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  1. I am getting my first fill in a few hours. I'm a little nervous. My surgery was just over a month ago on 5/1. I lost ~20 lbs since pre-op diet but I hovered around 281-283 for about two weeks. I ate crappy junk food this weekend since I'm moving and have no groceries so I'm afraid to get on the scale today. But -- the shame is motivating me to focus on ~500 calories per meal (if I'm doing 3 meals a day). How did people's first fill go? Did you feel restricution right away? I had band over bypass. Last night's meal was the first time I felt some restriction... I was uncomfortable for about an hour after my meal but I think that might be because i had some bread with my meal.
  2. Hi everyone. I just found this forum while doing searches about gas pain after banding. I decided to join and make my first post. I just had my band put in over my RNY gastric bypass. (May 1st for the band, 2/2004 for my first surgery.) I stayed in the hospital the first night and they practically rushed me out the next morning into the discharge lounge. I think I am doing pretty well... At rest, I have no pain from my incisions and I am pretty mobile. I have some limited pain when I'm getting up, and a decent amount of gas pain periodically. I haven't had my first bm yet, but hoping that well come soon and help push some of the gas out. I do release gas after taking walks... It's just not enough. About me... 32 year old female from Jacksonville, Fl. I look forward to reading and posting here. My pre-op weight from this round was 290. My first surgery hw was 311 and my lowest was maybe 150ish. I am hoping to take all of my lessons learned from round one and apply them and be more successful long term. I kept most of my weight off for six years.... Hopefully it's sixty this time around!
  3. Had my fill... it was a little painful/discomforting. But overall, it was quick. I have another appointment in six weeks and he said I could move it up or out depending on how I feel...
  4. jaxjen11

    Just had 1st Fill!

    I get my first fill today -- glad I read this. I posted something about it the post-op forum. I can't feel my port so I wonder if the doc can find it without a sonogram...
  5. Not sure this adds any value... but I did gastric bypass in 2004 when I was 24. It changed my life, it was good, I recommend it. But, life and divorce happened, and after consulting with a doc, I went with band over bypass a couple of weeks ago. I like what Carolina girl said in the thread. Sums it up well.
  6. jaxjen11

    Ideas needed for Breakfast

    I had coffee after maybe 3-4 days with no problem. As for breakfast, after I was off liquids I did grits (nom, nom), oatmeal (nom) and yogurt (meh). Now that I'm a few weeks out, I do a meat like ham, canadian bacon or today steak. I also had some sausage, which I'm supposed to avoid, but if you've ever had Tennessee pride, OMG, you're missing out. I have tried to cut back to one egg versus two and some times I switch it up and do egg whites instead of the eggs. I'll add some stuff from the fridge sometimes like tender steak, mushrooms, or something weird like brussells sprouts.
  7. jaxjen11

    Switching Doctors Post Op??

    Does his practice have other doctors? This is not the same thing but I had gastric bypass in 2004 and just had lapband 2 weeks ago. I switched doctors because of geographic location but it wasn't too much of a factor. We barely referenced my old doctor just "where'd you have it done" and then it was like "oh, 1000 miles away, okay."
  8. jaxjen11

    Band over bypass May 1st

    Thank you so much for the encouragement! It goes a long way! I re-read my post and I saw I some misspellings... probably from the pain meds and also from auto-correct. Glad my messages came across.
  9. jaxjen11

    Band over bypass May 1st

    Hi Daisies -- I weight in this morning at 282, up from 281 so I'm a little frusterated. I guess I need to walk more. I just haven't had the energy at the end of the day to go walking. My swelling has gone down, but I still have some. My glue from my incisions has mostly disolved. I will say that I think my recovery has been much easier than my open gastric bypass. My only real problem is being tired after a full day of work -- but I've got a major work project going on right now. Oh -- one more thing that may give you some comfort: My doctor said my weight loss would be slower this time around. THe first 30 days are all about healing and once I get my first fill, then, the weight loss might speed up. My doctor is planning on doing 6cc's in about three more weeks (~5 weeks after my surgery date). How are you doing?
  10. jaxjen11


