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  1. Alex at this point I don't give a d@mn about any of this like I said After I heard he paid $$ for their surgeries and flights I'm not going to support or back anyone. But I haven't bullied anyone and our full names should be removed!
  2. I don't need details about when u went back I know enough. Don't forget all our chats...screen shots don't lie. You didn't have to go back and see him! All I'm saying is dont play the victim role cause u know a well as I do u knew all about him
  3. Oh and not to mention that he told me that it couldn't be nothing between y'all but you refused to take the hint. Girl please just give it up.. I can't believe you really want to put all your business out like this. Cause you already know if you wanna call me out it's on..
  4. Congrats!! That is great!
  5. KickRocks

    What's the Hardest Part?

    HAHA Yea I forgot that part! I woke up talking crazy so i heard LOL But you will never prove that by me.
  6. KickRocks

    Questions about Mexico

    That is great to hear! I also went with Dr Illan and LOVE HIM! You will be in great hands i promise! Everything works out for a reason
  7. (((Hugs)) you will be fine. I PROMISE! If i can do this ANYONE can! I am the biggest baby ever when it comes to being alone..Especially having surgery and in another country!! I just had to put my trust in God and pray about it. i truly believe if it wasn't meant for me to go something would have stopped me. I had a melt down the night before and i was just going to cancel. Then My husband really made me feel better., I had came to far to give up now just because of what if's...I will never forget what he said, " You have to trust God and thank Positive, you cant go into this being negative, Being negative is only going to bring you negative outcomes" and that is so true because i could have let all that negative take control and I would have canceled and still been fat, unhealthy and unhappy with regrets later! But I thought positive and now i know i will be able to reach all my goals and also be a better mom, wife and friend since the weight will not be holding me back and having me in depressed moods where i just never want to leave the house!
  8. KickRocks

    My marriage sucks

    I say leave! It's clear that You have tried to make things work! But let's be honest it takes 2! And he seems not to be trying. I'm sorry but it seems like he needs to grow the hell up!! He has a family to care for! Why is he wanting to leave his job?! Does he not know how hard it is to find a good job!? Me and my husband have issues but He takes care of home! I will give him that. His job closed down 3 years ago but he took another job that same week. It didn't pay like we were used to but it was a start. Now with all his raises we are making almost the same. However he hates this job with a passion! He is steady looking for another one. He has even done job interviews out of state! That's how bad he wants to change but he knows he can't just up and leave his current job and he wouldn't even if he could. I just don't understand men that don't want to take care of home! My brother in law is the same way. He always wants to change jobs and let m sister take care of everything. Hopefully everything works out but if he leaves his Job without another one lined up he would be on his own!!
  9. KickRocks

    Off to the hospital

    Good luck sweetie! You will do great. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please update us when you feel up to it.
  10. KickRocks

    At the airport

    Good luck!! You will be fine! Keep us updated!
  11. KickRocks

    Can we block certain people?

    That would be a great and well needed feature! Thanks Alex!
  12. KickRocks

    Any March Sleevers?

    Hi everyone! Surgery was noon yesterday. So far so good. I do have a little uncomfortable pain in my chest. Nothing bad tho.
  13. Hey everyone! Me and my sleeve sister coexist23 (Jessica) are currently in flight. We land in a couple of more hours! Then we will meet our driver and head to Florence Hospital to meet Dr. Illan and Omar! We are having so much fun! Lol we met off VST but you would have thought we knew each other for ever! Will update soon!!
  14. KickRocks

    Jay1234's thread

    Yes, but I leave this afternoon @ 3. I decided to not have same day surgery like I planned. When do you fly back? I come back Sunday
  15. KickRocks

    99 lbs down and Onederland!

    Wow how great is that?!! Wtg!! Keep up the good work, you look great!
  16. KickRocks

    Flights to Mexico

    When do you leave?
  17. That's a great idea! I'm going to do this!
  18. Same here! Especially after leaving MX
  19. KickRocks

    Waiting....waiting...waiting...BCBS of AL

    Omg so sorry you are dealing with this! I started my diet in September and had my last appt. today. So my stuff should be submitted sometime this week. I'm so nervous they are going to deny me cause I don't have the last 3 years of weight records. We are sending the records that we have before that plus dated pictures so now it's a wait and see. Hopefully you will hear something soon.

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