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    You need to use miralax it's powder that you can add to your shake or the drink of your choice.
  2. itstimeforachange

    Emory Bariatric In Atlanta

    I was very nervous about the unknown after the surgery. So far the unknown for me is uneventful. Just planing what to eat. I don't care for leftovers so I was struggling with my list I can eat. I'm good now. I go back to work on Friday.
  3. itstimeforachange

    Help With Protein

    I had single servings of Bariatric Advantage for one week. I need protein I can get from the store. Ill try same club. Thanks!!
  4. itstimeforachange

    Steri Strips

    Thanks ladies!!!
  5. itstimeforachange

    Last Week Sleevers..lets Chat..

    Oh by the way my dinner was a bariatric advantage banana meal replacement (reminds me if banana now and laters).
  6. itstimeforachange

    Last Week Sleevers..lets Chat..

    I was sleeved on the 16th and I'm not having any issues. PTL!!!!!!! Today I started my 1st week liquid diet. 54grams I'd protein and 40oz of water. I'm about to eat dinner. No regrets!!!????
  7. itstimeforachange

    Atlanta, Georgia

  8. itstimeforachange

    African American Sleevers

    I was sleeved on nov 16th and it wasn't hat bad. On pain meds but feeling good otherwise.
  9. itstimeforachange

    Emory Bariatric In Atlanta

    My surgery was yesterday at noon. A little pain and 3 walks so far.
  10. itstimeforachange

    Atlanta, Georgia

    I love them too. Everyone is nice and helpful.
  11. itstimeforachange

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Dr Hart
  12. itstimeforachange

    Emory Bariatric In Atlanta

    Nov 16Th with Dr. Hart. I'm so excited.
  13. itstimeforachange

    Can't Sleep

    I'm so excited about the surgery I can't sleep. I faxed the letter because my doctors office didn't receive there letter. I'm calling today for that date. Too excited.
  14. itstimeforachange

    Emory Bariatric In Atlanta

    Have to make a correction I'm getting sleeved at Emory Johns Creek. I should have a date hopefully today. I received my letter yesterday I'm waiting on the doctors office to receive their letter so we can schedule the procedure.

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