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    Hello All Well I will be the first to post here. I am 31, I served in the Navy from 99-03. I am getting my sleeve done through Jessie Brown VAMC. So what about everyone else?
  2. Tamara Carter

    2 Days Post Surgery and Trying to Adjust

    Walk ,walk, walk, and when you are tired of walking walk some more. That is the only way to get rid of the extra CO2 in your belly from the surgery. After I got out of the hospital I did start taking some gas-x to help with the gas in the tummy. Also, swallow when you are exhaling air helps to prevent swallowing air which can cause pressure. I did not know this last one until someone from the site told me. I started concentrating on that and the burping after swallowing has nearly disappeared. I am on the same journey as you, only a few days ahead. I was sleeved on 12/18/12. It does get easier. I was on pain meds up until christmas eve. Right now try to get as much fluid into you as possible.
  3. Tamara Carter

    Sweets and Sleeve don't mix!

    My Dietitian told me from now on that I will not be able to have anything with real sugar in it ever again. Using splenda, Truvia, or other artificial sweetners is just fine.
  4. Tamara Carter

    what should I take to hospital tomorrow?

    Ask your doctor for a abdominal binder when you get out of surgery. Mine helped with pain and allowed moving around much easier. I also took my favorite stuffed animal and baby blanket just cause I never leave home for an overnight without them.
  5. Tamara Carter

    Sleeping on tummy?

    Its still tender sometimes but I have been tummy sleeping since about day 6. I love to fall alseep on my tummy. I wonder if that will change after losing my tummy?
  6. I am on my pre-op diet!!!! I get my surgery done on the 18th and I am soooooooo excited!!! Am I weird? I have no concerns, doubts, or worried feelings. I have had surgery several times before so I am not stressing about the surgery. I just cant wait till Tuesday for it to happen.
  7. I get sleeved on Tuesday!!! Good Luck Sleeve Sister!!!
  8. I so did not want to come home from Disney World.

  9. I agree with geno when it comes to springing things on people. What research have you done on your own so far? I would look up through Google scholar and see the different articles that come up. I am lucky and am in Nursing School so I utilized my online library to find out information on it. If you know anyone in your area who has had it done have your husband talk to them. That is my advice.
  10. Tamara Carter

    December 10Th!

    I am on December 18th!!! Congrats and good Luck.
  11. Tamara Carter

    December 17Th!

    I wouldnt. My surgery is scheduled for the 18th the day after yours. Dont let what your so called friend said. You will be fine. You will have 2 weeks to get healthy and happy for christmas. And I am sure your boys will have no problem being excited for christmas.
  12. Tamara Carter

    Can't Eat

    I wouldnt worry. If you are at your goal then be happy. Why does your doctor want you to put on 5 pounds? And that can be done with water.
  13. Tamara Carter

    Pre Op Diet Vent. Perfect Dieters Need Not Respond!

    Your one spoon full of peanut butter is not falling off the bandwagon. When you get shaky like you are talking about it is probably low blood sugar. suck on a piece of hard candy. What are you allowed in your pre-op diet?
  14. Tamara Carter

    Problem With My Fitness Pal

    They maybe updating the website. I havent been on yet today.
  15. Tamara Carter

    Last Night Like This!

    Well how did it go?
  16. Tamara Carter

    Before And After I Hope It Worked

    Congratulations!!!! I now know I can do this. I started at 246 and I am down to 225.5 and my surgery is scheduled for December 18th. Thank you so much for the pictures.
  17. Tamara Carter

    Constantly Full

    I say enjoy it. Make sure you are getting all your required fluids and protein. If you are then your good to go.
  18. I am 31 and choosing to do this now, because health wise I have less risks for complications due to being "healthy". I too, do want to avoid the health issues that can come with the heavy weight. I dont feel you are doing it to young. You seem to know what you want in life, and have done the research and gone through the hoops. It is normal to have second thoughts, be nervous, scared, and worried as the time for surgery gets close. Just keep in mind the reason you started this process. I wish you luck.
  19. Tamara Carter

    Sleeved July Second, Still Can't Eat :(

    I am sorry you are going through this?
  20. Tamara Carter

    What Sort Of Clear Liquids Please

    Clear liquids are anything that when you hold up to eye level you can see through. Jello, water, tea, frozen Popsicle, etc.
  21. Tamara Carter

    Holy Canoli ... Am I Dumping?

    Dumping Syndrome can happen to anyone. Even people who have not had WLS.
  22. Tamara Carter

    Holy Canoli ... Am I Dumping?

    Yes that is dumping syndrome. It can happen while eating when the food leaves the stomach to fast, or it can happen 2-4 hours after eating and the food left the stomach to fast. The result is from your intestines having to try and digest food that has not been digested enough and you get a spike in glucose in the blood.
  23. http://www.orlive.com/shawneemission/videos/weight-loss-surg ery-gastric-sleeve That link takes you to where they show almost the whole hour long procedure. I loved watching it.
  24. Tamara Carter

    How The Hell Do You Drink Isopure?

    I use the Isopure powder vanilla flavor and add davinci sugar free syrup to my drink and love it.