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  1. I was just denied by my health insurance medical director because my BMI is 38 and not 40. Plus I haven't had nutritional classes in the past few years. I took them when I had my original surgery 2013, I've left a message with the Lindstrom group to do a consult. Anyone used them recently and if so, how long was your process and if you don't mind sharing an approximate of how much you paid? Thank you!
  2. 6 days post op and feeling better. Those post op blues were intense! I hope that is over! I'm craving a cup of coffee today, but know it might not be good on my pouch. I think I'm missing the morning habit of something warm and yummy. I tried decaf green tea yesterday and that did not go well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I took 4 weeks off and so glad I did. I worked part time the first week back. I didn't have my energy increase until week 7-8.
  4. Natasha K

    Best place to buy vitamins

    I bought a bunch of vitamins from Bariatric Advantage and did not care for the taste. I bought a sample pack from Celebrate and so happy I did. The chewables get old after awhile, but it was nice to try out a few before I wasted big bottles! They will also send you other samples if you call and ask.
  5. Natasha K

    Beyond frustrated

    I am right there with you Jenn! Thanks for reminding me to give others grace! I do find myself getting irritated easily, and then have to take a deep breath. Loving this amazingly crazy journey! Hope she doesn't come back to school with another full meal deal!
  6. Natasha K


    I understood the first time I read it, no assumptions made. Sorry if you took anything offensive. Just trying to help, giving my thoughts. Take care!
  7. Natasha K

    Issues w tender tummy?

    Thanks, I will keep it in mind. I only have 4 left!
  8. Natasha K

    Beyond frustrated

    I find myself giving my husband looks while he's eating. Thinking are you really going to eat that second plate of spaghetti, really? Then I remind myself at least he eats slower than I did. I would had been done with my second plate 30mins ago! It's kinda ironic and scary!
  9. Natasha K


    Hi Bekah, Sorry to hear you are discouraged! We all have our moments, and I've definately had mine! I'm only 7weeks out. I had a little steak this week, and in no way did I feel like I was cheating. If at some point I was able to try a little cookie or whatever, I'm not worried about it. Unless you are worried about food addictions or triggers, I think some things (in our portion controlled sizes) in big moderation are okay. I won't have a steak every week, but it was nice to taste it and it stayed down!!! How far out are you? I think you need to look at what's really driving you to cheat, because only you can make that decision. I'm glad that you posted and are being honest, that takes a lot of courage! Hang in there, you can do it!
  10. Natasha K

    Issues w tender tummy?

    I'm 7weeks out and wondering the same thing. I had a turkey burger (on lettuce) Tues and Wed for dinner. Wed I got sick after eating. Tonight I had tender chix (which I've had before) and I dumped again! It's crazy how some days no issues, and then bahm! I feel like every time I think about what I'm going to eat or try something, I get nauseous. Thanks for reminding I still have some Zofran left over. Maybe I need to talk to my DR about a prescription? Nienie do you take it everyday, or just as needed?
  11. What are you guys taking for pain meds, if you have a headache or something that doesn't need a prescription? I tried Children's Tylonel and I could taste the HFCSyrup-gross!!! I also tried crushing tylonel and that was messy and did not taste well with applesause! Also, finally looking into taking Biotin. I've only seen gel caps. Any suggestions would be appreciated! TIA~!
  12. Natasha K

    Biotin and pain med

    Thanks Jessica! @Dottednails, what form do you take biotin in and where do you get it?
  13. Natasha K

    Knowing you're full.

