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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. christi_86

    sleevers in Chicago southland

    Im by nw side hanson park, I got sleeved 10/2012. Message me if you like!
  2. christi_86

    sleevers in Chicago southland

    I love the Kane Center! I had gone through UIC first and went thru hell! DR. Rantis is an awesome surgeon!
  3. christi_86

    3mont post op

    From the album: christi_86

  4. christi_86

    3 month post op

    From the album: christi_86

  5. christi_86


    Girl you already sexy !!!
  6. christi_86

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    before surgery
  7. christi_86

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    Before surgery
  8. christi_86

    Before surgery

  9. christi_86

    Hair Loss :(

    Hello Everyone I was sleeved 1 1/2 month ago, and I have started to lose hair & its thinning as well. Can anyone recommend any products for this? Thanks in advance!
  10. christi_86

    Hair Loss :(

    Thank you ladies!
  11. christi_86

    sleevers in Chicago southland

    Im doing great! I love the results of this surgery! I have lost 63 lbs in 1 1/2 months! Dr. Rantis is a great surgeon I love him! How are you doing ?
  12. christi_86

    What's Your Day In October?

    I was sleeved Oct 5th!
  13. christi_86

    Chicago Meet Up?

    Hello everyone !!! I was sleeved OCT. 5th & I would love to get to know people in the area! did this Chicago meet up ever happen?
  14. christi_86

    sleevers in Chicago southland

    I am so glad I have found people near Chicago! I got sleeved OCT. 5th by Dr. rantis @ st. alexius !!!
  15. I love DR. Rantis, he did my surgery Oct. 5th.
  16. christi_86

    sleevers in Chicago southland

    Mine was at St. Alexius, Hoffman Estates, IL
  17. Enjoying my new life :)

  18. christi_86

    Newly Sleeved 10/26

    After surgery I had alot of nausea & gas! It was horrible, as they wheeled me to the upper GI test I was throwing up all the way! Once they gave me that nasty contrast to drink I dont even know how I was able to keep it down during the test!
  19. christi_86

    Please Help

    Hi Lorraine! My best advise is to keep your self busy & not over think things. I was sleeved 10/5/12 ... although i did educate myself on the surgery & what I had coming, I didnt allow my self to over do it. Why? because I know myself & I tend to over react and get very paranoid. You have to have alot of mental control & always keep in mind why you have chose to do the surgery. I wish you the best of luck & try to keep your mind busy on other things!