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  1. MammasMelting

    Bigger sips today...concerned

    Well said Dixie...I'm 9 days out today too and I searched the same keywords and found this is normal. That said its such a big site...so repeats are fine. However you nailed it by saying "any advice" being a blanket question. We need to not be so sensitive here...take the advice or don't. Butter is the picture of true success!!! His discipline is crazy and his results show that. I'm ALWAYS looking for his replies because he lives it and I personally need to hear the truth. I feel if someone takes his advice as offensives in any of his posts or replies, then maybe they weren't ready for this.
  2. MammasMelting


    I myself am giving up the crap that got me to where I am. I'm 8 days out and stopped bread, starches a month before my pre-op diet even. I felt so much better and don't want to go down that road again. A little hear and a little there eventually adds up. Again that's just me and dedicating 110% to this lifestyle change. So if you're gonna do it just try as everyones different...ive known some 4 days out...some 4 months.
  3. MammasMelting

    December Surgeries?

    Hey all...not on here much anymore...things just get lost...I am mostly on the Dec sleevers private facebook page and my fitness pal. I am 1 week 1 day post op today, and doing better every day. I am down a total of 29 lbs, of which 15 were pre op diet.
  4. MammasMelting

    December Surgeries?

    Hi everyone...4 days pot op. OMG I think ill live. I really questioned myself days 2-3. Not much pain but the GAS was unbearable. I felt it start at my sternum work up my esophugus just to cause massive nausea and dry heaves for 1 tiny ass little burp..WTH? So not fun. Every time I laid on my back, sat up or stood up to walk it out, I doubled over. My family would burl/rub me like a baby which did help. Gas x helped a little as did liquid gaviscom (ick) and big deep breaths' It is passing. The gas is minimal now...and burping not as painful...just my story in case anyone else feels this way, it is normal and it Sucks! But its getting better. Lo
  5. WOO HOO...happy new B-day to me. I am so excited, and anxious...leaving in 25 min for the hospital!!! I'll be on later to update everyone. If all goes well, mine is an outpatient surgery. XOXOXOXOX
  6. MammasMelting

    December Surgeries?

    WOO HOO!!! Today is my surgery day!! Happy sleeve B-Day to me!!
  7. MammasMelting

    December Surgeries?

    WOO HOO!!! I just made my very last pre-op protein shake for the morning...24 hrs to go!!!! I can not wait to be a loser!
  8. MammasMelting

    December Surgeries?

    Yay!!! I was just going to message you to see how you were doing. So glad all went well...prayers for a speedy recovery hun...XOXOXOX
  9. MammasMelting


    Yeah!!! Congrats...keep us updated.
  10. I still pre-op...but I to have small 4oz glass storage bowls with lids that I bought to prepare. Also using this small child size silverware for smaller bites. And we have small teacup serving size plates I plan to use as well. My NUT said when eating with family, keep the food in the kitchen rather then at the table ( like we did ). This way it's not right in front of you and easy to grab. The family can get up to the kitchen if they want seconds.
  11. MammasMelting

    Pre Op Diet Weight Loss

    I dont think there is a normal...every pound gone helps you in the end. Today is day 3 for me and I am down 8 lbs. But I am 5'8" and started at 333...and I drink LOTS and LOTS of water...and try to walk .5-1.0 mile a day.
  12. I am so glad you are OK...and I am very glad your surgeon was behind...even though you were in agony, had he been on time you wouldnt have had the BM, and that's a scarey thought...
  13. MammasMelting

    This Is Just A Bump In The Road...i Hope!

    Thank you Catherine...you're so right! I too was supposed to have the bypass in 05...was 2 months away. Then my ex husband and I seperated, and I moved out of state....I think I was not supposed to have that then either.
  14. OMG...I need prayers, chants, incense...waht ever you do for good vibes. My surgeons office just called ( on a Sat even) to confirm that they switched from one hospital to another...she said it was fine, that his 1st assistant is injured so he's using his back up...paperwork is being submitted to UHC this week for auth. I went to my UHC sight, and this new hospitl does not appear to be in network ( though the hospital sight says they take UHC). Non network is 30% vs my 10%...which IF they take payments for my portion that is fine...if not...well...that's where my stress comes in! If I have to wiat until 2013, I will have lost all the money I put and start over again....Trying to stay calm and positive....but this is hard!
  15. MammasMelting

    This Is Just A Bump In The Road...i Hope!

    How did yours turn out? My wonderful boyfriend told me not ot worry...worse case is the hospital is out of network, so after insurance the hospital fees will be 30%...and MOST hospitals take a small down payment and bill you the rest, as they cant get an exact cost until after the procedure. I'm hanging onto that right now.
  16. MammasMelting

    Omg No Longer Obese!

    WOO HOO...way to go!!! Cant wait to join the club!
  17. MammasMelting

    December Surgeries?

    Hello Beautiful...how is your diet going?? This is day 6 today, right??
  18. MammasMelting

    December Surgeries?

    Dont you just love him and his staff?? Man, Mindy was/is on the ball with stuff. And her being a band to sleever convert makes it easier for me, because she lives it herself. Congrats...how is your pre-op diet going MD017? I am on day 2 today...so far so good.
  19. MammasMelting

    December Surgeries?

    I am seeing Dr. Umbach at Blossom Bariatrics.
  20. I would love it to Susie....or anyone who now has it. loves_lillies@yahoo.com
  21. MammasMelting

    How Many Calorie's, Fats, Carbs, Sugars Are We Allowed?

    I will add you :00 Right now it's saying they are down for maintenance.
  22. MammasMelting

    What Has To Be Paid Upfront?

    It varies from Dr to Dr, and from plan to plan. I already met my deductible this year, and my OOP max is $ 3000.00, of which I already met $1500.00. My Surgeon fees were $ 185.00 ( 10 % co insurance after my ded was met). The hospital I am having it at took a $ 100.00 deposit, and will bill me the rest. They don't want to take anything more because the actual fees can vary...surgery may take longer, or not as long, etc. But for me the most I could HAVE to pay is the rest of the OOP ($ 1500.00 )..but it wont be that much. If you know what hospital you're having it at, you can call once they get all your papers from your surgeon. Most will take payments once they get the letter of approval from insurance as well. They know the bulk will be paid, and if the hospital is in network, most will have an adjustment for the amount charged as well. Hope that helps..it looks like rambling now that I look at it.
  23. MammasMelting

    Sleeve Date Dec 5Th

    Congrats...I am Dec 5th as well....Dr Umbach in Las Vegas NV. Starting pre-op diet as 2 weeks from tomorrow...WOO HOO!
  24. MammasMelting

    Loving My Sleeve And New Body!

    WOW...congrats lady. You look crazy good. How tall are you?

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