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    From the album: Bawse52

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  4. Before I had this surgery I was worried about loose skin and not having any muscle tone after the surgery. Well I am proud to say that I am a year out of surgery and I don’t have any loose skin. I have always lifted weights and wanted continue after I had my surgery. I am going to be honest when I got back in the gym after surgery I was extremely weak, in college I could bench about 475 lbs., when I got back in the gym I could barely bench 145 lbs. I stuck to it and now I am up to 375 lbs., I work out 4 days a week and I swim 3 say a week. I don’t run or walk because of the stress on my knees, I think once I get to my target weight I will start to run. Just recently I have noticed that I have gained 15 lbs. but my waist and my shirt size has reduced by 3 sizes. At first I was frustrated about the weight gain but I was told that I am gaining muscle mass and it is much heavier than fat. I think I am going to add more cardio to my routine so I can get to my target weight then I will continue my weight regimen. I am so glad I decided to have this surgery..it has really changed my life!!!
  5. Since having my surgery last year on Nov 9th I have noticed several changes in my body but just recently I have noticed a MAJOR change. Now I know it's Sunday so I am going to try my best to say this as tastefully as I can. But it seems as I continue to lose more weight another part of my body is growing. I guess I can add that to the pros of having weight loss surgery..atleast from a man's point of view!!!!
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    Atlanta, Georgia

    Hello everyone I had my surgery on Nov 9th 2011, my surgeon was Dr. Macik...if you have any questions about the surgery please feel free to ask!!
  7. I always lifted weights so even before the surgery I had some muscle tone there...I had a really big stomach...so when I began to drop the weight my muscle just came through...I had all that fat covering up the muscle. Majority of the men that have this surgery prolly have never lifted weights...so going into the surgery they have no muscle tone at all..so after the surgery they have bad posture and look weak...They didnt have a good solid foundation before the surgery... If u competed in Strong Man before you already have a solid foundation and when that fat melts off ur going to be a beast at 250 cuz ur going to a solid 250.
  8. No Problem sweetie!! Good Luck on your journey!!
  9. After you have the surgery you wont be able to lift any weights for about 3 months and once ur able to lift again u will bascially after to start from scratch because of the way you will be eating. I am not sure how much you weigh now but u prolly can lift alot of weight now...thats because of how much u eat and ur current weight. Once ur able to hit the gym hard again and get your eating under comtrol u will begin to lift more..not as much as before but u will not weigh as much. When I got back in the gym I could only put a 45 on each side for bench. I was freaking out but as time passed its now getting back to what I am used to. So believe me brother having the surgery is worth it...ur range of motion will improve which will allow u to do more excercises...
  10. No problem bro...bring on the questions...I was in ur shoes once...I had the surgery in Nov '11...I had a couple setbacks and could not workout like I wanted untill Feb '12. I have always lifted weights so getting back in the gym was no sweat...I started of with just one scoop of protein powder(25 grams) twice with some low fat milk..I did that for about 3 months..Once I got my strentgh back I began taking amino acid tablets which is just pure protein in a pill form and I started talking 2 scoops of Protein powder (50 grams) twice a day with a protein and fruit juice made by Silk. I think the protein really helped with bulding lean muscle..like I said in the post I have never gained weight and dropped size at the same time...I feel great and I knbow for a fact that I wouldnt have been able to do this without the surgery
  11. I had complications so I didnt start to work out untill feb '12...I had the surgery in November "11
  12. Coki the easy part will be losing the weight...u cant eat so u will lose weight very fast, the hard part is changing your body, you have to eat lots of protein and make sure u add some type of weight regimen to make sure u dont all that loose skin.
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    Normal Ever Come Back?

    I am a year and it took m some timeto figure out what I can eat...there will be some things that u ate all the time before the surgery that u might never eat again... I cant eat steak anymore. Its take too long to chew and it is hard to digest. Make sure u take advantage of ur current stage....u wont have an appetite...but it will copme back out of no where!!!!!!
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    This Is It!

    Welcome to the club!!!! Good Luck!!
  15. Last night I had Alcohol for the first time since my surgery...Lawd Have mercy I was DRUNK not tipsy after 2 long Island Ice Teas....Can anybody explain to me why now after the surgery it does not take as many drinks for me to get hammered?
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    Alcohol After Surgery

    Not sure..I waited a year
  17. I am a year out...I dont have to take the small bites but I have to chew the food well...sometimes the food is so good and I forget and I end up having to puke (excuse my french)..
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    4 Weeks Post Op And Hate To Eat

    I felt that way also...get use to the burping that is going to last for a minute...I got to the point where I didnt want to eat at all....I just drunk shakes all day...but this to shall pass....u gotta treat ur new tummy like a new born's tummy...its adapting to its new size.
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    You look great!!!

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