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  1. dustdog77

    Post op march sleevers

    Hi everyone. I was sleeved 3/4, went home the next day. No real issues besides the normal gas issues until today. Went to get my staples and drain taken out. Had a bit of trouble with the drain, when they went to pull it out it ripped the incision open more. Didn't feel to good. They ended up having to stitch it up. From the start of my preop diet I'm down 42 lbs. 20 since surgery. And none of my clothes fit anymore but I guess that's a good problem to have ;0)
  2. dustdog77

    Any March Sleevers?

    they gave me one and it has all the info on it about not to take aspirin or anti-inflammatories and not placing the ng tube with out direct endoscopy. other side of the card reads "the owner of this card had had weight loss surgery, which has reduced his/her stomach capacity to less than 3 oz. please allow him/her to order a smaller portion or make a selection from the childrens menu. thank you for your cooperation" i dont know if every dr. gives these out but mine did.
  3. dustdog77

    Any March Sleevers?

    little bit of an update. was sleeved mon, went home tues. Im still having trouble getting all my fluids and protein in but im getting closer to the target every day. not really much pain but the occasional gas/hiccup flare up and as far as the hunger is concerned i havent been hungry yet and i have to force myself to eat (by far the weirdest feeling since ive been hungry from the age of 8). all in all im pretty excited for this journey and if i was forced to come up with one negative thing so far... it would be that taco bell released the cool ranch doritos loco taco days after i was sleeved. damnit. lol jk. hope everyones doing and feeling alright and prayers to those with surgeries coming up.
  4. dustdog77

    Any March Sleevers?

    My surgery went good on mon. No big surprises pretty Much the stuff I expected from reading through the forum. My Two biggest issues were the cotton mouth, it was really bad. I thought my mouth was gonna epoxy shut. Second was hiccups, they weren't regular hiccup but some sort of internal hiccup, they hurt, I've had them before but nothing like that. Was released tues evening from the hospital after I did all my walking and was able to sip 40oz over time and keep it down. Thx for the thoughts and prayers.
  5. dustdog77

    Any March Sleevers?

    I'm all packed up, prepped and ready to go. Have to report at 730 tomorrow. Praying for everyone having surgery tomorrow and all other march sleevers.
  6. dustdog77

    Any March Sleevers?

    Dr. Office called and bumped me up from the 6th to the 4th. It's only a couple days but it kinda threw me for a loop. Was able to arrange work and kids schedule but I think mentally it made things feel alot more rushed then they already were. Oh well, just go with the flow.
  7. Damn!! You look gorgeous. Good job ;0)
  8. dustdog77

    Any March Sleevers?

    day 4 of pre op diet. man this sux. i know its 90% mental but the lack of energy and the headaches from the caffeine withdrawl are taking its toll. but i know its gonna all be worth it.... at least i keep telling my self that. lol.
  9. dustdog77

    Any March Sleevers?

    my initial surgery date was scheduled for feb-27 got changed to mar-6. im 6-1 340 45bmi. live in lake havasu az but getting the surgery in riverside, ca. with dr. krahn. today was my food funeral and i said goodbye to my best friend and enemy the burrito and it was quite the roller coaster relationship we had. it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. lol. starting the preop diet and exercise tomorrow. i think ive hit about every emotion the last couple weeks leading up to this but have to say im mostly excited ..... ok and anxious ;0)
  10. hi, was wondering if anyone has anything good or bad to say about anthem blue cross california ppo. i have all my pre ops done and should have the paperwork sent to them today or tomorrow. hoping its not to bad and that theres not too many hoops to jump through. kinda anxious.
  11. dustdog77


    congrats, i got my approval today also and a tentative surgery date of 26th or 27th. looks like we'll be going down the same path at the same time. good luck to you :0)
  12. so i called anthem this morning when i got off work and talked to an associate and she told me i wasnt in the system at all. i just figured there was a hold up somewhere and id attempt to show some patience for a couple more days. got a call two hours later from my dr. office saying i was approved and set up my pre op class and a tentative surgery date of the 26th or 27th. so i guess im approved ;D guess ill have to give anthem a call in the morning and double check everything is a go, kinda weird the way the went down. breaza, research a bariatrics office in your area you want to go to and they will have a seminar where theyll go over requirements, explain the process and answer any questions you have. most employee insurance plans cover and require different things so this is the best way to go about it. good luck ;0)
  13. breanna, not sure i think it all depends on your what your plan is. i do have a co worker that had a bmi under 40 and co-morbidity of slight sleep apnea. they denied him because his sleep apnea was slight. he is trying to fight it though. best thing to do would be call your insurance and ask them. good luck. my3kids4life, im still waiting to hear back, this waiting sucks. good luck to you also on your approval.
  14. thats awsome. at least it was approved ;0)
  15. thx, and congrats on your approval.
  16. thats good to hear, according to everything it should be covered. guess ill have to wait and see. thx
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  21. dustdog77

    Who Are You?

    hi. my name is dustin ive been reading around on the site for a couple weeks now while ive been getting all my pre op tests done and figured its about time to make a profile. i live in lake havasu, arizona ( gods country ;D ) im a divorced dad of two girls ages 14 and 11 and work in the utilities industry. my doctor is dr. krahn in riverside, ca. im going to him although hes a couple hundred miles away due to the fact ive had a few family members and a few friends use him for their WLS and have nothing but good things to say about him. ive struggled with my weight since after high school when i blew my knee out playing foozball (the devils game) in college and have continued to yo yo with my weight ever since.

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