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  1. 2spicy4u

    Post Op Penis Size

    So what will your measurments becwhen you back to normal size im curious
  2. I spoke with my nurse and i go sign my consent forms 81-2013 and surgery is scheduled for August 5, 2013..Wooooo hooo
  3. I have the same ins company. My paperwork was submitted on June 20th and i got my approval on July 12th. My case was closed by my nurse bc she stated she never heard from me after i would call and leave several voice messages. I would call back and never get an answer bc she called during my working hours.So my case had to be reopened and a few days later i got a call from her with my approval and we went over basic surgery stuff and any questions i had. So just make sure u call and check in with your nurse from time to time and document times and dates you call but overall the experience was easy.
  4. My paperwork has been submitted to the insurance company just waiting for an answer . The Dr said he will not put me on a liquid diet b4 surgery only a low fat diet . Feeling anxious
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    I just received the phone call from my nurse at united healthcare stating I was approved!!!! Thank God!!
  6. 2spicy4u

    Insurance Closed Case

    i just called my ins company to check on my claim status i was told that my nurse closed my case bc she hadnt heard from me after i called and left numerous voice messages...i am pissed. The case has been reopened and assigned to someone us so im waiting even longer but all my paper work has been received by then....geez!!
  7. 2spicy4u

    Waiting on approval

    Thanks, i cant wait til its over...good luck to u as well
  8. Hello everyone, i just had my first dr visit with my surgeon and we went over the procedure and the risks. Now i have been a little nervous about the possible gas pains after surgery. I heard it horrible and its the main thing i am concerned about. I asked the dr if the pain meds he prescibes helps with the pain. He said it will relieve it a little and that i would need to take gax x. i really wanna know what you guys have tried that relieved your pains? and Does the pain meds actually help with gas?
  9. So today was my last nut appt, and when i got her to document my 6 month supervised diet document, she suddenly got upset saying, i dont need surgery, i wont be able to enjoy eating for the holidays its not a good choice. i was saying in my mind...I have done my research i dont need u to tell me s***. Did anyone else experience like a negative vibe from their Nutritionist?
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    Thats the same thing i did like ...i wanted to tell her shut up
  11. 2spicy4u


    trust me she didnt make me feel bad she lucky she caught me on a good day cuz i would went off...she can kiss my a** im dont with her she filled it out up to 6 months i dont have to look at her no more..lol
  12. 2spicy4u


    Yea i been seeing her from the beggining but i guess she thought i was only going to here for her to help me lose weight..na i just needed her to fill out my paperwork...i wanted to slap the piss out of her. she just like everyone else think its the easy way out .
  13. I'm having my evaluation tommorrow wat should I expect ????
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  15. 2spicy4u


    From the album: 2spicy4u

  16. 2spicy4u

    psych eval

    Hey, everything is good..what bout you.. I have my last nutritionist appt Tuesday and I meet with my surgeon June 20th so im waiting patiently. I follow you on Instagram i see you been working out and walking. I aint been doing nothing...its ashame lol. How was your psych eval?
  17. 2spicy4u

    Post Op Penis Size

  18. I have heard several times the gas pains are horrible after the surgery... tell me what helped you guys with the pain.. and is this something that gas-x can help with?
  19. 2spicy4u

    Gas Pains Post op

    Thanks for the input guys i will definately keep that it mind bc i heard the gas it pretty bad!!! i will have my heating oad and gas x ready and i will talk as much as i can
  20. 2spicy4u

    I had a dream

    Yal are about to make me cry.....i will keep both of your families in my prayers...
  21. 2spicy4u

    I had a dream

    What's ur YouTube page name?
  22. 2spicy4u

    I had a dream

    Yea that's a great idea!!! Imma do the same thing!

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