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    Normal Ever Come Back?

    I am a year and it took m some timeto figure out what I can eat...there will be some things that u ate all the time before the surgery that u might never eat again... I cant eat steak anymore. Its take too long to chew and it is hard to digest. Make sure u take advantage of ur current stage....u wont have an appetite...but it will copme back out of no where!!!!!!
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    This Is It!

    Welcome to the club!!!! Good Luck!!
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    You look great!!!
  5. Yessir!!! Eazye....If I get down to 225 lbs I might need to change my profession :-)
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    Fear Of The Unknown

    I am going to be honest, I was addicted to food, I ate when I was happy, sad, mad, you name it. I was amazed at the amount of food I use to eat. People always told me that after the surgery that I would be full after only a couple of bites of food, I was like yeah right. People around will you say I know you're going to eat more that, I know you cant be full. I am year out of surgery and last night I ordered a grilled chicken salad and I was only able to eat half of it. The moment that did it for me is when I saw a friend that I have not seen since college and he did not know who I was because the weight loss. The really felt good and let me know that it was all worth it!!!

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