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  1. glad your on the road to recovery. thanks for sharing your story.
  2. sweetie2003

    February 25

    have yall had stalls? whats your favorite puree food?
  3. sweetie2003


    ***feb 25 for me*** whos got their backs packed!???
  4. I have pretty much consumed my self with this the last month. It hit me like a train when i did an A1c and it was elevated. I was so scared to think i would have to deal with being a diabetic the rest of my life....so i made up my mind to make a life change. Here i am scheduled for late feb.
  5. sweetie2003


    Just curious how your signifigant other has responded to your surgery?? My hubby doesnt say much at all. He knows i want this but will remind me he loves me no matter what size i am. I think he thinks im doing it for him??? Im doing this to make my self happy! What kind of feedback are yall getting?
  6. sweetie2003

    I booked a date

    They said no preop diet for me since bmi is low. But i think a 2 day liquid diet is a good idea. I may do that. What have u got as far as your protein supplements?
  7. sweetie2003

    biggest regret

    To the people that had leaks....what was your first sign/symptom that something was wrong. Is there something particular that causes it??
  8. sweetie2003

    One Week. One. Just one.

    Keep us posted!! Best wishes
  9. sweetie2003

    Attention February 2013 Sleeve Buddies!

    Yes. At Dr aceves office u pay 5k down and pay on the rest. They dont even run your credit. As long as u have a job u can do it
  10. sweetie2003

    advice for 4weeks to go.

    Thanks! When do you take your vitamins? Have u had hair loss?
  11. Thanks yall for always giving me feedback! Its really helping me emotionally especially the last few days
  12. sweetie2003

    In house financing

    What type of things could go wrong after applying for credit for my remaining balance with aceves??
  13. sweetie2003

    Trouble eating?

    So what is the secret to your success?? Do u exercise alot? Great job!
  14. Yeah i hear that too...blah blah blah!! My husband made the comment yesterday that i worry too much what other people think!! Ummm im doing this for me. To be a better mom. To live longer. To not be a diabetic. How dare he say that. I said if thats what you really think then you honestly have no clue who i am or why im doing this
  15. sweetie2003

    Trying to find friends

    How do we open/have our own forum since there are a good bit of us?!
  16. sweetie2003

    Trying to find friends

    Jewelrybyrd...how are you feeling? Have you started stocking up on supplies yet. Ive started getting all my vitamins and stuff
  17. sweetie2003

    Trying to find friends

    Are you going to dr aceves
  18. Im dealing with the same thing! I just went ahead and moved mine up a week. Dont forget the closer you wait to order your plane ticket the more it will cost.
  19. sweetie2003


    Feb. 26 in mexico...im do ready
  20. sweetie2003

    Crab eggs

    This sounds good. Have you tried it with fatfree cream cheese before. I wonder would that give it a sort of sweet taste??
  21. sweetie2003

    In house financing

    What is R4AC?? Im going to aceves. And its 5k down. Did you apply for care credit??
  22. Hey..were you nervous to travel with your money for the surgery??

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