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  1. GixxerGirl77

    kentucky or indiana

    Im in the ft knox/hardin county area....havent gone to one of the live support groups we have around here yet so I get on here. In the middle of gettin ready to move to Elizabethtown. ...busy busy but soooo thankful that food dont rule my world anymore. Banded July 23 and so far im down 21 lbs.
  2. GixxerGirl77

    kentucky or indiana

    Glad to find some fellow Kentuckians!!!!
  3. GixxerGirl77

    9 Days Post Op-Port Question

    I was banded on 7/23.....so im what, like 20 days out. I have no soreness unless I was to deliberately poke or push on my port site. Im down 21 lbs since my surgery.....and have only been walking 5 days a week as my exercise currently...although I do plan to step it up soon since im at my 3 week postop point. My stomach still kinda pooches out where the port is...hopefully thats residual swelling and goes down. But I am back to feeling like myself. I can sleep almost any position except directly on the port side because its uncomfortable. ...other than that im feeling fantastic. My only issue with food at this point is im constantly craving cheese lol. Not real sure what thats about lol.
  4. Part of my post band regimine is taking actigall for 6 months...twice a day....they are HUGE pills....Doc says rapid wt loss can cause gall stones *smh* anyone else done this?
  5. GixxerGirl77

    Feeling down

    I too cried for about 3 days.....got snippy with the kids cuz they kept offering me food...expected me to pick up after them as usual-they dont even get the concept of I JUST FRIGGIN HAD SURGERY! (they are 11, 12, & 15). I fought with hubby for 2 days...and cried some more. Banded the 23rd.....yest was my first day back at work (desk job) and it wore me out....but today was MUCH better....made up with hubby yest....startin to feel like normal-ish again as far as pain. I even walked half a mile on our track at work. Just remind yourself in a year this will all b the past and will b soooo worth it!
  6. GixxerGirl77

    Pain when in between my shoulders

    I was banded the 23rd, and I have a huge pain tolerance, or so I thought until I experienced gas pain from this. But today is my 8th day and I'm down to a little gas pain left in my shoulders, it alternates from left to right. It sucks but it will ease...a little more each day. THANK GOODNESS! Cuz it sucks. Today is also the first day I've been able to take a HUGE breath without it hurting SOMEWHERE......I walked over half a mile at work today too....and 1/3 of a mile yesterday. One day at a time is what I keep telling myself.
  7. GixxerGirl77

    4 days Post Op and Having a Moment

    Ok so a few days later and im feeling wayyyyy better. I made up with hubby and basically told him YOU are supposed to b my rock....and b understanding now more than ever...and he apologized and promised not to eat the Sonic chili dogs he had me bring him in front of me LOL. I am finally feeling what i hope is the last of the gas pains...it alternates between my shoulders..... but ive been walkin our lap track at work since everyone says walking helps. I had mashed potatoes last night and half a banana for bkfast. Thinkin soup for dinner. I Very relieved about alot right now. Is there anyone in kentucky
  8. GixxerGirl77

    4 days Post Op and Having a Moment

    I about cried just reading this thread. I was banded july 23rd....and not only have I been crazy emotional since I got home from the hospital....but my mother, kids, AND my husband have been insensitive and even downright MEAN. In 6 yrs of marriage my husband calls me every night from work on his break at 11....without fail. Our fight tonight was so bad that he didnt call...for the first time ever...and left the house without saying I love u.....which he also never does...even when he's mad. I vented to 1 friend on the phone......I sucked the cheese off cheetos (I hope im not the only one whose ever done that). At my 1 week post appt (that I had to have the fri after surgery due to schedule issues) I lost 5 lbs since my 2 week liquid diet and surgery. In 2 1/2 weeks of eating hardly anything.....I lost 5 lbs. Thats the least of my worries though. My mother made a huge feast of pancakes for my daughter today-which she never does. My back neck and shoulders are still killing me. Right now im so disappointed in the ppl who are supposed to love me unconditionally....and imso depressed that I would b ok with a meteor or a sinkhole st this point.......
  9. GixxerGirl77

    Day 3 Post Op

    I was banded tuesday too.....very gassy...look 5 mos preggers....and family being crappy about everything. Figured this would b the best kinda place to come until the once-a-month support group meets hows everyone doing???

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