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  1. See my issue is that I have not seen one before picture with skin as bad as mine. My starting weight was 375 and I want to go into my tummy tuck with realistic expectations but nowhere do I see skin literally hanging until mid thigh. My tummy tuck is almost fully covered (I live in Canada) because of the skin issues I'm having. Does anyone know where I can find extreme skin before and afters? Thanks!
  2. I hit 105 down this past Saturday, 4 months post op. I still have another 100 to go and was feeling down so I made some progress pics and thought I'd share! Surgery done on 1/5/13 with Dr. aceves. SW - 375 CW - 269 GW - 170 The leopard print pic is the oldest and the coral picture is the most recent from this past Saturday. My myfitnesspal username is sarabsleeved, feel free to add!
  3. SaraB

    105 pounds down!

    Thanks for all the support everyone!!
  4. Hi!! I'm Sara and I started my journey with 200 to lose as well. My surgery was Jan. 5 and I'm down 130. Pre op I looked at this number as super daunting and unattainable but it took a little faith to book my surgery thinking, well I have to do something. Not one second post op did it even occur to me I won't eventually hit my goal. I know that with this tool and the determination that was needed to get through the first month that I can reach it! It's hard to believe pre op, for me it wasn't until after my surgery that I knew I made the right decision. I still weigh more than some people's start weights but now it's not just a number, it's a lifestyle. I'm sending positive vibes your way and know that many others have walked in a similar path. Congratulations on making a decision for YOU!
  5. SaraB

    105 pounds down!

    Thanks all! 127 down as of this a.m. I have my first plastics consult tomorrow. I'm starting the process early because I'm having major skin issues and here in Canada it's covered with medical documentation. So excited!
  6. SaraB

    What did you eat today :) ?

    5 months out tomorrow. Breakfast - 1 cheese stick lunch - about 3 oz of grilled pork at a Vietnamese restaurant Afternoon snack - 1 cheese stick dinner - the cloverleaf tuna and crackers thingy. After dinner snack - 100 calorie pack of chicken deli meat I might have some watermelon later too if I have time. - although I had a good eating day today unfortunately I had 3 flat diet cokes. Going to focus on Water tonight!!
  7. Surgery on Jan.5th and I'm down 119 as of this morning. I have roughly another 70 pounds to goal.
  8. SaraB

    105 pounds down!

    Thanks ladies! As of this am I'm down 115 but I had an awful eating day today. No self control and terrible food choices. Even after this 115 loss I'm still reminded that this surgery was only on my stomach not my head. Part if it is lack of good food choices due to pay day being on Thursday and I'm down to bare nones in the kitchen. I'm going to try to have a successful day tomorrow and then kill it on Thursday when I can restock my healthy options which will make avoiding junk so much easier.
  9. SaraB

    105 pounds down!

    I'm 5'9. I don't do super low carb, I probably stay around 60 grams of carbs a day. I log everything I eat and I have completely avoided alcohol. Thanks for all the positivity everyone!!!
  10. I read 12 pages then couldn't go on in this thread but I still wanted to comment so forgive me if I'm off subject! I'm a 25 year old with a starting bmi of 56. What rubs me the wrong way with low bmiers is that without therapeutic intervention I feel like its just continuing the cycle of disordered eating. For me, I went to therapy often for two years before the survey and I still go every 6 weeks. None of the issues that got me to morbidly obese were food related, the sleeve is and will continue to be a tool that has helped me lose 90 pounds in 16 weeks and will continue to help me lose another 110 to get to my goal bmi of 29!! Suggesting therapy is not an insult, therapy is giving yourself a gift of self love and setting yourself up for success. I have met low bmiers who had the surgery for the right reasons and worked on their issues concerning food and its not my place to judge or preach but my advice to you is to set up a support system that goes above the basic calories invests calories out. This surgery is a tool, designed to increase quality of life
  11. I'm 5'9.5. Surgery weight was 375, current weight 3 months after surgery is 287.9. My goal weight is 175 which would mean a 200 pound loss, wish me luck!!
  12. SaraB


