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  1. Anyone else grossed out by certain foods? It feels like a hassle to eat right now and nothing sounds good! I have done well so far with no complications and have lost 29 lbs! I'm one lb away from ONEDERLAND! So I'm not meaning to complain but I feel like I did when I was pregnant. I can't even stand the smell of food! Did anyone else go through this? What got you through it? The only way I am getting in my protein is to add a premier vanilla into my hot tea and coffee. And I'm definitely NOT pregnant btw.... Thanks for any advice anyone can give! It sucks since I should be moving onto regular food soon and can't stand to look at it or smell it!
  2. BeccaDawn

    StriVectin Neck Cream Review

    One of the moms on my sons Tball team sells them. I can private message you the info if you want. I should be getting mine within a week and I will give a review for sure! Some of the before/after pics she showed me are amazing!
  3. BeccaDawn

    StriVectin Neck Cream Review

    I just discovered It Works body wraps. They are mostly used around the waist but they can be cut and used on other areas to tighten and tone skin. I recently ordered a facial applicator too, so I will let you all know how it works! I plan to try them on my arms too. I am only 5 Weeks out, but I can already see my neck and arms looking saggy! I'm down 27 lbs with 58 left to lose for goal. I'm willing to do any preventative measures to avoid plastic surgery!
  4. Dr. Ortiz performed my sugery yesterday. Right after surgery was tough from being dizzy a nauseas, but today is going great! I was able to eat a popsicle and sip on some broth without any problems. I do have a little pain in my left shoulder, but im taking gasX srtrips and walking it off. I will upsdate more soon since my tablet battery is low and i have to find my charger....
  5. I had my surgery on Jan. 15th. I've lost 17 lbs since surgery, and 25 since starting the prep diet. It was coming off at about a lb a day and now I'm definitely in a stall! I have started a 90 day challenge at my gym and my trainer told me he is betting that I will win because of my surgery advantage... I didn't have the heart to tell him I haven't lost a single lb in a week! He is confusing me about how much I should be eating. Basically he thinks my calories should be no lower than 1000 and my protein needs to be at 120 minimum! I just laughed at him since I can barely get in 60 grams of protein and less than 600 calories. Anyone else feeling more confused after talking to a trainer? I'm taking baby steps back into exercise, but when did you all start doing ab work. I want to add in some pilates, but I'm worried about hurting my healing tummy!
  6. You look so confident and happy! Way to rock the sleeve! :-)
  7. BeccaDawn

    At OCC - lots of waiting

    Thinking of you! Hope the surgery went well! Be prepared to wait when you come back to get your barium swallow and drain removed too! I think I waited 3 hours that day! It was worth it to get the drain out though! Keep us posted when you feel up to it! :-)
  8. What type of post op diet were you on? It seems crazy that anyone can gain the first month of liquids. The calorie amounts are so low it just doesnt seem possible! I hope they can get to the bottom of this for you! So sorry you are struggling!
  9. How soon did you sweep your floors? I have 3 kids and a black lab and I'm going crazy with these dirty floors. iI feel great and have plenty of energy, but I'm scared to over do it this early! I wish I could just let it go for awhile, but its really starting to make me crazy!
  10. BeccaDawn

    Any Michigan Sleevers?

    I live in Troy and had my surgery on Jan. 15th. I went to Dr. Ariel Ortiz in Mexico since I was self pay. I am one week out today and 6 lbs. from surgery and down 15 lbs from my prep diet starting weight. I feel very lucky because I feel great! I have had a very easy, pain free recovery. Only problem has been dealing with head hunger!
  11. BeccaDawn

    Any january surgery out there

    Mine is on Tuesday! This is starting to feel real! So excited to get the surgery over with and be sleeved! Good luck to all the January sleevers! We're going to rock this new life! :-)
  12. BeccaDawn

