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    I was banded on may 10, 2013... Have lost 68 lbs. and counting.
  2. Hello guys. I am a 38 year old gay male living in Dallas Texas. I was banded on may 10,2013. At surgery my weight was 435lbs. As of this morning (August 5) I am 59.8 lbs down and counting. Feeling great, but have a long way to go to hit my goals.
  3. I am searching for friends in the Dallas area (I am in NE Dallas) I am 38 year old male. Post op 5/10/13. I would like to be a mentor as well as find a mentor my self.
  4. Hello ladies. I have actually made a friend on here but always room for more! I am a gay man 38 yo. I was banded may 10 2013. True results Richardson. I live in north east Dallas (white rock lake area) always down for chat, text, emails, or even hanging out dinner and movies or even going out.
  5. Khrisw

    North east dallas

    Thanks! Your day is coming quickly... How exciting.
  6. Hi, my name is Khris. I just got banded on 5/10. Still on liquids... Ugh. Lol. I am 37 yo gay male looking for friends in the banded community. Feel free to drop me an email. Khriswidener@yahoo.com.
  7. Khrisw

    Is my band too tight?

    I am a cash pay as well. The process has been rough, but not true results fault. I had to go through a cardiologist to get clearance... It was a nightmare. Now I am waiting for scheduling... Just nervous
  8. Khrisw

    Is my band too tight?

    Yikes... I have no advice as I am pre op at this point. I am in Dallas and going through true results as well. The Richardson location. I am worried
  9. Khrisw

    Support Group For Dfw Banders!!

    Hi, my name is Khris. I am approved to be banded, now waiting for pre op instructions and scheduling. I live in Dallas, near white rock lake (north east). I would love to join your support group as well. Please add me to your email list. Khriswidener@hotmail.com.
  10. Khrisw

    Telling people...??

    I am waiting to be scheduled myself. I have done everything except the pre op diet. I am 37 years old and 435lbs. I know first hand the physical restraints. I have told several people, and I get mixed emotions, but truly, it doesn't matter what the skinny people say... Lol. They do not know the pain. Tell, don't tell, either way you should do this for you despite what everyone else thinks.
  11. Khrisw

    Plano Area Or North Dfw Metroplex?

    I live near white rock lake in Dallas. I would live to be added to the group. Khriswidener@hotmail.com. I have been cleared for the band and about to start pre op diet and scheduling.
  12. Khrisw

    Pre-op and nervous

    Fantastic info! Thank you so much. I am trying to get it done before summer hits. I live in Dallas tx. It gets a million degrees here, and I don't want the uncomfort of heat and surgery...
  13. I have been through the ringer at this point. Found out I have a heart issue, but after extensive tests I have been cleared to be banded. I am a male, 6' 435 lbs currently. I am 37 years old. Other than weight and complications such as back pain and energy levels being low, I am healthy. No high blood pressure, not diabetic, nothing except the heart issue that will need to be dealt with in another 10 years. Any ways, I am excited about being banded but nervous. I have heard succes stories and horror stories, so I have my mind made up that this journey is up to me. The surgery center will be calling me in the next couple days to schedule and give me the pre op diet instructions. I already know what they consist of. Anyone out there have some good advice on what I should do with these last couple days... What to expect, that I may not know... Or any general helpful info? Thanks in advance
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  15. Khrisw


    From the album: Khrisw

  16. Khrisw

    Pre-op and nervous

    Good for you! Keep it up! I am full of emotions about it, but absolutely going through with it. I am waiting to hear from them Monday. (It's Saturday) the scheduling and pre op diet is the next step. Yikes.
  17. Khrisw

    Pre-op and nervous

    Thank you so much. It eases the nerves to know so many people have had great results. I am also having to pay for the entire thing out of pocket, so that's a motivation in its self.

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