answered...THANKS!
  5. BuriedBombshell

    African American Sleevers

    I was sleeved 3/29/13
  6. BuriedBombshell

    Post op march sleevers

    Amazing info! Thanks
  7. BuriedBombshell


    Thanks for answering everyone! I feel the SAME WAY about breakfast, and I go back to my trainer this week, so I think I'll continue to keep them on hand for now
  8. Yeah, I'm almost 4 weeks. There is no space for snacks while we're trying to meet our requirements. A change in my thought process and eliminating "can'ts" helps SO much.....even though, at this point I really DON'T, it helps to know I CAN!
  9. Has this gotten loud and angry because people choose to eat a treat every once in a while??? My background is in counseling, and that sounds like a personal problem. Plus... a lot of people didn't eat whatever they wanted. YOU did. YOU were undisciplined. A lot simply yo-yo dieted. That takes a certain level of discipline, but can't be maintained forever. If you claim to have been "perfect" and the thought of someone having one taco offends you to your core.....check back with us in 10 years.
  10. I'm glad I found and read this whole thread before posting. I will likely go with the 90%/90% approach. I have done all low carb before, and it led to a binge. I lost 100 pounds through low carb and Hcg, and eventually felt like I "deserved" cake and McDonalds, and of course, gained half back. I was SO tired of punishing myself. I LOVE healthy foods...all kinds of fruit, every veggie, some vegetarian options, wheaty/healthy tasting things, all of that. I can do without Doritos, but I think getting yelled at over a mango or oven roasted potato wedges or chick peas is CRAZY and SUPER unhealthy! I am only almost 3 weeks out, but I don't want to obsess over food anymore, eating it or not eating it. I want to focus on my family, friends, and living a life free of food addictions. For everyone who is relaxed and regains, I have seen the post of someone who was super-strict and then regains. I just wish everyone well. And remember, if you are super-relaxed, and it's not working, it's never too late to revert to Atkins induction-style eating!
  11. I don't understand the whole taste-change after surgery thing. This didn't happen to me AT ALL. I am 2 weeks out. Could it still happen? Is it psychological? I just don't get it.
  12. Everything tastes the same after surgery to me...protein shakes of any kind are just harder to get down.
  13. BuriedBombshell

    Nothing I Eat Tastes Good

  14. BuriedBombshell

    Agave Nectar

  15. BuriedBombshell

    African American Sleevers

    I love that you started this! I was sleeved 3/29/13. I have a LOT of reading to catch up on it seems
  16. BuriedBombshell

    How Soon Can I Resume My Pre-Sleeve Eating Lifestyle?!?!

    I am 2 weeks out. Sure, I read my literature from the doc, but coming on here so much, I tried to weed out carbs at 1 week when puréed foods started. I had pain, I lost slowly, I was tired. I looked over my list 3 days ago, and it says to start with soft carbs...potatoes, oatmeal, cream of wheat. I decided to keep it natural, but added potatoes to my string cheese and Beans. I also drank apple juice which went down delightfully. I went from losing 1.5 every other day...to -1, -1.6, -1 the last three days. And I've felt alive. Until my weight loss slows, I will have fruit and veggies that some will condemn, because it seems to work for my body. For me, Chinese take-out can be very healthy too! That said.....sometimes I want to SLAP these people, lol lol! I read, "Cake is a soft food, right?" Seriously?!?
  17. BuriedBombshell

    Inhaler After Surgery

    Oh, wow! I'm so sorry you had to deal with that! Thanks for the responses!!!
  18. BuriedBombshell

    1 week Post Op!

    Hi! I was sleeved in Jacksonville 3/29/13 at Memorial Hospital!
  19. BuriedBombshell

    Any March 29 Sleevers?

    I have a MAJOR head cold!!! Praying I don't develop a fever. With 4 kiddos timing is everything!
  20. BuriedBombshell

    Pre-Op diet protein powder

    I have it. You would need a fourth shake though to make sure you're getting enough protein in. I'm alternating these with premiere protein premix shakes.
  21. BuriedBombshell

    Craving pickles!

    I'll be sleeved 3/29, an I must say this sounds SO STRANGE!!!! A pickle flavored shaved ice!?! Guess I better have some on hand just in case, lol!

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