    I get pressure and feel like I'm going to have reflux. I always measure out my meal. Sometimes I will walk around for 10mins and the feeling will go away...or I walk to the bathroom....ick!!! I'm only 5weeks out, so still learning to be mindful of the chewing and tiny bites. I totally drank from a straw yesterday without even thinking!!! How does that happen??? Getting off subject here, but sometimes I feel so spacey! I think I need more protein!
  14. Natasha K

    January 2013 Post Op

    Great idea regarding the NSVs! (what does it stand for?) nice saying versus? lol! Went back to work this week and I keep hearing how great I look, well rested and like I'm glowing. Everyone keeps saying how clear and nice my skin looks. I think some of my dark spots and malasma has cleared up. YEAH!!! Also, dropping a pant size is a major bonus! Yeah for RNY!!! Good luck with the CT scan!
  15. Natasha K

    January 2013 Post Op

    I had my GB out 1.5 years ago and just had surgery last month. I had no issues after GB surgery. So glad I did it, because the stones were killing me! (the pain...lol)
  16. Natasha K

    January 2013 Post Op

    I went back to work today. It was just a half day, so not too bad. I've lost 28#s, very, very happy about that! I can't believe I'm almost out of my size 18pants...yeah!!
  17. Natasha K

    January 2013 Post Op

    I had my surgery Jan 3 and I've lost 27#!! (I almost wrote only lost 27#-yikes!) I haven't lost any weight my 4th week, and I'm not going to freak out. I've never lost that much in one month! It's hard not to weigh myself every day. I'm also trying to have a period. I just keep blotting ( sorry TMI). Maybe that is adding to the slow down? I keep reading of stalls that happen in 3 weeks and here I am! For all the Jan post opers... Congrats!!!! We did it!!!!! Group hug!!! Can't wait to see us all 6mos and 1 year from now!
  18. I can only imagine with the traveling, how tiring it must be! Traveling without having major surgery is tiring! I was a Flight Attendant, so I know! I'm almost 4 weeks and I haven't gone back to work yet. I have more energy than the weeks before, but not ready to be on my feet 10hours a day. I'm sure it will come in time. Dreading next Monday...wha....
  19. Natasha K

    Where is everyone from?

    Burien WA, had my surgery at St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way WA.
  20. Natasha K

    January 2013 Post Op

    Jessica-I had crying episodes the first week. When did you have your surgery? Last week on the way home from the doctor's office I wanted to cry, for no apparent reason! Our lives and bodies have changed dramatically!! Trying to help my daughter with her homework last week put me in a tail spin. I'm also very snippy at my husband, poor guy! I'm sure it's the hormones and change! If you are feeling hopeless, I wouldn't wait it out. I would call your doctor, unless you have a counselor. We can all use someone to talk to! You deserve this!!!
  21. Natasha K

    January 2013 Post Op

    Yep, I think the first week was the hardest! I had many moments of feeling sorry for myself and what the heck did I do! Now that I'm 3.5 weeks I can relate with those that say, "hang in there, it does get better!" And one day at a time is the best way for me as well! Welcome back and congrats!!
  22. I still use them occasionaly after 3.5 weeks. For some reason it's easier for me to finish my liquids if I have them out in the little cups. I think I get overwhelmed with more than 12oz containers. I sure do miss chugging back 8oz in 5mins!
  23. Natasha K

    Rash :(

    When I asked my DR about my itchy bumps and mini rashes he said it could be from a few different sources. I had hives from the steri strips. It could of been a reaction to certain meds crystalizing in the blood stream. Or it could have been an intolerance to a food. I would definately check with your DR, just to make sure! Hope it gets better, especially being on your face!
  24. Natasha K

    Wls experts

    You guys are cracking me up with the flogging and such! It's like any group, there is always a few bad apples! I just keep scrolling and really read what might help me. Unless I become your DR, I will never consider myself an expert. But if you ask, I will tell you what I know and have been told. It always come with a disclaimer: ACWYDTIOMJAK.......Always check with your Doctor this is only my journey and knowledge! Bahm!! Should I add it to a ticker? (Ok., I'm going crazy! Started my vitamins today!!)
  25. Natasha K

    The dread scale! =\

    I weigh every day. I know it's not a good idea, but it's almost habit now. I'm sure once I stop losing everyday I will cut back!