    Middle eastern sleevsters

    Merhaba! I am American and have been married to a Turkish man for over 15 years and we have 3 kids that all are fluent in Turkish. I love his culture and want my kids to understand that side of there heritage. We live in Michigan, but we go back to Istanbul every summer for 6 weeks. One of my main concerns is tea time! I'm not wanting to tell my husbands family about the sleeve surgery since I had the lapband before and they acted like it was the easy way out. I felt like they couldnt appreciate that I worked hard to lose the weight and felt constantly judged, even more than when I was overweight! When my appendix ruptured in 2010, they had to remove the band because I became septic, and I've gained 80 lbs back in 2 years. Last summer I felt so depressed while we were there because pretty much everyone mentioned my weight gain. It's like it proved their point that the band did the work for me and now that it was gone, I was a failure. I'm getting sleeved next week, so I am hoping to lose at least 60 lbs by July when we go back to Turkey. I plan to tell them I lost it from portion control and exercise. Now, back to why I'm concerned about tea time! In Turkey they have tea twice a day with little appetizers and cookies/biscuits. If I can't eat and drink tea at the same time, I feel like it will be obvious and I may have to explain why. Has anyone 6 months out had little sips while they eat? I guess I'm being kind of ridiculous, but even my husband agrees that it will be easier to not have to explain my surgery to them. I think its mostly because he doesn't want to have to translate for me though! Lol... I speak Tarzan Turkish. I can understand a good amount, but when I speak, I guess I mix up the subject and verb and speak in a very simple way. Sorry for the novel! So nice to meet others from that side of the world!
  13. BeccaDawn


    Wow! great job and congrats! You look so tiny now! :-) I'm having my surgery 10 days and you have completely inspired me to stay on track. Our starting weights are similar and it gives me hope that I can achieve what you have! Thanks for succeeding and helping those of us just starting out to have something to look forward to!
  14. I'm Akin4Goal on My Fitness Pal btw! Feel free to friend me!:-)
  15. I haven't had my surgery yet, but what has kept me on track to lose the preop weight is logging on My Fitness Pal. I usually plan my day by logging in what I plan to have for the day. That way it breaks down the nutritional info for me. If my calories or carbs are way over, or protein is way under, then I can make adjustments. It requires some planning and a little work, but it has shocked me to see which foods are causing me to sabotage my weightloss. It will also allow for you to be able to add in some "treats" when you are under the max calories or carbs. There is a lot of people on there that have been sleeved and they are super supportive! Also, finding recipes to make healthier versions of things you like might be a good way to keep the head hunger away. These are all the things I've got lined up to keep me on track after my surgery in 10 days! Best of luck to you and remember tomorrow is a new day and a chance to begin again! You can be successful if you allow yourself to be! :-)
  16. I'm doing 9 days of Protein shakes and green veggies and then clear liquid 24 hours prior. Since I'm traveling so far and will be gone for a week, I'm making the 10 days go faster by cleaning, organizing and preparing lists for my husband so he can take over the "soccer mom/mom taxi role". I have 3 kids at 3 different schools... So I think at this moment I'm more stressed about all that then the actual surgery! :-P
  17. Going to Dr. Ortiz in Mexico. He placed my lap band in 2004, so I've been through all this with him before. How about you?
  18. BeccaDawn

    before an after

    Great job! I love how your first before picture looks like it's glancing over at the after picture! Like, well hello, there you are! :-)
  19. I'm on the 15th. I'm hoping the preop diet is a piece of cake! Oops! =-O lol....
  20. BeccaDawn


    Good luck tomorrow! Mine is on the 15th, so I will be looking for your updates to help the next 12 days go by a little quicker! :-)
  21. BeccaDawn

    Finally..a date. 1/17/13!

    Congrats on your date! I'm a couple days before you on Jan. 15. I would love more sleeve buddies!
  22. BeccaDawn

    Fitness Pal pals?

    I'm Akin4Goal. Feel free to add me!
  23. BeccaDawn


    I'm Akin4Goal on mfp. I'm new also and getting sleeved Jan. 15th. Feel free to add me too! :-)
  24. BeccaDawn

    Any january surgery out there

    Jan. 15 revision with Dr. Ortiz in MX. SO READY!