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  1. able2cope

    Never me

    You just keep thinking postively. Don't stop until you get where you want to be. Sleep well x
  2. able2cope

    Never me

    Hi Chrissylynn80 Its been many years since I have posted on here, but your post has just hit out at me. I'm sitting up, in the middle of the night in Scotland UK. You have a massive family here at Bariatricpal - and I'm pretty sure that each one of us can relate to how you are feeling at this moment! You simply can not give up - and as the other lady said, you must get a second, even a third opinion if you come up against a door that first appointment you have. DO NOT GIVE UP! I thought that it would never happen to me - they put me on new diets - meal packets - that they were using as a trial, I truly felt like a guinea pig - but I did it. It took me a full 6 years to get the sleeve done, from going to my doctor in the first instance, to going through those theatre doors. 6 years is a long time when you are struggling with weight issues and 3 young kids, to me it did feel like a lifetime, but sticking with it was what had to be done - and I got there in the end. Thinking of you - and virtually throwing all my available willpower your way. Please don't be giving up - you owe this to yourself x
  3. able2cope

    Asda Protein water

    Thanks for the heads up - will look out for it
  4. able2cope

    Anyone around?

    Hi, I was sleeved in Oct 2012 in Aberdeen, Scotland... How are you feeling?
  5. able2cope


    Sounds like a really good plan! I hope that you do well on it. I had surgery in 2012 too - and have regained quite a bit - far too much - I may join you with this plan - right now I'm concentrating on cutting out Chocolate, cakes, biscuits (cookies) and ice cream... cold turkey. Going well so far. What surgery did you have?
  6. able2cope

    Swallowing/back discomfort

    Hi, This is quite normal... try eating really slow though... maybe you are eating a tad too fast
  7. able2cope

    Coffee consumption

    I drink at least two coffees every day with no issues. im 4 years out in 2 weeks time.
  8. Yes, able2cope...what gave it away I wonder?! I'm doing well thanks, felt much better once I ditched the pain meds on day 1 and got discharged day 2. It's nice to be home, I'm keeping fluids up but it's a scunner that I can't seem to swallow anything thicker than Water. All in good time I guess...at least there is no hunger there though!! How are you finding maintenence? SaveSave Maintenance not going so well at the moment to be honest - I've put on about 14lbs.. There's a new group that's started up at the Health Village in Aberdeen and ARI though that I'm going to be attending, so hopefully thats going to help me.
  9. @ Whereabouts are you from? Not from Northern Scotland are you? I'm Aberdeenshire.... Hope that you are recovering well. Take it one day at a time and remember your fluids!
  10. able2cope

    Ketosis - How safe is it?

    @@rydersmama thanks. I'm a flat out failure of late - I managed low card for a week and half - fell off the wagon today with a pancake! so big style I've been trying to force myself to have mainly Protein shakes.. and I bought chocolate ones by mistake - a BIG mistake - could hardly put them down my throat - and that put me off I think. I've decided to just bin those ones - i like the strawberry and vanilla ones I have - perhaps if I concentrate on just having the shake in the morning and 'real' food the rest of the time - try to mix it up a little... Devilled eggs are ok aren't they? I could go some of those - well in all honestly one and half tops before I'm full.. but you know what I mean I find eggs on their own too dry for me. meat too really - all types... it all sticks, but then again I suppose thats what its meant to do nowadays.. I really need to shake this regain I've got happening.. I'm going on holiday in three weeks to the Grand Canyon - a big adventure for a girl from Scotland UK! and want to be able to fit into at least some of the clothes I have bought in the past couple years.. Wish me luck!
  11. able2cope

    Ketosis - How safe is it?

    This has rang a bell with me... since going on the low/no carb - I've been put on ramirpril for having protein in my kidneys - I'm taking it that the diet wouldn't have helped? Also yes! I'm having problems with constipation - onto taking 2 dulcoease and 2 dulcolax each day - instead of my normal was about once a week...
  12. able2cope

    Ketosis - How safe is it?

    what all sort of things are you eating? awesome loss. well done!
  13. able2cope

    Pouch Reset

    I will do - thank you
  14. able2cope

    Pouch Reset

    Strange as it may seem - I've never considered having meatballs - that would certainly work for us here Thanks for the idea. I don't really work out either - though I do have a treadmill so theres no excuse really - other than there not being enough hours in the day. I'm in Scotland, so have different shakes available than you guys have - I've got two right now -one small bottle thats 20g in it and one 50g in it - its kinda big though so need to space that one out. I do have a powdered one too - I usually make that up in the morning with unsweetened almond milk.
  15. able2cope

    Pouch Reset

    What sort of thing are you having for your meal, may I ask? Also on average how many shakes would you be having? amount of Protein in them... I've been trying this, but my blood sugar went too low, so I succumbed to eating some carbs That was yesterday afternoon I've been feeling it difficult to get back into since..
  16. able2cope

    Ketosis - How safe is it?

    I'd like to follow this please - I'm very interested in how it effects people - I'm diabetic but believe I went into this today - well I had low blood sugar so maybe its not the same thing... anyway - I ate carbs as I felt it was what I needed at the time...
  17. able2cope

    Stomach pain, what can i take?

    I took Pepto - no issues...
  18. Are you taking Biotin at all? I recommend 10,000mcg per day, it works wonders on hair and also the beneift of strengthening nails It won't stop hair falling out, but the hair regrowth is noticeable - in my experience anyway.
  19. able2cope

    Aberdeen uk

    I get metoclopramide - have done since I left the hosptial in October 2012! If I don't take them, I get to feeling sick
  20. able2cope

    Aberdeen uk

    Hope that all went well - he is very good - you were in the best hands x
  21. able2cope

    Aberdeen uk

    Hi, I private messages you - but my email is selena68@btinternet.com
  22. able2cope

    Aberdeen uk

    Hi, I'm from New Pitsligo - well origininally from Peterhead - I got sleeved in 2012 by Duff Bruce at ARI.... Not heard of many groups this side of the pond.. not to mention in our area.. have you? have you been sleeved yet? x
  23. able2cope

    2 year mark (yeahhhh) and losing hair again

    I'm 3.5 years out and still take Biotin daily.. hair isn't as thick as it used to be - but my nails are great!! lol
  24. able2cope

    Carbonated beverages

    Crystal light and alternatives is my saviour!! so many different flavours - I've successfully not had anything carbonated for night on 4 years now..you can do it too.
  25. If I'm working on a day in the city - I usually would get about 10k - but on a normal day I'm happy to get in 6k in

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