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  1. KenneKat

    July sleevers please check in..

    Sleeved July 10 Highest weight 276 Surgery day. 260 Current weight. 236 Feels like I'm losing slow, but apparently not. I'm on myfitnesspal as kathikennedy. I get about 600-700 calories a day, and today was the first day I have been over 55 grams of protein. I haven't had any problems after the first couple weeks, when I was extremely tired and nauseas. I love my sleeve!!
  2. KenneKat

    June surgery dates

    Have you tried Prilosec? I thought I was starving! Someone said to try it and it really helps. I wasn't hungry, my tummy was upset. Lol
  3. KenneKat


    your surgery lines look great! I've seen some not so straight ones! Thanks for sharing! Congrats!
  4. My surgery is July 10. I'm on day 9 of liquid diet. Lost 13 pounds so far! Ordered my vitamins from Bari-Life, going to buy my isopure drinks today. I think I'm ready!!
  5. KenneKat

    July 2013 sleevers

    Started the two week liquid diet pre op today. Sleeve scheduled for July 10 in Tulsa. Excited!!!
  6. KenneKat

    Any Oklahoma Sleevers

    Found out today my date is July 10. Yay!!
  7. KenneKat

    July 2013 sleevers

    Just got my date today!! July 10! Woot!!
  8. KenneKat


    I quit smoking cigs in November. I use an e-cig now. I call it my binky. Lol. I have all kinds of flavors, cherry, chocolate, black tea, etc...nicotine isn't what I miss, it's the "me time" I get, just sitting outside smoking... So The e-cig is awesome!!
  9. KenneKat

    Any Oklahoma Sleevers

    Battgirl... I am getting my sleeve done at St Johns also. Did you mean Dr. Arroyo? That's who I am seeing. Did you like him? My last NUT appt is June 24. Then hopefully United Healthcare will hurry up and do their thing, and I can have my surgery in July. How are you doing? Happy?
  10. I had to do the 6 months supervised diet. I have learned a lot! I was a bit upset that I had to do it, as 6 months seemed like forever! But it's gone by quickly, and I have learned what to eat, and expect after surgery. That said, I haven't lost ANY weight during this time, but I haven't gained either. Lol! 2 more months to go! Good luck on your journey!
  11. Wow!! What an inspiration!! Congratulations!!
  12. KenneKat

    July 2013 sleevers

    I'm from Oklahoma, and I will have my sleeve sometime in July. I'm ready!
  13. KenneKat

    60% loss of excess weight?

    Where does one find out how much they are "supposed" to weigh?
  14. KenneKat

    Any Oklahoma Sleevers

    My last NUT appt is end of June. I haven't heard anything about an endoscopy or sleep test. My insurance doesn't require them. So hopefully I will have surgery in July!
  15. I had to wait 6 months because my insurance required a 6 month medically supervised diet. It's going by quickly, and I am using this time to learn more about the surgery, and lifestyle changes that I will have to make. That's a hard call to make tho...
  16. KenneKat

    Any one with United Health Care insurance

    Congrats lizy! Keep us posted!
  17. KenneKat

    Any Oklahoma Sleevers

    Hi! Glad to finally find this thread! I'm in Tulsa, using St Johns, and am in the middle of my 6 month medically supervised diet. Should have surgery sometime in July or August. I Thought it would take forever for the six months to go by, but its kinda flyin'! I'm so excited, nervous, scared, happy.... Lmao!!
  18. KenneKat

    Any one with United Health Care insurance

    I have UHC.... 6 months medically supervised diet is required. They only pay for 5 with a nutritionist. I am still trying to find out if they will pay for a TT after its over.

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