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  1. Thousands of people die every year from the flu; nobody dies from the flu shot. It's a no-brainer for me.
  2. OKSleever

    Bands to Sleeves less successful

    I've not heard that before. Did your dietician say why?
  3. Few facts; I am at 183 lbs with a goal of 140. I recently discovered that my insurance will cover a panni (looked it up on a whim less than a week after my 6 month check up, so no planned time to talk to my surgeon for 3 months). However, I am not sure that I would be satisfied with just a panni and would hate to pursue a TT down the line after having a panni. And of course I have a ways to go until goal. Here's my big question. I didn't think there was any possibility of my insurance covering the panni, so I haven't done any documentation or complaining. Should I schedule an appointment soon to start the process, realizing I may not follow through if my heart is set on a TT which would be completely out of pocket, or go ahead and proceed as if I plan to have the panni near goal? Obviously the panni would be better than nothing and I'm incredibly grateful to learn that it's a covered benefit, but I hate to waste time and energy if I'll end up proceeding with the TT anyway. Thoughts? Would especially love to hear from post op panni patients and if they were satisfied or would have preferred to go full on with the TT. My DOS weight was 238.4, currently 183.4 with a goal of 140 at 5'7".
  4. OKSleever

    Panni question

    Any thoughts?
  5. I agree with the previous poster; I hope you are much kinder to your BIL in real life than you were in this post. I'm glad things are going well for you, but you're a month post op! Most people don't start down the pizza and hamburger path a month out when food is still fairly repulsive. You will face many challenges along your weight loss journey, and I hope you continue to face them with the same determination you have today. But if you don't, if you make a bad choice, I hope you are kinder and more forgiving of yourself than you have been of your BIL.
  6. OKSleever

    Tummy tuck & babies

    You would definitely be able to have kids, but it would basically undo your TT and you would need to do it again. I definitely recommend waiting until you're done with kids to have any plastics that involves your belly or boobs. Arm/leg stuff shouldn't matter.
  7. I'm almost six months out and have yet to have a day that I wasn't obsessed with the scale/carbs/protein/water. So I can only speak for myself, but for me it looks like this is the "new normal" :-/
  8. OKSleever

    4 Womens Eyes Only...: )

    Yeah, the surgery makes your hormones go crazy. As long as you're sure you're not preggers, nothing to worry about.
  9. OKSleever

    Am I big enough?

    Only you know if you tried hard enough. I certainly wish I'd tried harder. It's not that I'm not happy with the results from my sleeve, but I am six months out and still struggling with the finality of my decision and will always wonder what if I had given it one more real try. You're going to hear a lot of people disagree with me and say it was the best thing they ever did and they wish they'd done it sooner, etc. I'm not saying any of them are wrong but please remember they're looking at it from the perspective of having already made the choice; they can't go back and make a different decision. Bottom line: you can always get the surgery later if you're unsure; you can never undo what's been done.
  10. OKSleever

    A helpful hint!

    What you're doing is stealing, plain and simple. I don't call that a helpful money saving tip. If you can't afford new clothes, don't buy them! There are thrift stores everywhere that will tide you over through the in between sizes. If you need to recoup a little money from your new clothes, sell them somewhere where you can identify them as USED. I'm not usually one to judge, but what you're doing is wrong.
  11. OKSleever

    Calorie confusion

    Are you sure on your calorie and carb counts? (ie are you tracking with MFP or something like that?). Are you drinking enough water? Getting enough protein? If so, it sounds like everyone just needs to be patient while your body adjusts. The weight will come off eventually!
  12. Almost 6 months out and 800-1000 a day. I would have to really go out of my way to eat a number of calories that would worry me, so instead I focus on water, protein, and carbs in that order. If I'm getting enough water and protein carbs will almost never be an issue, and if I'm keeping my carbs in check too, I couldn't care less about calories; the weight WILL come off.
  13. OKSleever

    Cruise 6 weeks after surgery

    I did it and had a great time. Didn't lose any weight that week, but first cruise ever I didn't gain so I considered it a win!
  14. OKSleever


    Mine did the same thing, though not as pricey. He charged $300 for unlimited nutrition and exercise classes with the argument that they're not covered by insurance and people weren't using them and thus weren't being as successful due to financial concerns so being the helpful guy that he is, he wanted to make sure money didn't keep us from getting follow up care. Sounds like a scam to me.
  15. OKSleever

    Did insurance still approve you when?

    In my case, yes.
  16. OKSleever


    As a shrink I endorse this definition
  17. OKSleever

    Protein Fatigue

    I am a big fan of Premier Protein shakes and Quest protein bars to keep my protein up. The shakes are 30g each and the bars are 20g. You can get the shakes at Sam's Club and the bars from Amazon. HTH!
  18. OKSleever

    Any Oklahoma Sleevers

    I had surgery with Dr. B at WeightWise and had to go back to a desk job on Friday after surgery on Tuesday. While I don't recommend it if you can take the time off, I was fine doing that. By Monday you should really have no problems with the weekend to recuperate.
  19. I'm sorry this was shocking :-/ if your surgeon didn't tell you this ahead of time, he has no right to be mad! I was warned about it several times before I ever had surgery. I hope this is a positive thing for you and your family.
  20. OKSleever

    Sleevers by profession.

    I feel a little guilty, I think doctors are partially to blame. I know I was always advised if the nurses were giving you a hard time or paging you all night, the solution was bringing a box of donuts or cupcakes to the nurses' station!