    I feel you what you are saying. I am 14 days post opp and I am only down 9 pounds @ 281. My weigh in day of the surgery was 290. My highest weight before this surgery was 301 so I lost over ten pounds just dieting before surgery. I have not had a lot of energy to walk as much as I would like, and I think my calorie intake was low so I hoped I would loose 2-3 pounds this week. I think I need to walk more and hopefully I'll be at 278 by Friday. I had band over bypass. My doctor suggested my weight loss would be slower this time around. I think the magic will start to happen once I get a fill.
  11. I wondered if anyone thinks that Brussels sprouts would be allowed in the soft-food diet period? Many veggies are "in" like broccoli, okra, cauliflower but spinach and lettuce are out. Brussels Sprouts aren't listed as allowed or not allowed. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place...
  12. I had my surgery on Wednesday the 1st and I started working from home the following Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and then I had this weekend to rest up. However, I went into the office yesterday and was beat by 10:30AM so I worked from home the rest of the day. Each day has been getting easier... but I did sleep 12 hours last night so my body still hasn't quite adjusted. The first person who saw me in the office told me I looked tired (but, I felt pretty good when she said that... not tired at all, yet... my takeaway is that even though I am feeling pretty good, my body is still heeling). Hope your days get easier!
  13. I had the Brussels sprouts twice over the past couple of days and they did not cause any issues! Yay!
  14. jaxjen11

    Miralax Suggestions?

    Thanks for the replies. I didn't try it last night. I actually went to bed at like 6PM and slept nearly 12 hours. I guess my body needed it because I was exhausted by 10:30AM yesterday. Anyway, I am drinking my AM coffee right now, so maybe I'll dissolve it in water sometime between breakfast and lunch.
  15. My doc didn't prescribe any laxatives, (I'm 13 days post opp) but I've read a lot of people are using it with lap band. I picked some up at the drug store because I have been straining/struggling when trying to make a BM. Any tips on taking the Miralax? Is it gross? I'm hoping for stool softening, not flood gates of poop.
  16. jaxjen11


    Not sure if this is available up north but I'm drinking Pure Protien Chocolate Shakes. It is low fat, 30 grams of protien and it's surprisingly good! It's on sale this week at Costco if they have those in Canada.
  17. jaxjen11

    Sore back rib area

    I'm 13 days post opp. I think I've gotten rid of most of the gas, but my back has been hurting pretty bad for the past could of days. I was experiencing gas on the same sholder, but the front. I also noticed I've been tensing up around my shoulders. I think instead of putting pressure on my core, I've started to put pressure on my shoulders.
  18. They have really good lobster tail
  19. I'm eight days post op. Just took my morning liquid vitamins and also had 2 Vitamin C gummies. Within a few minutes, my face turned red and blotchy and I got really hot. If my thermometers are working, I don't have a fever. Has this happened to anyone? I hope I'm not allergic to the vitamins?
  20. Thanks for the reply. I have called my doctor's office and my doctor is in surgery so they told me to take benidryl for now. I reviewed the suppliment facts and the liquid Vitamin does have 20MG of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) and the description that you gave was exactly how I felt. I took my weekly B12 shot on Monday -- I assume though B3/B12 are different and that may not have impacted this feeling. Maybe I'm just sensitive to the B3 or maybe I didn't take it 24 hours a part.. who knows! But, thanks for giving me insight!!!
  21. jaxjen11


    My band was on the 1st. Just in the past two days have I felt tenderness around my incisions. In fact, my surgical glue is starting to come off. My first post-opp doctor's appointment is tomorrow so I hope to ask about that then...
  22. From reading others posts, it seems like the post-op nutrition plans are very different. For example, mine is: Day 1-3: Clear broths, Jello, sf popsicles Day 3-7: Add mashed potatoes, sweat potatoes, low fat creamy Soups (drained), cottage cheese, soupy grips, soupy oatmeal Week 2: Soft foods aka plastic fork tender It sounds like others might be more restrictive? Can anyone share a high-level post opp nutrition plan of theirs? Also, when I had my gastric bypass in 2004, I remember pureed foods being allowed, but my nutrition info doesn't mention that. It also doesn't mention when I can start having eggs. (But, I went ahead and had one for dinner last night without any trouble). Thanks!
  23. Yesterday was my most active day since my surgery (5/1). I walked maybe a mile at the dog park with my two puppies. I also stopped taking my pain med (hydrocodone APAP)I was feeling pretty good, but I had a pretty restless sleep. I just didn't feel right and couldn't quite put my finger on it. Around 3AM, I couldn't stop coughing. I remembered that my pain med had a cough reducer. I took it, fell right to sleep and woke up about four hours later... my cough was gone but I had sweat like crazy (I don't normally sweat so it was very noticeable). I am thinking maybe I caught a little bug or something and the meds help knock it out? Has anyone else had this type of experience? I feel fine now but wanted to get other people's insights. My first post-op appointment is on Thursday.
  24. Thanks for the reply. I had ~64 oz of water yesterday, but after the walk in the Florida heat, I probably could have tolerated more. I'll try to drink even more today.

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