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  1. I eat there quite a lot since its right by my office. I feel like the lettuce wraps don't have enough meat in them. The pot stickers are good too though. It's good to find a friend to share with too. Then you can order more variety. Although I have to say, calorie-wise, Cheesecake Factory is doing a good job.
  2. bandicootc


    I had some Ace Pear at like 2 months out. Probably whenever carbonation is ok, beer is ok. I know my pain medication was so much stronger than a beer and I took that from the day of surgery for almost two months. No I am not an addict either, I have a blood clot. :-D
  3. bandicootc

    Size 2xl to small!

    You look awesome!
  4. bandicootc

    Any regrets

    Glad you said number 2. My husband actually said it was easier for a couple of reasons. I am not so wide or thick so his arms don't get so tired, and my hip bones are handles now. Lol!!
  5. bandicootc

    Any regrets

    It takes a little while to get over the omg phase, but when you really see and believe the difference in your body, you will be sold on it. For me it was the first pair of pants that fell off as I was walking. Then it was the going in any bathroom stall and fitting. I still have a hard time believing when I hold up my pants that I will actually fit in them, but slip them right on and they are a little big. You won't regret it.
  6. bandicootc

    Another day

    I had hypoparathyroidism post total thyroidectomy surgery. It was the most miserable two years of my life. I had to carry around Bottles and bottles of pills just make it through the day. Calcium, calcitriol, vitamin D, magnesium, thyroid medication etc. You don't realize how much you need those little suckers until they stop working. You're very right not to take the removal of your parathyroids lightly. Most people can survive off of half of one parathyroid production, but that's not everybody. Being low on calcium makes you miserable. You can't speak normally, you can't think normally, your muscles spasm, you tremble, And your fingers and skin "tingle". I put that in quotes because it feels more like the underlining of your skin is on fire all the time. I recommend getting a second opinion especially if you're doing something as permanent as removing them completely.
  7. bandicootc

    All of my December sleevers...

    I run every day 2.5-3 miles. Also walk half a mile Twice per day. I have a 5K race coming up next weekend but after that's over I'll do weights I will alternate weights and running every other day.
  8. bandicootc

    Pre Op Liquid Diet. Help!

    When* not "She."
  9. bandicootc

    Strawberry Unjury Recipes?

    Make sure the protein you're buying his way protein
  10. bandicootc

    Strawberry Unjury Recipes?

    Come on the Jello is a great idea. I am going to do that. 3 months post op I am burned out on Protein shakes and bullets. Next time get the unflavored. You can mix with broth or slightly cooled oatmeal for a more savory option. Also Bariatric Advantage has crisps, Soups, and decent bars. I have mixed the unflavored with decaf tea and it was passable.
  11. bandicootc

    So frustrated! :(

    I had the same experience, but I went to true results after stressing about it and since they were so experienced they were able to do all of that paperwork with the insurance company for me. It's very frustrating. If you meet the minimum requirements, don't worry. It will happen.

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