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  1. I have lost 10 since surgery on the 2nd of April
  2. I am 2 days out is it normal to have a bloody discharge from my incisions
  3. julie7374

    Postop question

    What is wrong country girl
  4. julie7374

    Postop question

    Ok will do
  5. I had surgery on the 2nd of April I was just wanting to know if the scale says I gained 2.4 lbs is that normal
  6. julie7374

    Weight gain

    Thank you all for the great advice
  7. Hi I am being banded on Tuesday. I was wanting to know how much people lost in the first 6 weeks postop and what to expect right after surgery
  8. Me too in my recliner trying to get rid of this gas why meds is everyone on
  9. julie7374

    Surgery tomorrow!

    How r u doing with the clear liquids I'm starving
  10. julie7374

    Day in the life?

    Sugar free jello for breakfast and lunch veggie broth for dinner
  11. julie7374

    Please pist success pics!

    Thank u I know u weren't talking to me but that was my nick name when I was a kid (juju)
  12. julie7374

    1cup of food? Seems like a lot?

    Having a real hard time on wrapping my head around only clear liquids for tomorrow any help
  13. Same too to I will post from the hospital
  14. julie7374

    banded this morning

    Does anyone know if u get sent home with something for the pain and how do u take the rest of ur meds
  15. Hello everyone 2 am an April bander I am being banded on tuesday the 2nd. I have a question. i am trying to make sure i have everything i need so i dont have to run out in the first few days, My doctor said for me to start an all clear liquid diet on Monday can someone help me with a shopping list of what i will need for a week. i am not sure how much i will need to buy and how much i will need to plan a head i am on a very tight budget so i wanna make sure i dont over spend for me and take out of the budget for the kids.thanks Julie from louisisana
  16. julie7374

    Protein powder

    Can anyone recommend a good but cheap protein powder
  17. julie7374

    Protein powder

  18. julie7374

    Protein powder

  19. julie7374

    No Pre op diet????

    I find it unusual I am on a all liquid diet for the day before
  20. Where at in Louisiana

PatchAid Vitamin Patches