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  1. So my TSH levels are too low... Now I have been suspended again, my internal medicine doctor won't clear me for the surgery. I haven't lost faith, but I'm questioning the process. I'm surprisingly not upset at all. I might not want it anymore. Anyone had this happen to them?
  2. Well I am at 0.17 They want me at the standard low which is 0.30 I had cancer so my Endo wants me as low as possible. Besides since I lost 25 pre op I need less dosage. It's pretty crazy.
  3. For a place of acceptance and support, you end up finding users that are judge mental and for a lack of better word stupid! Don't allow that to tarnish your experience! I am counting on your success. And maybe a silly question is the same question we all have. You are just brave enough to ask. I'm getting banded soon. I can't wait for my journey to fully start! I hope you find the guidance you need!!! Wishing you nothing but success!!!! Another newbie here.
  4. Millyed

    What is your Pre-Op diet?

    Pre op diets are all so different. In my network I have a 30 day diet that only allows me to eat 1,200 calories. No irritating food or condiments. I'm only allowed to eat very few things like turkey chicken and lettuce and carrots. Some fruits in small amounts and NO sodas NO coffee It's crazy how all doctors are so different. And al diets are totally depending on your Surgeon. My liquid pre op diet starts five days before my actual surgery date. Good luck in your journey.
  5. I start my liquid diet tomorrow. I'm so excited and nervous and a whole lotta other emotions. It's starting to set in. The whole reality of the situation. I'm getting banded. My life is changing. It's pretty exciting stuff. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Millyed

    Its getting real!!!

    I wanted to cheat tonight, but just kept feeling guilty. It's pretty crazy how fast everything can change. I'm moving forward! This is it! Thank you for the support. I need it!
  7. Liquids on Thursday! Yay!

  8. I'm getting banded on October 29th. I am starting to get anxious and question my decision. Did anyone else feel the same?
  9. Millyed

    11 days... Jeez!

    Thank you guys! I really have to do this. As the day approaches I get anxious. Of course it's more the going under the anesthesia part. But every morning when I take almost 8 pills with Breakfast I am reminded why I have to do this. Thank you for the support. It means the world to share this experience with people who have been there. And who are going through the same process as I am. God bless you all! I will be looking forward to letting you all know how great I'm doing!
  10. Millyed

    Why Do Women Hide There Inner Freak?

    Men can't handle what's on our minds. It's scary in here. And you couldn't keep up... We just don't want to go all Fifty Shades on any guy that asks. We pick and choose the guy we want to do this with. It's not about society or shame or embarrassment. It's always about choice.
  11. My nutritionist requested I stopped drinking coffee a month prior to the surgery. I can comply with everything. But this is being a major challenge. Does anyone know why the "no coffee rule"?
  12. Thank you all. I love coffee. I had it at least 4 times a day. Here in Puerto Rico it's difficult to not drink coffee. You smell it everywhere. So I decided instead of 4 I will have a small one AM so I can open my eyes. Because without it I can't even see. Thank you all!!!!
  13. Millyed

    Ready set go !!

    Good luck!!!
  14. Will be banded on October 29th. I'm a bit worried about all my skin being loose. How long before I can work out? Are there any exercises I should stay away from? Also, I have tendonitis which makes running walking very painful. Any advise I would appreciate.
  15. Millyed

    Ready set go !!

    Tell me about it! I get banded on October 29 and I'm so anxious. I've had two surgeries before. But this one will change my life. I can't wait. Any advice?
  16. Millyed


    How is life with the band? I'm getting banded October 29th. I'm a bit nervous. Would be lying if I said I wasn't. Do you have any advice?
  17. Millyed


    I will be starting my liquid Diet on the 2nd of October. Does this mean that I have to quit my coffee?!?!?!?!?!?
  18. I received my insurance approval on the 31st. Talk about ending and beginning my year with a bang! I'm feeling an insane amount of mixed emotions. But I feel ready! Any one else just beginning the process?. I'm going to need all the support I can get.
  19. Thank you so much!!!! I'm happy to meet new people on my same journey. That way I don't have to feel so alone!

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