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  1. ashleyelizabeth

    3 days post op

    When does the pain subside? I just left the hospital. The more you move the better it gets right? Any advice is super helpful!! I've never been through surgery before this so I wasn't expecting it to be this bad.
  2. Has/Is anyone planning on having a real last meal during the last of the your liver shrink diet? I can't do it on the last day obviously, because I will be on clear liquids, but I was thinking of doing it the day before. Is it better or worse to do it sooner rather than later like close to surgery? Thoughts?
  3. ashleyelizabeth


    Omg I am so glad other people love pickles as much as I do! I am day 6 post op and wanting some pickles so bad!
  4. ashleyelizabeth

    March Surgeries

    I would like to get in the FB group as well! It's much easier to keep up with FB.
  5. ashleyelizabeth

    I had the gastric bypass done a few days ago.

    Ugh I am so tired of soup and pudding already!! [emoji29]
  6. ashleyelizabeth

    I had the gastric bypass done a few days ago.

    Yes we can!! [emoji16] It's just the tightness and the fact I can't stand up completely straight yet because it is so tight. But yeah the lower left side probably hurts the worst. It's so weird cause my surgeon and everyone is telling me to walk as much as possible. Everyone says different things.
  7. ashleyelizabeth

    3 days post op

    So would you say that stopping the pain meds helps? I mean honestly they don't even really touch it or ease the pain for me.
  8. ashleyelizabeth

    A week and 1/2 post op

    I am 4 days post op and I had a break down and cried today because my head wanted a Mcdonalds cheeseburger so badly. I have been doing the exact same thing, I am right here with you! Glad I am not alone!
  9. ashleyelizabeth

    It time

    You got this! Prayers for a seamless surgery and speedy recovery! I am day 4 post op and the pain has gotten better, just not completely where I wish I would be pain wise.
  10. ashleyelizabeth

    3 days post op

    Day 4 and it has settled down some but not enough. [emoji24]Thank you for the encouragement!
  11. ashleyelizabeth

    3 days post op

    I did have laparoscopic. No complications at all. I'm still having some gas pains but mostly when I drink. I'm day four out and the pain has gotten a little better, just not as much as everyone else's does! I guess I'm the exception to every rule lol.
  12. ashleyelizabeth

    I had the gastric bypass done a few days ago.

    I am day four post op and still very much in pain, so I am right there with you!
  13. ashleyelizabeth

    3 days post op

    So glad it's not just me!! I thought maybe I was crazy cause I've seen so many people say they didn't experience that much pain! I'm hoping after day four (tomorrow) I'll start to feel normal again. I'm a photographer and I shoot weddings and my surgeon swore I would be ready for my first wedding since surgery on April 15th, but now I'm starting to freak out!
  14. ashleyelizabeth

    3 days post op

    It seems like everyone I know who has done it and has had a c-section said it was a piece of cake! I probably shouldn't have put much faith in their answers. [emoji23][emoji23] Seems like you should be fine! You got this! [emoji1303]
  15. ashleyelizabeth

    3 days post op

    You said it!!! Hahahaha I'm like these people having to be lying!
  16. ashleyelizabeth

    93lbs in 6 months! Pics!!

    Get it girl!
  17. ashleyelizabeth

    2 months post op progress

    Congrats!!! You look amazing!
  18. It's starting to hit me and I'm freaking out. I hate the unknown. The thought of being put under and cut open. [emoji20] Any encouragement will be super appreciated.
  19. ashleyelizabeth

    Sitting in the hospital bed with my gown on

    Thanks everyone I really appreciate it! I am in holding now and they are taking me back soon. Still pretty nervous.
  20. ashleyelizabeth

    Looking for March surgery buddies!

    My date got pushed back to this Thursday the 23rd instead of Wednesday 22nd. I am getting so nervous and starting to freak out with the nerves.
  21. ashleyelizabeth

    One Last Real Meal?

    I went ahead and splurged on a last real meal on Thursday of last week. I don't regret it one bit. I know I have self control and I have been very tested throughout this process. But it was a nice reward for sure. I go in for surgery Wednesday morning. The nerves are starting to get to me.
  22. ashleyelizabeth

    Pre-Op Diet Questions..HELP

    What is the brand called? And I just noticed you live in Memphis too! Who is your surgeon?
  23. ashleyelizabeth

    Pre-Op Diet Questions..HELP

    I am on day 1 of the diet and these shakes are not doing for me either! Every sip I take I chase it with water. Still is a terrible after taste to me.
  24. ashleyelizabeth

    March Surgeries

    Currently on day 1 of the liver shrink diet. My surgery date is 3/22. I'm getting super nervous!!

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