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  1. I agree with the previous poster; I hope you are much kinder to your BIL in real life than you were in this post. I'm glad things are going well for you, but you're a month post op! Most people don't start down the pizza and hamburger path a month out when food is still fairly repulsive. You will face many challenges along your weight loss journey, and I hope you continue to face them with the same determination you have today. But if you don't, if you make a bad choice, I hope you are kinder and more forgiving of yourself than you have been of your BIL.
  2. OKSleever

    A helpful hint!

    What you're doing is stealing, plain and simple. I don't call that a helpful money saving tip. If you can't afford new clothes, don't buy them! There are thrift stores everywhere that will tide you over through the in between sizes. If you need to recoup a little money from your new clothes, sell them somewhere where you can identify them as USED. I'm not usually one to judge, but what you're doing is wrong.
  3. OKSleever

    Calorie confusion

    Are you sure on your calorie and carb counts? (ie are you tracking with MFP or something like that?). Are you drinking enough water? Getting enough protein? If so, it sounds like everyone just needs to be patient while your body adjusts. The weight will come off eventually!
  4. Almost 6 months out and 800-1000 a day. I would have to really go out of my way to eat a number of calories that would worry me, so instead I focus on water, protein, and carbs in that order. If I'm getting enough water and protein carbs will almost never be an issue, and if I'm keeping my carbs in check too, I couldn't care less about calories; the weight WILL come off.
  5. OKSleever

    Protein Fatigue

    I am a big fan of Premier Protein shakes and Quest protein bars to keep my protein up. The shakes are 30g each and the bars are 20g. You can get the shakes at Sam's Club and the bars from Amazon. HTH!
  6. I'm sorry this was shocking :-/ if your surgeon didn't tell you this ahead of time, he has no right to be mad! I was warned about it several times before I ever had surgery. I hope this is a positive thing for you and your family.
  7. According to whom, and how far out? My surgeon says his average is 80-90% of excess weight lost initially with a small rebound weight gain typical, but not up to 60%. Also, it's said on this board over and over again, but you decide where you fit on that. If you think the surgery is a magic bullet and you don't have to change anything except the amount you eat, you probably won't hit 100%. If you stick to plan 95% of the time and exercise regularly, you'll get a lot closer.
  8. OKSleever


    Me too!! 199.8 but I'll take it
  9. OKSleever

    Girls weekend in AC ;)

    Depends on the surgeon. Mine didn't require a preop diet for me, but he would have for someone older or with a higher BMI. Other surgeons don't want to sort through who does or doesn't need one, so they just make it a blanket rule and if they get in there and your liver is too big they just sew you back up and thank you for your check!
  10. Careful with the placement of that tat a month after surgery... Don't want the birdie to migrate!
  11. "The snip" is an odd addition to a bucket list most people aren't as enthusiastic!
  12. I'm not sure where you heard 40 lbs the 1st month, but that's definitely the exception and not the rule! I lost 20 the first month and my team was very happy with that loss. Like others have said, right now you are dealing with Fluid balance issues, true weight loss will come in time. It's way too early to be this concerned with the scale follow your program and the weight will come at its own pace.
  13. OKSleever


    Also hungry about every 2 hours. 3 1/2 weeks post op.
  14. OKSleever

    Military/Reserves after surgery?

  15. OKSleever

    Pysch Eval - FURIOUS!

    As a psychiatrist, I would say that it sounds like the dr is doing exactly their job. For whatever reason (remember, we weren't in the room, we don't know what was said), the doctor has concerns about the patient's ability to comply with the diet. Rather than saying no, they offered to gather more information before making a final decision.
  16. OKSleever

    30 pounds gone

    Wow, is that only 30 pounds?? You look so much younger!!
  17. OKSleever

    All the pde-test

    I know it's frustrating, but if you really will back out in six months time, you're probably not ready for the surgery if you are ready, you'll be even more ready in six months
  18. OKSleever

    ID bracelets

    I got one from my surgeon. It's not for emergencies but for eating out. I'm 2 days out so haven't had to use it yet, but I'd imagine anywhere would let you eat off the kids menu with it. I'm thinking it wouldn't be that helpful at most places though.... Kids meals are usually starchy junk!!!
  19. OKSleever

    Any March Sleevers?

    Made it!!! Not gonna lie, pain is no joke. They found a mass on my liver (most likely benign) and tried unsuccessfully to get a biopsy but no luck so I have a few extra incisions. Other than that, seem to be progressing normally. Hope to go home tomorrow. GL for tomorrow's sleevers!

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