    I pop Zantac like its going out of style. I probably take 4 150 mg pills a day. Without it my throat hurts and I feel empty in my stomach. I have an appt next week to see my pp to get a prescription strength acid reducer.
  13. I had my sleeve done by Dr Aceves. I am 8 weeks post op today and down 63.5 pounds. The experience was fabulous and I would do it again with him as my surgeon if I had to. The hospital was clean, communication was easy and the care was very attentive. Pm me if you want any advice or info. I'm actually going back to him end of April to accompany my aunt for her sleeve. She came with me in January when I got mine and she liked the whole process so much she booked her own! Good luck with making your decision
  14. Sarabsleeved is my username, feel free to add me, I'd love some inspiration as well as feedback when it comes to daily menus!
  15. Forst of all, I am so sorry that your experience was so awful! The decision to have this surgery is stressful enough I can't imagine having confidence issues in your hospital once you arrive. I went to Mexicali and my Surgeon was Dr. Aceves. He was great, doesn't do more than three surgeries a day and I saw him multiple times a day during my three night hospital stay. Just so you know not all Mexico experiences are scary! I'm so glad you had no complications and are recovering smoothly. You sharing your story could save someone else future pain and suffering!
  16. Wow, that's a great attitude to have on day 4, I hope the rest of your journey continues in this positive light. I'm a fellow Aceves sleever, I was sleaved Jan. 5 and I certainly was not quite as "glass half full" as you on day 4. Today I know this was the best gift I've ever given myself! Keep up the great work and I'm jealous of your liquid intake!
  17. SaraB

    Any Regrets?

    I'm at 5 weeks post op today and I have no regrets!! This sleeve has motivated me to quit smoking, get a better job and start really putting myself first which then allows me to help others. I'm so excited for the rest of this journey!
  18. SaraB

    Made my own riceless 'sushi'

    I've eaten salmon and tuna sashimi three times this week! I can do 3 pieces of medium sliced sashimi easy. I could probably do more but I don't want to push it. It works so well with my new tummy!
  19. SaraB

    purging fridge

    You could always freeze them and use them post op for smoothies!!
  20. I was sleeved on Jan/5/13 weighing in at 375. This morning I weighed in at 327.3 pounds. My recovery so far has been very easy. For me the biggest difference pre and post sleeve is that now its not "if" I lose the weight it's "when"!!
  21. The first ten days you probably won't feel hungry without protein. You might feel tired and like you're lacking energy but I'm almost a month out and I don't think I've felt true hunger yet. The first week I couldn't stomach protien drinks but my energy levels were still pretty good but I don't think that's the norm. Since day 8 I have been able to get in a protien drink a day. On day 14 I was able to drink two a day. The idea that you won't feel hunger is something I think you can't truly understand until post op. I definitely feel deprived sometimes but not hungry.
  22. Hi guys! As my surgery day is fast approaching (17 days) I was wondering if there was anyone lurking on these forums who is scheduled around the same time as me for Dr. Aceves. I am booked for January, 5 2013! I would love to chat with like minded people who are on the same time frame as me so we can support each other, both in the hospital and out.
  23. I'm making the chicken in a basil/parmasean dressing. Last night I made carrots in olive oil and dill but they were still not soft enough so I through those (already mashedish) with the chicken. I'm going to blend it up when I I want to eat it with a laughing cow wedge (heat it up) and eat it like a cheesy hot dip with a product I found that are baby food rusk crackers that only have 15 calories for 2 and they basically dissolve in your mouth. They add a good crunch to the puréed food. I've aten two with blended chilli and with hummus and it was great!
  24. I get about 70-80 grams a day. 60 is from premier protien drinks (two of them), at least 10 grams a day from Greek yogurt and the rest from a combo of eggs,beans, peanut butter and cheese depending on the day. Tomorrow I'm trying chicken for the first time, wish me luck! Btw, I was sleeved Jan/5.
  25. SaraB

    January Newbies ! Progress ?

    I was sleeved on January 5th. I have lost 32 pounds post op so if I combine that with my 10 pound pre op loss I'm at 42 pounds gone.

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