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  1. Seattle_Maui

    Feb 2012

    From the album: 2 Years AFTER

    Year and a Half out - close to two hundred pounds LOST... Still working the loses, and happier than I've been in a LONG time!
  2. Seattle_Maui


    From the album: 2 Years AFTER

  3. Seattle_Maui


    From the album: before

    a friend did a side by side to remind me where I've been and where I've gotten...
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  5. Seattle_Maui

    Trying to Rock 7X

    From the album: Before

    I still loved me at 7X, but I wasn't as happy as I used to be and currently am! I am not "normal" sized, but GETTING THERE!
  6. Seattle_Maui

    Size 7X

    From the album: Before

    When you are a 7X, you have to make a lot of your own clothing. Here, I am picking fabric.
  7. Seattle_Maui

    Breathless on Haleakala

    From the album: Before

    I believe I was over or close to 500 pounds in this photo
  8. Seattle_Maui

    2 Years AFTER

    current photos during process
  9. Seattle_Maui

    Oregon Coast

    From the album: 2 Years AFTER

    I am LOVING the body I forgot was under all that weight!
  10. Seattle_Maui

    Maui - BEFORE

    From the album: Before

    At over 474 - my weight when I started the process, this is me on Makena Beach
  11. Seattle_Maui

    Click vs. Chike

    iLikeChike.com -- or they have a toll free number (they are in Texas, so call during CST) 800-929-9439 -- AND if you get a flavor you don't like, they will either refund you or send you a DIFFERENT flavor, that's what hooked me! There are 6 flavors, one of them is the coffee. I don't just like Chike, I LOVE Chike. I looked at the Amazon prices, Chike direct is cheapest for me (free shipping on every order I have made) My fridge top ALWAYS has Chike tubs! Brenda : )~
  12. Seattle_Maui

    Click vs. Chike

    Hey Frza! I hope you like Chike! I started using it before my surgery, and have continued using it now another two years since surgery You will only drink what you like, and as their slogan goes - I Like Chike! Brenda : )~
  13. Seattle_Maui

    Click vs. Chike

    Hey Julie -- I had to go look upCellucor - and was struck with the one thing that differs between Protein drinks & meal replacement drinks --- the amount of protein and then the nutrients. The best way I can explain the difference between the two - imagine two plates, one has just a chicken breast, the other has a smaller chicken breast, but it includes veggies & some simple carbs. Protein supplements do not garner the "Meal Replacement" moniker unless they have a decent percentage of the common 23 Vitamins & minerals that the USDA recognizes as necessary to thrive. Cellucor looks to be a weight gainer type of Protein Drink, one used by serious athletes, (weight gain is not fat but muscle). Is it a bad drink? Probably not. Is it a good source of protein? To a degree. I just like to balance my "meal" replacement offers with the nutrients, the amount of calories, the type of calories, and of course the amount of protein I get when I substitute my meal. I have used Meal Replacements drinks for a long time. I found whey works better for me, over the soy based ones. I like NatureAde, it isn't as high in protein as many of the whey products, but I am always open to new products. Cellucor is only 130 calories - a definite plus for 30 grams of protein, but it does not include any of the USDA recommended nutrients. Chike is a happy balance of protein and nutrients, and I like the flavors - all 5 of the meal replacement and the additional coffee flavor. It will be a a personal taste preference, for sure! You won't get benefits from a drink you will not drink daily. Chike isn't too sweet for me, so I am more able to enjoy instead of just "gulp it down" for the protein. When you have a limit as to how much you can eat, you have to eat more creatively My suggestion, contact Chike, see if they have samples, then you will have a better view if it is the right product for you. That is how I started using Chike, they talked with me over the phone, asked if I knew the difference between protein vs. meal replacement drinks (I did, as I was on a seven month program years ago), and they sent me FREE samples. I have been a fan & user of Chike for YEARS, and drink it for 2 of my 5 meals each day. I am a lay person, but I think after losing over 200 pounds, I may have an idea how this process works. I just got my two year follow up blood test, and my numbers are great! Give Chike a try, try LOTS of products, then you will know what YOU like and will continue to use. Brenda : )~
  14. Seattle_Maui

    After - and ongoing

  15. Seattle_Maui

    Suit getting smaller!

    From the album: After - and ongoing

  16. Seattle_Maui

    Sprig 2012 - OR Coast

    From the album: After - and ongoing

  17. Seattle_Maui

    Spring 2012

    From the album: After - and ongoing

  18. Seattle_Maui


  19. Seattle_Maui

    high weight on Maui

    From the album: before

    Before surgery, weighing 474 or maybe higher
  20. Seattle_Maui

    Click vs. Chike

    Hey There! A topic near & dear to my heart & stomach I have been using Chike for a couple YEARS now, have compared so many Meal Replacement drinks, Chike is my preferred coffee and meal replacement drink. I have used Click, Premier, unjury, Isopure, and a bunch more, but as far as complete nutrition, Chike has them all beat. Click has only 15 grams of Protein, to Chike's 20 grams. Maybe the tub from Click makes individual servings a little cheaper, but I like that Chike is closer to a meal replacement. I have also used the chocolate, vanilla, and orange flavored meal replacement powder in coffee - both hot & cold, and LOVE it. Click only offers coffee based flavors, Chike offers five flavors other than just coffee. For me, getting a higher porportion of protein is what I am looking for, that and taste. Hope that helps - contact both companies & see if they will send you samples! Best way to decide is by the numbers (nutrition) and taste - good luck! Brenda : )~

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